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    RZR'S ON PARADE - RZRsharpStudios

    it looks cool when you see all of them cruising right past cops but out here we would have 18 impounded rzr's a bunch of pissed off owners we wish we could drive ours on the streets:mad:
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    XP 1000 Second Battery?

    call us at wired for sound we run this set up on our new car you dont need another battery tray!:D
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    lmaool @ Noel! good one:D
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    Lucas Oil Pre-Party October 22nd

    Wired for sound Motorsports will be there with a few things on display and for sale too!!:D
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    msa off road 14" bead locks with30" kanati mongroles
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    its for sale too! has 4.3 miles on it and is a 2015 with everyth=ing done to it and then some!! only the best products were used in this build!:D
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    Camp rzr. la famlia

    we will for sure be there with our xp3 come check it out:D
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    UTV Hauler/Chase Truck

    rusty call me at the shop,chris wired for sound 951 696 2200
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    UTVUnderground 2014 Camp RZR SHOW & SHINE!

    This years will be very interesting and fun!! whos in? we are!
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    2014 Camp RZR Glamis - Halloween!

    Wired for sound motorsports WILL be attending also ! come check out our 2015 xp3:D
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    Wired for sound Motor Sports XP3 will be there in the proarmor booth check out the car in person we added some more changes to the car as well:D
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    wired for sound motorsports 2015 xp3

    thank you all for the nice comments and jim and melisa bring the van in this is chris btw , we were supposed to meet up in ocotillio a while back were gona go out there again soon the wife is plsnning it now!!:D
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    wired for sound motorsports 2015 xp3

    so whats everyones thoughts on this car?
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    Can your Subwoofer box do this ?

    Gregg thank you for the speedy replacement for my sub box ! Chris
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    wired for sound motorsports 2015 xp3

    check out extreme builds in the groups section for pictures of the 2015 xp3 .For those of you who could not make the ssss this year ck out this insane build!
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    sand show

    wired for sound motorsports will be there as well we are booth #607 stop by and ck out what weve been up to. sure not to disappoint anyone!!:D
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    if you meant wet sounds theyre nice but very bulky and expensive we run gregs pods with focal speakers and a kicker cvr sub and the kicker 1000.5 amp with the kicker blutooth piece if you want to hear your options come see"hear us" at the sand sports super show we will be in booth 607 you wont...
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    Sand Sports Super Show | Sept. 19-21

    we have booth 607 see ya all there!
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    or you can call Wired for Sound Motorsports at 951 696 2200 . We can totally meet or exceed your needs!
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    Looking for a San Diego area STOCK XP1000 owner

    joey call me just picked one up for the shop its a titainum one 4 seat hurry before i can not say its stock anymore lol
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    Introducing Dieterich Racing and car 1936

    that car was a pleasure to work on evan if you need anything else you know where we are!
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    Electrical help

    Wired for sound motorsports can easily help you out with this or any other projects like this! call us at 951 6962200 or visit our site at wired for sound motor
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    Coolest R/C Video Ever?? lol

    lol someone spend alot of time doing this vid pretty cool still
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    Re: NEW SITE UPDATE: ok guys and girls just wanted to tell all of you thanks for checking out our new website check out our new facebook page we are building still you can like it and also in the very near future you'll be able to see day to day projects and tings we offer and build.working on...
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    Check it tell us what you think and we'd be happy to help with all of your projects needs or wants!
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    TO ALL MEMBERS : Check out our new website and remember to like us on Facebook too! Hope everyone likes it !
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    Desert storm Lake Havasu 2014....

    We are at the street fair yesterday and today come by and lose your hearing and say hi . lol WIRED FOR SOUND MOTORSPORTS or you can visit us at :D
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    Desert storm Lake Havasu 2014....

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    Easter weekend

    ill try to get ahold of you guys when we get there im on ch 4 also
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    Easter weekend

    So who doing what and whose going where for Easter weekend were going to ocotillio from thursday till sun mid day be on the holmes camp area wolfe wells rd!:D
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    Utv jack and jack mount

    hey dennison that quik shot would work great on your car we've installed a few of them and there small compact and work well!
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    Eclipse rv reviews

    we bought ours from major rv in hisperia ca hey were 14k cheaper than anybody around
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    Eclipse rv reviews

    we bought a 2014 32' gsg tow behind back in august and it was deliverd back in december we absolutly love it .But, i was going to replace the stereo and speakers from the begining with that said took off the speaker grills every single speaker had a drill hole through it the head unit it self...
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    wired for sound motorsports weve been in biz for 20 plus years, and we are not just a stereo shop. we do everything for the utv's we are the biggest in boat audio we do lifting lowering wheels tires and everything in between!
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    we install everything from car to car to intercom to music blue tooth ipod set ups whatever you could possibly come up with! probly some stuff you havent seen yet too!
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    hey brain i may know sombody to help you out doing any kind of radio or anything else to your car lol just a hint! 951 696 2200 chris:D
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    did you break an axle or belt on sunday?
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    wait a sec didnt i borow your gas can?
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    oh you should have come over !
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    Where in Ocotillo do you camp?

    we usually camp in or around holes camp off wolf wells so if our friends show up they have showers and bathrooms instead of everybody using our trailer its chill and lots of room for the kids to ride their quads
  41. W is a joke

    this is one of the funniest rants ive read and joey's response was great !
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    UTVUnderground Show & Shine at 2013 Camp RZR Halloween!!

    its the flouresent yellow and black car with the ipad 2 in the dash
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    New From So Cal (XP 1000)

    welcome, im chris and i too am an addict ! lol:D:D
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    Who’s heading out to Glamis this year for Camp RZR

    steven could always call wired for sound ! hint hint!!! we can get it done in time!!
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    UTVUnderground Show & Shine at 2013 Camp RZR Halloween!!

    sounds fun i personally cant go but i will have the 2 seater there ! for those of you who've seen this you know, but fir the rest of you you will not be disapointed at all!:D
  46. W Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    WFS MOTORSPORTS will also be there working on finishing a few cars for this event however you can see one of our cars this weekend in pomona at the rv show ! trust me you wont mistake it for anybody elses!!

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