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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    resurrecting a "never-die thread". Looking at the innovation over the years, unreal how much the UTV has come over the years. I took a hiatus from SXS for awhile, but bringing back a mostly stock Rhino that my wife used when my daughter was little. Now looking at all of the ideas that the...
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    Transmission Shop Needed.

    Just saw this post. Check out Eliminator Transmission (operating out of same spot as Eliminator Motorsports) in Santee. They just built my Allison Transmission (Stage 3). Great work. The guy heading up the Transmission side is Mark Raines. He is well known in the transmission world in San Diego...
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    Yamaha Oil Change??

    I'm curious on the kit as well. Getting ready to do my 10 hr service.
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    The Dune Tour

    new to this site. Thanks to the guys @ BRP for the info on this site. I will be at the Dune Tour this weekend with my family and be looking for shirts and stickers to help support the site. Hope you guys have Samoan sizes. - Ham :rolleyes:

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