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  1. Atpalmer

    New law requiring helmets in california

    I wore helmets before the law. Adjustment was easy.
  2. Atpalmer

    XP1000 engine in XP900...

    I'm in the middle of installing a 1000 motor in my XP900. How did the throttle by wire delete work out? I opened up the throttle bodies and it loks like a difficult modification. Does Alba have a kit? I considered using the 900 TBs but the 900 adaptors dont look like they will seal correctly...
  3. Atpalmer

    Other Help wanted from the land down under

    Yes, "In simple terms, a stator can be defined as the stationary part of an alternator. In order to understand what the stator does, it is helpful to know how a basic electrical system works" quoted from
  4. Atpalmer

    status? seriously?

    status? seriously?
  5. Atpalmer

    Other Help wanted from the land down under

    Depends on the output of your stator. I think whatever is on the 600 motor should be fine on one battery.
  6. Atpalmer

    Off Road Weather Station.

    cool site
  7. Atpalmer

    Classifieds not working

    Me too, Just turn off adblock for this domain. Works for me in Chrome
  8. Atpalmer


    I used a short cable and a carabiner so the doors are still quickly usable.
  9. Atpalmer

    Newbie NEEDS help :-)

    50' not 50" wide track.
  10. Atpalmer

    Help with race radio setup

    PCI and Rugged are good, they both offer excellent support. Who is doing the installation? Installation is very important to maximize your range and reduce interference. A few basic points: Provide heavy gauge wiring to power radio straight from battery. No switch is needed since the radio...
  11. Atpalmer

    Prepping for the Pure series

    Yeah it sucks, literally. Good luck on the race, you should be quick and light without all that gear. Let me know if you need a co-driver for the next race.
  12. Atpalmer

    Prepping for the Pure series

    Dusted the motor. Dust got through the stock plenum. I'm going to put a xp1000 motor in it. What else do you need to set up?
  13. Atpalmer

    Prepping for the Pure series

    Need a co-driver? My motor is dusted so I am out for a while.
  14. Atpalmer

    360 Camera View Jib Test Drive

    Cool footage. parts of it looked like a video game.
  15. Atpalmer

    Racers/co-dawg screen names

    Good idea.
  16. Atpalmer

    >>>> Official Thread for the PURE "200" -JUNE 27-29, 2014

    I just sent in my registration. #1058 is IN! Anyone want to team up for pit support? I'd rather not have my wife and kids refueling at night.
  17. Atpalmer

    Glamis Dunes Stake Pull Event VIDEO! PLEASE WATCH!

    Awesome, props to Coyne powersports for supporting this. I bought my RZR from them and they were great to work with.
  18. Atpalmer

    Loose lugnuts

    You are half right! Anyone ever use blue loctite on their lugs?
  19. Atpalmer

    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    No i couldn't sweep since i broke my ball joint and didn't have a vehicle to go look. I did ride one more lap with #550 but we going race speed and i didn't see it. Hopefully someone finds it and get it to Lou Peralta. It was till a great race.
  20. Atpalmer

    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    Awesome race, even though a busted balljoint took us out on lap 1 at mile 40. We lost our spare and jack at mile 16. The spare has 1058 written on the wheel. And the jack was a proarmor quickshot with blue flashlight and shovel attached.
  21. Atpalmer

    who runs a horn/siren for fireroads

    High speed and blind corners?
  22. Atpalmer

    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    Will PCI be at the pure 175? I was having range issues at last race but think it was my motorola handheld. I don't have a real chase radio set up yet to test it out.
  23. Atpalmer


    If two cars get tangled up in a desert race do you need to figure out who's at fault, or does each party fix their own regardless of who made the mistake?
  24. Atpalmer

    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    I think the race is playing again on MAV TV onDirectTV friday at 1am. Check out the starting format.
  25. Atpalmer

    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    1. #1015 production 1000 pro 2. #803 Production 850 Pro 3. #1058 Production 1000 Sportsman Im in. The 125 was my first race and now i'm hooked. I just wathed the bluwater challenge at Parker and they had an awesome starting format. Two at a time drag race down parallel lines with a small berm...
  26. Atpalmer

    Icom Radio Chase Package - Great for Back at Camp!

    What is the best antenna setup for your main pit in a lap race?
  27. Atpalmer

    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    Ok Tyrone, you got me motivated to edit my video. Here it is 2014 "Pure 125" Race no music #1058 - YouTube
  28. Atpalmer

    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    Cool video, i need to work on mine now.
  29. Atpalmer

    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    I just signed up tonight for production 1000 sportsman . 1st race here we go!
  30. Atpalmer

    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    I have a question about the doors. I have after market doors with a Bear Claw brand automotive latch. What do i need to do to make them "positively locking"?
  31. Atpalmer

    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    Im trying to get ready for the Pure 125 for my first race and have a few questions. Does the $150 entry cover the co driver too? How much "play traffic" do you normally see during a race? How much is the IRC rental? Is it a quick installation?

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