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    wow that looks insane hows the old powerstroke pull that up hills and grades?
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    SNORE Rage @ The River (RATR) UPDATE and ROLL CALL!

    Whats the entry fees like for this UTV class and how strict were they at tech inspection? Really interested in racing BAP but not really wanting to pay 500 and up entry fee.
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    SNORE Rage At The River Results **PICS UPDATES**

    Re: SNORE Rage At The River Results (Pics TO Come) I was there supporting 3 1450 class trucks. We did the prerun in my rhino and seemed like a damn fun track. Looking to possibly race Battle At Primm if i can get all the safety things put together to meet Tech inspection.
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    SNORE Rage @ The River (RATR) UPDATE and ROLL CALL!

    Ill be outh there supporting several of my friends from vegas racing 1450 trucks. Were all staying at the Tropicana. Prerunning in my rhino
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    Yamaha Sv1000 build

    Ok so 8 grand includes everything but the motor,harness, gauges etc? So basically bring u that stuff and my rhino and it will come back ready to run?
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    Yamaha Sv1000 build

    Anybody know how much Weller charges to do this swap? I saw on youtube that they have done it before.
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    FU2 Chassis 4 seater cage

    No doubt FU2 is changing it up up the SXS market. Im getting my Long Travel kit from him this month for 3500 with kings, summer bros axles and fully tig welded chromoly arms. Hell of a deal. . . . . .
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    2010 Lucas Oil Season Opener!!!!

    Ill be there saturday.

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