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  1. Candie

    Does anybody have a Polaris Slingshot? (request for opinions)

    Since it's his forum seems like he's reinforcing the notion this is not the place to come for answers
  2. Candie

    What Artic Cat model will Robby Gordon race at KOH?

    Saw you on Destination Polaris today. Can you PM me an autograph?
  3. Candie

    La Familia Guys........ I need some radio frequencies

    151.625-Weatherman 151.715-BFG Relay 154.980-Baja Pits 151.685-Network 151.925-Checkers 150.860-Fair 153.110-Yokohama 152.960-Campeones 151.505-Checkers Vegas 153.395-BFG Pits 153.380-Mag 7 155.160-National Rescue 153.245-Core 156.675-RUGGED 152.510-Sand Limo 154.515-PCI Relay 151.775-Locos...
  4. Candie

    Thank you UTVUGJake, best of luck!

    Is he going to State Farm?
  5. Candie

    Members in AZ, CA, PA, TN, and TX: Get Paid $200 to Test Off-Road Vehicles!

    Unfortunately they now have your contact info. Here comes the spam!
  6. Candie

    UTV Underground Desert Rally II Dec 12-14 Ocotillo Wells

    Hope I don't have to do that :eek:
  7. Candie

    UTV Underground Desert Rally II Dec 12-14 Ocotillo Wells

    So where's the camping? Close to the vendors? What side of the 4x4 park? Thank you
  8. Candie

    Best food spots, only accessible by dirt road!?

    Boardmanville comes to mind. Don't know if it's "the best"
  9. Candie

    La Familia JV Vets Weekend

    I've been to Boone Lake before. Where are you guys going to camp? On the lakebed?
  10. Candie

    Camp rzr. la famlia

  11. Candie


    How bout a Desert Edition? Oh, that's right, you don't have those.
  12. Candie

    Camp rzr. la famlia

    Camp Kawi?
  13. Candie

    Cleghorn Ridge ride this Saturday Aug 30th

    Where do you park there exactly? If you park under the 15, how do you get the car to the trailhead, ride up the street?
  14. Candie


    I thought they were all just hiding in that little boys part of this forum showing each other who's is bigger (or smaller) :eek:
  15. Candie

    Use a cage!

    The guy went home sick that day. He said he was tired.
  16. Candie

    Use a cage!

    Looks like it might be time for that guy to retire.
  17. Candie

    2014 Camp RZR UAE / Dubai

    I'll make it there someday
  18. Candie

    UTV thing..

    If you build it, they will come.
  19. Candie

    "La Familia" 3rd Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 15 -16, 2014

    Might have to rethink going out with you guys.:eek:
  20. Candie

    "La Familia" 3rd Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 15 -16, 2014

    I'll really try and make this one. Got a new (to me) 4WD truck to try out.
  21. Candie

    All UTV's Polaris Files Complaint for Patent Infringement Against Arctic Cat

    Back in the 3 wheeler days Honda had a patent on equal weight on each wheel. No one else could build a competitive product.
  22. Candie


    I can't open your pictures and I'm not even blonde.
  23. Candie

    RZR 4 900 vs. RZR 4 1000........HELP!

    3 or 4 $200 belts in a weekend is pretty expensive, I guess! When your biggest expense to go camping is belts "Houston we have a problem". Too much for this girl.
  24. Candie

    Radio help

    Now you guys are just bragging! :eek:
  25. Candie


    Democrat Senate intelligence chair Dianne Feinstein calls for 'major review' of NSA spying and says it's a 'big problem' if Obama was unaware Read more...
  26. Candie

    Private La Familia section

    This site is so slow, everybody must be posting in the "private" section. Kind of boring for the rest of us. :(
  27. Candie

    Private La Familia section

    I really want to go on the next ride.
  28. Candie

    New Girl in Town

    Are you guys trying to fool me?
  29. Candie

    New Girl in Town

    Ocotillo, Glamis, Hi Desert. Quite a few places. Need to get back out riding, been awhile.
  30. Candie

    New Girl in Town

    A Red one :D I think it's a 2008 RZR 800. It was my ex-boyfriends, now it's mine.
  31. Candie Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Sounds like a fun time, I'm in. Might need someone to show me around.:p
  32. Candie

    New Girl in Town

    Hi! Just found this sight. Looking for a place to learn and people to have fun with. I enjoy camping and driving my RZR different places. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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