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    2011 Monster Energy Kawasaki UTV Team is Bigger and Ready to Take Home Championships

    Re: 2011 Monster Energy Kawasaki UTV Team is Bigger and Ready to Take Home Championsh Good luck this year to all the monster energy utv racers!!! i wish i could still be racing a utv but i think its time to move up to a super lite and a pro lite for 2011!! No matter what i will not miss...
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    John Deere Worlds 1st John Deere Gator Desert Race UTV **UTVUnderground Exclusive**

    well something was broke the guy went crazy when i walked over to see what happend he told me to get away! ahha
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    John Deere Worlds 1st John Deere Gator Desert Race UTV **UTVUnderground Exclusive**

    I saw this broke on the little track at parker this weekend the front wheel was torn off any one know what happened to it??
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    2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Info **UPDATED w/ Pics**

    dam cant do it i have school all week o well next year maybe
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    2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Info **UPDATED w/ Pics**

    ok and u say u can pre run on sunday ?? this sunday i think i read the race is next saturday ??
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    2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Info **UPDATED w/ Pics**

    what about the doors? or can u just have big window nets like some people did last year?
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    2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Info **UPDATED w/ Pics**

    how is the course marked out really good or do u need a gps? to be able to know were ur going?
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    2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Info **UPDATED w/ Pics**

    it wouldnt be in my race teryx hahah i wish tho so it can be a stock fuel tank?? like it can stay were it is on a stock teryx? or i would have to change something there? and what about doors i see some cars last year didnt have doors they just have a big window net ?????
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    2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Info **UPDATED w/ Pics**

    im thinking of racing!! is there a tech sheet or like a list of requirements the utvs have to have to race the race??
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    Yamaha R1 Rhino build up

    "for my reverse" i dont think u will be able to race lucas then if ur putting in reverse... i could be wrong tho
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    LOORRS Vegas, My Blog

    what do u mean by this?? "at leaves Austin, I have a hunch on his future, next year"
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    Bobby V at Firebird raceway.

    thats why is called off road racing.....
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    LOORRS ups the ante to 1000cc

    I love the NEW RULE!!
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    All UTV's XMF Holiday Sale We Have Lost Our Minds

    wow looks like im going to have to get a set for my teryx!
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    LOORRS Las Vegas Pics and Results

    hahah thanks lol
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    LOORRS Las Vegas Pics and Results

    COME ON PEOPLE GET OVER THIS!! JUST DO WHAT THIS SONG SAYS!! YouTube - Smash Mouth - Why Can't We Be Friends
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    Austin Kimbrell Speedworld - Deviate Films

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    look at the start of the thread there are tons of pics
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    dammm that thing is looking nice back then
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    Snowflake Labor Day

    I really wanted to race this race!! going to be out of town family vaca next year tho!!:)
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    Tyler Winbury LOORRS Glen Helen VIDEO!

    You killed it that weekend man good job glad to see you back up on the top the black cloud is finally gone! Thank God right? hah
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    Lets get ever one's picks for Lucas

    Unlimited UTV: 1. 2. 3 SR1 UTV: 1. 2. 3. Pro lite: 1. Jacob Person 2. Marty 3. Brian Pro 2: 1. 2. 3. Pro 4: 1. 2. 3.
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    2010 Sand Sport Super Show!!!!!

    Pretty sure i will be making it out to this one!:D
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    LOORRS RDs 9&10 Videos from Glen Helen, CA

    after watching the video it appears I got underneath Dempsey and caused him to spin. I apologize, I had a run there and thought I could steal a spot underneath yeah....I now realize that if I just checked up a little bit I could have let him by and passed him in the strait or in the next...
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    LOORS results

    ya i did get in to john but didnt do it on to punt him soo.... do i feel bad ya sorry john did u see me get hit a few times befor that too it was a mess out there so idk y every one is all mad! i spun out saturday first lap and was in last place and i still came out and won that race. racing is...
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    LOORS results

    i only had 2 wheel drive on sunday and a messed up mapping to my motor also and i till did a 51 sec lap :D
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    UTVUG LOORRS Glen Helen Pics & Results

    on sunday i only had 2 wheel drive most of the race my front drive shaft broke and thats never good and also a vacuum line broke that went to my motor witch messed my the mapping of my motor so some how after all that i still came away with a 3rd place lol :D
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    Official UTVUG LOORRS RD5/6 Pics and Results Thread

    i think every thing should stay the way it is. i mean there are always crashes in the first two turns because every one its trying their hardest to get up front relax and dont try to win the race in the first two turns u have 7 laps and at half way they get every one back into one pack and...
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    Whos going to race firebird monster nationals

    can i race it out there??
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    Whos going to race firebird monster nationals

    ill say it again any one with another utv or a sr1 i will gladly run it for you:) any takers? :D REALLY
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    Whos going to race firebird monster nationals

    ill drive one for you
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    LOORRS - Speedworld Results now posted

    yea tell me about it! o well thats racing ill come back at vegas and give it hell again and we will see what happens
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    o dam im the number one pick :) lol thanks:D
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    Kimbrell Pro Light!

    i hope so! practice practice practice first tho:D
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    Kimbrell Pro Light!

    thats the plan!! im still racing the teryx also ill never stop racing it its my baby
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    Great practice!!

    yea thats y i wanta come out there just to relax have fun and drive around a track but its a no for the rhino if i come out it will be in the teryx:D:D:D i still race to win every time:cool:
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    Great practice!!

    i might bust out the dune rhino that is if my dad lets me it has a 686 in it :D
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    Great practice!!

    what class would i run in if i brought out my teryx? 800cc?
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    Great practice!!

    im trying to make it out if im aloud too
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    Austin Kimbrell's NEW Monster Energy / Kawasaki Teryx!

    I really hope so it's fun when we race and not just drive around the track. I'm sure every one will be fast it's the first race. But the key factor is to be just as fast or even faster for the next race and then faster for the next ext....
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    I will remember this day for ever hahah

    when i got to driver my new teryx <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
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    Weller Racing to sponsor Austin Kimbrell for 2010

    its going to be a fun season :D

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