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    Wheel widths for Cub Cadet Challenger 500

    I don't have any experience with this vehicle, but there might be an suspension interference issue with running a wider rear wheel depending on its offset/backspace. Safest thing would obviously be to run the same 8" width wheel and tire on all four corners. A narrow tire in the rear with less...
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    Wheel widths for Cub Cadet Challenger 500

    Stock, are the wheels the same width front and rear?
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    What did you race before you raced a UTV?

    They were originally built by Full Potential Offroad then Speed Technologies. Originally they were 2 seaters, when the 13b was swapped for a dry sumped Renesis they lost the right seat. I think there 20 something chassis built.
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    Shocks for 2015 RZR

    We will be testing both our Monotube and Adjustable Reservoir needle versions this week. We should have them ready to go end of December
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    Hand Controls for RZR 1000?

    It's a mechanical brake system? Extend the length of the pedal arm.
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    Shocks question

    I believe Holz and possibly Fox has a 2.25-2.5" adapter kit so you can run a standard aftermarket 2.5" ID spring on the stock shocks.
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    Shocks question

    This is true, Eibach makes our springs for us. Just make sure to specify weight added and the type of riding when ordering so we can get you the correct spring rates and shim profile.
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    Hand Controls for RZR 1000?

    Give Mark Holz at Holz Racing Products a call, he has a pretty trick set up for the Maverick and XP1000. Josh Fredrick is currently running the Maverick kit and I think there is a handful of guys running the XP kit.
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    15" Beadlock wheels?

    These guys will be available around the first of the year.(Shown in optional matte red)
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    Official UTVUnderground 2014 WORCS RD8 Glen Helen Photos & Results

    Congats to Mr. Baron on another Pro SXS Championship! Should make for some exciting racing at Primm with the championship tied up...
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    Grand Cherokee - need ideas

    You will have to look around, but I think there are a couple of companies making strut spacers to level them out. With the independent suspension all the way around your kind of limited in the lift height you can get out of them and still get it to align properly.
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    OFFICIAL 2014 King Of The Hammers LIVE Coverage

    Not sure, would be nice to clear that up though. Haha
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    OFFICIAL 2014 King Of The Hammers LIVE Coverage

    I don't think 1920 of Duckworth is a sportsman.
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    Grand Cherokee - need ideas

    I've always had good luck with the Rubicon Express kits on the older regular and Grand Cherokee's. Big tires and lift kits always magnify ailing suspension and steering components on rigs with some miles on them. Making sure tie rods, suspension bushings, sway bar bushings, ball joints...
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    It's that time!!! Role call for the Parker 250

    At Henderson tech, Mr. Sappington had mentioned that was one of the things on his list to speak with Casey Folks about for 2014.
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    2013 WORCS Round 8 HONEY LAKE INFO!

    All I've heard is that Beau won
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    Aussie now with an X3,........... and an Odes 800

    Built a couple sets of shocks for them over the years.
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    $1000 Pros Vs Joes Kart Race @ K1 7/26/13

    I am most definitely not a Pro, but I plan on going and throwing down some laps. Haha, there was crap given, but I think we got lucky when RJ's battery started to dump half way through
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    $1000 Pros Vs Joes Kart Race @ K1 7/26/13

    It's open to anyone who shows up to qualify between 11-7 on Friday. If you best time was fast enough you get to bang doors for 1k in prize money with some of the biggest talent in short course racing. I guess go karts don't really have doors?
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    Youth SXS Classes Announced for WORCS 2014 Season!!!

    Ronnie Anderson's proven Mark Holz built 570. Just in time to get a couple practice races in before the 2014 season.
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    Polaris Walker Needles

    Component wise the shafts, pistons, valving and springs are different than the oem set. They handle complety different than the stock set up, more compliant on the small stuff yet more bottoming resistanance It is possible to rework and convert your stock set, you can call me at the shop and...
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    How are the shocks working for you?

    How are the shocks working for you?
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    Official UTVUnderground 2013 WORCS RD4 Utah Photos & Results

    RJ won Pro 1000, anybody have the results from the other classes?
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    MINT 400 Unlimited Race Crash/Rollover Video

    Looks like it had a suspension issue on the left rear comming in to that section
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    >>> PURE List GROWING!!! <<<

    I think we will have the 570 there.
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    XP Long Travel Kit?

    Correct, it's about $1,500 to convert the internals and change the springs over to a dual rate Eibach setup, but it's a night and day difference.
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    Lets Debate... Which form of UTV racing takes the most skill?? POLL

    Where's the Guthrie's? I think they have a pretty good idea which form of UTV racing reguires the most skill..
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    building a rzr 900 xp for worcs

    That's a good start for a light reliable car, a mild motor (head work, high compression pistons) can be done down the road when your able to out-drive what you have.
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    building a rzr 900 xp for worcs

    Contact Holz Racing Products, Mark's parts are light, proven, and your going to be racing a half dozen Holz built cars. Not to mention he has a killer Contingency Package.
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    Long travel kits

    Xtreme Machine (XMF) +8, it's 3" over a stock RZR4 and utilizes 8" stroke shocks.
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    Thank you WORCS!

    Beat me to it!, big thanks from the Walker Evans Racing camp. The timing of everything work out perfect and the boys were able to make the 2:30 drivers meeting at Glen Helen. Now if we can just get TORC and LOORRS to play nice.
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    Official WORCS RD5 Racetown 395 VIDEO

    Another great video!
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    Lucas Oil Regional Series AZ, SR1 Championship Series

    Thanks for the update Cory, definitely cool to see the car counts up. Good luck in the P4 at Speedworld!
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    Lucas Oil Regional Series AZ, SR1 Championship Series

    Does anybody have results?
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    WORCS #4 Surprise, AZ April 13-14

    Not yet, but doesn't look to far out.
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    WORCS #4 Surprise, AZ April 13-14

    Last practice fastest laps: 1) RJ Anderson Polaris 2) Mitch Guthrie JR. Polaris 3) Mark Holz Can Am
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    rzr xp4 shocks

    Confirmed, we spend countless hours testing with Polaris engineers setting the suspension up in various terrain. There's a lot of suspension challenges with a 1400lb vehicle that can have a occupant load of 1000lbs and blitz knee deep sand whoops at 80mph, but still be compliant enough for 1...
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    2012 Mint 400 LIVE Updates / Pics / Vids / Tech / Racing

    Who cares about race cars, whats up with Miss Mint?
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    A little Pro 4 practice

    Got to love P4, point and shoot.
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    Sweet jump video!

    Wouldn't have done any good, as soon as the wheels came of the ground the traction control cut the go pedal.
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    2012 SOBOBA GP Official Website & Entry form link.

    We might have a car there.
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    Racetown 395 UTV Ride Day 12/18/11...BE THERE

    I spoke to Scott last week and he talked about changing some of the jumps on the vet track to make it more UTV friendly and maybe adding a mogul section instead of the whoops.

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