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    UTV World Championship @@PHOTOS@@

    Nice shots. Thanks for posting
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    Sounding board before i pull the trigger

    My bad. I was not thinking about the turbo. A guy that races against me has the wildcat. It is impressive to look at. Having less support for it scares me a little though.
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    Sounding board before i pull the trigger

    I am not a desert racer but I'll chime in since no one else has. I would probably go with the RZR or an X3. Probably the X3 because of the wheelbase. Being new to them the support they have would be very helpful. Everyone knows what it takes to make them competitive and you should not have any...
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    Has the Fat Lady Sung?

    Is it a coincidence that the site seemed to fall off as the X3 started to really come on?
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    Has the Fat Lady Sung?

    I not really up to date on social media. What would I do to find the type on content that I used to find here?
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    Has the Fat Lady Sung?

    I can't say what killed this place but it is on it's last breath for sure. It is a shame too, it was a great site with more hardcore knowledge vs the typical questions/discussions on the other forums.
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    Rzr supercharger vs turbo

    The supercharger downside is that you have to spin it somehow...
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    RZR 570 Class at the UTV World Championships - 2019

    I've decided he is a Russian troll assigned to keep Americans from being productive at work.
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    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    Honda is not going to build anything game changing fast, that all died with the 250R and the CPSC tricycle fines.
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    RZR 570 Class at the UTV World Championships - 2019

    IYL, serious question. It is obvious from the posts that one of your opinions is that the age range for the class is too wide (which I am not disagreeing with). Why can't you just state that? Why run around in troll circles, it is like debating with a magic 8 ball...
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    RZR 570 Class at the UTV World Championships - 2019

    I agree completely Blue Coyote. IYL. You want to come off as intelligent and then you compare bumpers on a car to those built onto a UTV. Come on, you can do better than that.
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    RZR 570 Class at the UTV World Championships - 2019

    I can "play" as I like. That is what playing is. I am calling you out on your comment above "allowing 570's to run without bumpers". Back that up with some tech on how that makes the ride more dangerous for the kid. I do agree that they should be allowed underbody protection.
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    RZR 570 Class at the UTV World Championships - 2019

    I'll play. Explain how bumpers on a UTV designed in the typically seen fashion make the occupant safer.
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    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    That sucked for the guy behind, attacked while harnessed up.
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    Best utv for trail riding?

    First, just to help your lingo there is no 1000cc RZR turbo. There is a 1000 non turbo and a RZR turbo that is 925cc. How wide are the trails you ride? Personally I would stay away from the Wildcat.
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    Get Ready....

    Since we have gotten on to tools, anyone have a mid-price tool brand that they like? Something along the lines of what craftsman was years back?
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    Not good for your engine

    What is that? coolant and synthetic oil mix?
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    Get Ready....

    Can-am sure loves their rivets! What a pain...
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    All UTV's Cub cadet challenger opinions

    I know nothing about them but I would expect that it has a very low resale value. Is it a china vehicle that they put their name on?
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    Get Ready....

    I believe it is a combination of the two. More wall would lessen the chance of cracking for sure.
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    Get Ready....

    I will add that this is not on a buggy that sees "normal use".
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    Get Ready....

    Yes, cracks in the front of 2 seaters. Our thoughts are that the material chosen is harder than mild steel so they are experiencing some of the cracks you typically see in hard alloys.
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    Get Ready....

    I forgot about all the issues you have had, Get ready for cracks in the frame too. Not sure if that secret is out yet!
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    Get Ready....

    Not sure I believe that Polaris is better quality than can-am and I have owned a few of each.
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    Smallest Wheel that will fit a 2016 Turbo XP RZR?

    I've seen guys cut a little "wheel" out of plywood for this purpose.
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    Unless I am mis-understanding I believe you should be changing the high speed compression for what you are wanting. Small square edge stuff is mostly high shaft speed stuff.
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    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    4" of bump steer measured how far from the axle centerline? Also I assume that is taking both directions into account? IE, I am assuming at some point it switches from toe-ing in to toe-ing out and you are counting total toe-change from completely stuffed to completely extended?
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    Why UTV racers get knocked by the other classes...

    We are not parking on grass today though... can't find any, way too much water... at least down here on the coast there is.
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    Why UTV racers get knocked by the other classes...

    In Louisiana we park on the grass all the time. I know I would not have thought much of that. Obviously it is different out west.
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    New BITD Stock Sportsman Rule

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    UTV Racing on MX Track (Iowa)

    I typically don't like when we have MX portions in a race but that track actually has quite a few sections that look pretty fun for a UTV. A lot of doubles that would not be too terrible if you came up short.
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    What turbo to setup for short course

    There is an update kit for the 17 X3 to bring it to 18 standards (HP). You may want to look into that and how the total cost works out if you chose CanAm
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    New build question

    I have not messed with a XPT but on my maverick I have two full size radiators plumbed in series. Each in a different location with their own fan.
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    Polaris Turbo Long Travel, What Do You Prefer

    So you are wanting a kit with a higher motion ratio so you get longer travel with stock length shocks? Or are you just wanting aftermarket arms? Edit: I thought you also said you wanted to remain stock width, I re-read and noticed that was not stated.
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    So who won the UTV Championship?

    Was that shane that got hammered?
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    USED MAV vs NEW RZR???

    I don't agree with a lot of the above but my riding is different then most of you guys. I have owned both at the same time. The Maverick handles in the woods much better than the Polaris. Turns better, brakes better, etc. No belt problems on either for me. XP rides A LOT better for slower speed...
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    USED MAV vs NEW RZR???

    Must be a nice trailer. I paid 15,900 for my brand new XDS Turbo.
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    Yamaha Truly Unlimited UTV - Rustfish Racing 2921

    Personally I don't like any pre-load or very little so I am curious to hear some other peoples opinions on this.
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    Arctic Cat and Mint 400

    That 900 with motor work flies though and that cat can drive...
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    Which used sport UTV for teens at a rocky ranch

    Mine drive a 800 RZR with a +3 kit. Seems to fit well for our needs.
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    More powerful battery of same dimensions?

    I know very little about new battery technologies. On my kids hopped up TRX90 I need a battery with more power. With the added CC's and compression the stock battery barely spins it quick enough and will discharge very quickly if it does not start right up. Is there a type of battery that offers...
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    California Dealers?

    Until Polaris recalls them and only the dealer you purchased from will touch it...
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    looking for help

    Do you plan on copying a suspension design? If not then you need to REALLY understand what you are doing. I feel like I know a lot about suspension but I hung out with some engineers that consult to Ford, Roush and some others and quickly found that I know only a part of it all. It would be...
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    Need wiring diagram for maverick turbo

    Nevermind, one piece of copper on the burnt spot was exposed. Thank you for the help. Scott
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    Need wiring diagram for maverick turbo

    Plugged everything in and it runs fine now... damn... I messed with the rear half of the harness and did find one pair that had the outer covering melted but the insulation on each wire seemed fine. Other than that I found nothing unusual. Im sure it will come back...
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    Need wiring diagram for maverick turbo

    I found that the ground continuity on yhe violet wire goes open when I power the ecu, so that is probably correct. I have unplugged everything in the harness that feeds the injectors and when i powered it up the fuse did not blow. I have run out of fuses but plan to plug stuff in one by one...
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    Bumper & Cage Tubing?

    Ive been bending 095 bumpers and nerfs but like stated above I would rather bend those than the chassis.
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    Need wiring diagram for maverick turbo

    Ground continuity on one side of plug. Yes, fuse blows as soon as key is turned (without pushing the start button). With the evo injectors i had to splice the injector wiring. There was no injector markings to show polarity so I guessed. Really I don't see why an injector would have a correct...
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    Need wiring diagram for maverick turbo

    One fuse for both. Checking with both injectors unplugged.

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