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  1. 702sandman

    Team Honda Talon Factory Racing Announces Drivers for 2020

    what class are they going to run in BITD ? Are they doing a whole season ?
  2. 702sandman

    Who wants to qualify UTV's for The Mint 400 at King of The Hammers?

    Matt, has the cost for the UTV class been released yet ? For the mint 400 race
  3. 702sandman

    Mint 400 results

    Hi Steven you can find on the mint 400 site or go to fishgistics
  4. 702sandman

    Come join us at Hammertown! - Booth #53

    We will be there
  5. 702sandman

    Do you need GPS to race

    If the courses you race are marked well I would imagine you could race with out it. If you plan to be competitive I would highly recommend you learning it and studying it, if your in dust or running a fast pace and corners come up you will not know what’s coming up without a gps. My co driver is...
  6. 702sandman

    Laughlin desert classic UTV night race

    last nights UTV race was a blast the weather was perfect and the light rain we had made driving conditions amazing. Here's the unofficial results
  7. 702sandman

    My Final Story | Joey D. // UTVUnderground

    this will be such a great move for your future Joey at some point as a self employed business owner you have to start thinking about that big Retirement word and this will be a great opportunity for you and the family. The Romo's wish you nothing but success and great fortune this definitely is...
  8. 702sandman

    2018 Baja 500 winner Brandon Sims Interview

    This was a great interview, it gives us new to the desert guys/daughter lol a look into what it takes to run a top team on not a huge budget. It shocked me to hear he made it all 550 miles on 1 belt, that's crazy!! Great job Branden
  9. 702sandman

    Can-Am Vs. Polaris - Officially Equal?

    We have to keep the motor stock, turbo stock, and suspension mounting points stock. This is our first seanson desert racing and from what I can see it doesn't matter how much money you spend you can't buy a finish! I have seen the best drivers in the game on the side of the road flipped over...
  10. 702sandman

    The XX was the fastest car at WORCS today.

    Ray is a good driver I'm sure we will see him on the podium more this season, I believe this was the 3rd worcs race if I'm not mistaken for the XX the first 2 races I believe he had some issues. As far as horse power he raced in the pro stock class he did not race against the turbos that was a...
  11. 702sandman


    It seems like Polaris is helping a lot of privateer teams this season with parts. I don't think they could help everyone that decides to go racing lol but I know they keep a very close eye on the all the racers out there that are doing good and have a good social media presence. At the end of...
  12. 702sandman

    1958 UTVWC Race Report

    "old man Romo" man I feel old when the real old man calls me old man Thanks for flipping me over George...we definitely were able to salvage the race, we dropped to 47th and came back to 13th so it was a decent day Please tell me more about this Bradbury story so I can give him crap at our next...
  13. 702sandman

    Best Jumper Packs?

    I have and use the antigravity one and it works great. I have even started my diesel pusher with it.
  14. 702sandman


    Ryan Piplic is running a new dynamix this year in worcs and is really liking the set up with the adjustments on the fly. He has been playing with the valving a bit also to fine tune to his needs
  15. 702sandman

    Stock youth 250 side x side rule change

    They are cracking down on rules for sure. I asked if I could run a k and n filter in my stock air box with the sparks billet adapter and was turned down. That's in the sxs pro stock class. So maybe he's trying to keep it a stock as possible class ?? As far as I know we can't run race fuel in the...
  16. 702sandman

    How did you route your fresh air lines?

    Gavin over at butches just Installed one up in the dash area above the power steering unit and ran the air hoses down along the rocker panels so you don't see anything except where they pop out up to the final position. Looked like a lot of air hose though, so not sure if you loose air pressure...
  17. 702sandman

    BUILD THREAD: 2018 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo Dynamix

    That carbon dash is going to look sick!!
  18. 702sandman

    Earning your start position for BITD.

    I agree Adam, my daughter started 44th and ended up 12th at the end of the race. We honestly just were hoping for a top 20 due to the start position and the dust. Qualifying would be awesome but would require a additional day and I'm not sure if that works for a lot of people.
  19. 702sandman

    Rockstar Racing/DragonFire Racing 2018 Casey Folks Parker 250 Race Report

    Awesome report Lacrecia thanks for sharing. It was great seeing you guys out there, see you at the mint
  20. 702sandman

    Earning your start position for BITD.

    If there's no qualifying I'd say put everyone in a draw. It's such a big advantage being upfront versus coming from 40th lol I'm ok with it either way it just seems like there's got to be a better way to have the faster people running up front. The push to pass button doesn't seem to work in...
  21. 702sandman

    Did everyone move on.

    It's hard to get the builders to let us give up pics for complete builds I tried to for my recent build but these guys spend so much time developing their products they don't want everyone to copy it lol we are going to do a story very soon on our Holz built car so stay tuned
  22. 702sandman

    Rage At The River

    It was a great weekend of racing, this was only me and my daughters second desert race and it was awesome to see some top teams there and see how we compared. It was great talking to you at the finish line and we look forward to seeing you out there at the next one Congrats on your finish
  23. 702sandman

    Kanati Terra Master Tire from GBC Motorsports is Now In Stock

    I have been testing these tires and I will tell you this is a great desert tire. We ran these at the pahrump 250 and again this past weekend at rage at the river and they are still in great shape. The 32's runs right at 38 pounds
  24. 702sandman


    It would be crazy if Wayne pops up towards the front or even in the lead and no one saw him coming
  25. 702sandman


    Hey Joey any word on the mattlocks ?
  26. 702sandman

    Fan wiring question

    Yes you are 100% correct. So a little update, we could not find a fan that would fit in the exact same space as the regular non PWM fan so we are making a new shroud that will use the stock fan and work as a normal oem set up. Apparently cbr has checked into this as well and they could not get...
  27. 702sandman

    Fan wiring question

    has anyone hooked up a aftermarket spal fan to a 17' xp turbo stock harness ? When you hook up a regular spal fan to the stock connector the fan comes on automatically instead of coming on at the preset temperature. I'm thinking it must sence a signal from the ecu and just turns on. It's not a...
  28. 702sandman

    Tonopah 250 Race.

    Anyone know what happened to blurton and cognito ? The both had some issues...blurtin pulled off at like mile 15-20
  29. 702sandman

    2017 UTV World Championship TV Premiere on ESPN's World of X Games on ABC

    This will be a great show I can't wait to see the finished product
  30. 702sandman


    This came out awesome Joey, how does the additional power feel ?
  31. 702sandman

    New build question

    Thanks Wayne if you could send me his number that would be great. I'm having a hard time getting a call back right now from some of the ones I've reached out to. It's probably crunch time for a lot of people right now with V2R prep going down
  32. 702sandman

    New build question

    I just looked at Nicks work on IG and it looks great. I sent him a direct message so I'll hit him up for a quote.
  33. 702sandman

    New build question

    Another question I have is who do you guys recommend for a wiring job on my build ? I would prefer someone in so cal, Las Vegas or Phoenix areas
  34. 702sandman

    New build question

    Yes it has a setrab oil cooler being installed on the car
  35. 702sandman

    New build question

    im hoping I can get Adam on board with this new car.
  36. 702sandman

    New build question

    What belt temp gauge do you guys prefer to use ? What brand is the most accurate?
  37. 702sandman

    New build question

    Jim, I was looking at Justin's car at the dealer show and the steel it looks great...have you raced it since coating it ? It looks real durable
  38. 702sandman

    How many racers are going to run the electronic suspension in the new RZR?

    We asked the engineers at the dealer show and confirmed there is no rebound adjustment.
  39. 702sandman

    New build question

    This is all great info. Please continue to give your thoughts and ideas. Also any more pics of steel it after completion would be helpful.
  40. 702sandman

    New build question

    It would be nice if you could powder coat steel there any colors for powder coat that show cracks better than others ?
  41. 702sandman

    New build question

    I'm currently having a new car built for mostly BITD by Holz Racing. my question is on the chassis, what do the majority of people go with as far as the bare frame ? Do you leave raw and scotch brite it ? Or is powder coating the way to go ? I was also considering steel it maybe. I'm just...
  42. 702sandman

    So who won the UTV Championship?

    This looked like the starts of our WORCS races lol. I was on the first row and didn't have this issue since I left dead last . The start of this race is definitely sketchy but imo it's part the experience of worlds. This was just a unfortunate mishap and it wasn't the first or last time it will...
  43. 702sandman

    Shelby Anderson to pilot Young Gun car #1805 at UTV World Championship

    You have made a great choice George. Shelby is like a daughter to me and also I compete with her in WORCS . She will do awesome in your car, she is a amazing young driver that reads the terrain like a seasoned veteran that she is.
  44. 702sandman


    Stand up job Joey, Rj, and everyone involved
  45. 702sandman

    2017 Polaris rzr turbo fan question

    Time to cut and splice
  46. 702sandman

    2017 Polaris rzr turbo fan question

    does anyone know where to get or what kind of plug the new turbo has for the radiator fan connection ? I relocated the radiator/fan and I didn't want to cut the factory plug ends off if I don't have to. Thank you
  47. 702sandman

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris

    Can a stock re flashed ecu be used ? In the WORCS series thats open in the 1000 and turbo classes.
  48. 702sandman

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris

    They saw the huge success of Utv worlds and wanted to be like the big kids on the block
  49. 702sandman

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris

    Bragging rights are always nice are they giving away Polaris rzrs for desert only or do the short course winners get those as well ?
  50. 702sandman

    Turbo BITD build questions

    I have been checking out the race-pak also, seems like it can do a lot of different parameters. It's crazy how many different set ups you see at tech these days. Everyone has there own secret set up. Big Jim what does Justin use in his cars ?

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