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  1. utvpros

    Yamaha Yamaha YXZ 1000 Chronicles?

    Another badassmav chronicles :D looking forward to reading.
  2. utvpros

    Dust light

    Having had amber fog lights on many of my vehicles I'd recommend trying a pair of these LED wide cornering pattern that are also available in clear Or one of the 10" to 20" Stealth LED wide driving bars that are available in amber and...
  3. utvpros

    UTV World Championship Trophies!

    Awesome looking trophy for the event.
  4. utvpros

    I need your help

    Done...Reid's writings this year about UTV design/building have been very interesting and informative...his acceptance speech could be epic :D
  5. utvpros

    Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Race Radios

    This will be great information, for the racers and non racers.
  6. utvpros

    Cost of Winning: The Monster Mav Chronicles

    V2R race is FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY August 15th :D V2R schedule per BITD Wednesday, August 13th 9:00 am Time Trials staging for class 1400/1500. Thursday, August 14th 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Contingency, Inspection & Technical Inspection...
  7. utvpros

    Cost of Winning: The Monster Mav Chronicles

    Be sure to take photos of the interior and exterior of the shipment before turning over to delivery company. That way you have proof how the container and its contents left the shop. Shipping company will find any excuse to not pay claim if something were to happen.
  8. utvpros

    My 2 Cents on Racing

    For the most part, you're never too old to race. The next time you're at a BITD or SCORE event check out 'Grandpa' Beal from TX or Ron Whitton (G&R Racing). Off-road racing is definitely a sport where being fast does not necessarily equal 1st place. Sometimes fast is 1st to DNF.
  9. utvpros

    BAJA 500 thread

    I have some of the Disneyland tickets tucked away for nostalgia.
  10. utvpros

    Can Am Monster Maveric Wins Baja 500

    Congratulations to the Monster Mav team on their Baja 500 win and to all that finished the event. Any coverage, no matter the driver, co-driver, team or manufacturer involved is greatly appreciated. I remember (because it was not that long ago) when UTVUnderground was just starting out...
  11. utvpros

    WIN a HAT!!

  12. utvpros

    Weller Racing’s Corry Weller Joins the Pro 4 Unlimited Class in 2012 First Female Pro

    Re: Weller Racing’s Corry Weller Joins the Pro 4 Unlimited Class in 2012 First Female Best of luck to you and Jason on your upcoming Pro 4 season.
  13. utvpros

    Remote race/dune radio setup

    This is a terrific, innovative solution for a portable communication system.
  14. utvpros

    Arizona Desert Racing Association (ADRA) 2012

    ADRA is where it started for by Phil & camping and offroad racing combined...great AZ locations like Gila Bend, Salome, Prescott, Cinders @ Flagstaff, Wickenburg and year-end Sonoita to Rocky Pte, MX.
  15. utvpros

    Polaris RZR 900 at 2012 Dakar

    A Polaris RZR 900 is making impressions at this year's Dakar. Dakar Mag - Adrenalin stage 9 :Dakar
  16. utvpros

    2012 BITD Parker 250 Pics & Results by

    Great photos by everyone, thanks for posting.
  17. utvpros

    Beam Pattern Types/need to know

    Thanks for the simple, informative post.
  18. utvpros

    Corry Weller Wins the 2011 LOORRS SR1 Championship!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Corry and Jason on their 2011 Championship season in the SR1. Hope everyone in the UTVUnderground family have a safe and happy holiday season.
  19. utvpros

    Arctic Cat Wildcat demo at Speedworld

    Participated in the Arctic Cat Wildcat demo at Speedworld today (event continues Dec 4th from 9-3). Attendees can either drive or ride (must be 21 and bring your driver license). You get to do 5 laps on a mini LOORRS type course inside the circle track - a few jumps, corners and a section of...
  20. utvpros

    Live Desert Toyz Racing Commander build web cast

    Good luck with the build. Looking forward to seeing the completed project. Thanks for posting updated pics.
  21. utvpros

    JaggedX RZR XP900 BITD race car build thread...

    Great build in process, thanks for continuing to post pics.

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