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  1. jajl22

    4 Seat Turbo S Velocity Glamis Shock Settings

    Ya...going to be running 32" paddles
  2. jajl22

    4 Seat Turbo S Velocity Glamis Shock Settings

    only person that will be in the back is my 100lbs and on...not always. I just know these things normally come whacky from the dealership so was looking for a starting point...
  3. jajl22

    4 Seat Turbo S Velocity Glamis Shock Settings

    Hi All, Anybody have any base settings for a 4 Seat Turbo S Velocity that they like for Glamis? Ride height to start with? Clicker positions? any tips for the Walkers? Thx.
  4. jajl22

    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    What other "big boy" off road racing class had a choice between a gear driven transmission and another style? I can't think of any, curious as to what you are referring to. I have always been a Honda fan, rode a 250R for most of my dune life, had a Rhino for hunting....Also loved Yamaha and...
  5. jajl22

    GNCC UTV Racing *Dead*/Why?Press?Impact?GOAT?Legacy?

    Sounds to me like they are scraping UTV's to go after the electric mountain bike crowd...makes sense...mountain biking and mountain bike racing has been on the rise in the last few years...for a "woods series" it makes perfect sense, bring in new names, new sponsor, and open yourself up to...
  6. jajl22

    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque

    interesting...thx for responses. I was looking for torque numbers and couldn't find anywhere, and i don't have dyno numbers readily available...figured some here would be more in the know rather then me scouring hours of forums looking for dyno sheets.
  7. jajl22

    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque

    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque? Brand doesn't matter to me and boosted vs. NA doesn't matter to me. Question i have been researching lately and it is almost impossible to get torque numbers for these different motors Does anybody know what utv motor produces the most torque? or where...
  8. jajl22

    2018 Polaris RZR Turbo-S Stop Sale & Stop Ride Notice

    word i am hearing is they are sending out whole new cages..there was no "fix to existing", don't know what is different yet as you can not look up the part number yet...but they are having a dealership pre-order of the new cages so if you have a Turbo S and are waiting i would call and make sure...
  9. jajl22

    2018 BITD Vegas To Reno UTV UPDATES.. Anyone care?

    The problem with the social media platforms is that you have to wade through "fake news" and "specifically designed marketing tactics trying to pose themselves as facts" to get any real information. It is exhausting... Once you wade through all the nonsense you can find some social media...
  10. jajl22

    Music Video O.T Genasis we helped with UTV's

    The amount of drugs it would take to get me dancing would probably kill me before i could dance...
  11. jajl22

    Music Video O.T Genasis we helped with UTV's

    I want to put a stereo in my RZR for the simple fact of hard parking down at the hill and dancing like this dude with this song many people wouldn't get it but the ones that did would probably have a heart attack from laughing so much...
  12. jajl22

    Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold

    That looks like a lot of fun, and what a beautiful place to do it in...would be fun to take my daughter and do a trip similar to this.
  13. jajl22

    Music Video O.T Genasis we helped with UTV's

    I bet that was a fun/different project to be a part of compared to the usual.
  14. jajl22

    Who has the scoop on the new new for the up coming desert/dune riding season

    Alright let's hear it...let the opinions, 1/2 truths and flat out lies fly. This is the underground after all... Will Polaris have a new triple cylinder motor in a redesigned version of the RZR? Is Polaris going to slap a turbo on the RS1? Is Textron going to have the turbo XX out sooner...
  15. jajl22


    Congrats to Kristen...impressive! Nice job by Sims too, show the home town boy some love!
  16. jajl22


    That was a cool sequence when they both went off the same jump.
  17. jajl22

    MICHELIN® X TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire Now Available for UTV Market

    Haha! It is the tires from the Can-Am's on HBO's Westworld
  18. jajl22

    The XX was the fastest car at WORCS today.

    Interesting...specifically on a sand course too...i would have thought turbos would have a bigger advantage in the sand... Were the classes relatively the same? between the winning car and the turbo cars he beat...for example he wasn't in an unlimited class with a super built supercharged motor...
  19. jajl22

    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    This video has blown up all over social media... Video on instagram of WORCS race director talking about the incident and saying that disciplinary action has been taken...permanent ban
  20. jajl22

    Toy Hauler Opinions

    Only have experience with Stellar who is made by Eclipse. I have a 2006 trailer, still in service...couple small things went out but over all has been a good trailer and held up well.
  21. jajl22

    Polaris Agrees to Pay $27.25 Million Civil Penalty for Failure to Report Defective Recreational Off-

    Well seeing as NIKAL let the cat out of the bag, there is actually 2 recalls. The one he posted above and also one for the Turbos 2016-18 XPT and XPT4 Apparently the fuel pump flange if exposed to certain chemicals can become compromised and leak...
  22. jajl22

    Valor Racing MINT 400 race report VIDEO!!

    Thx for guys have the right attitude...keep learning and keep improving!
  23. jajl22

    Method Race Wheels Sponsors 2018 UTV World Championship Laughlin Leap Competition

    Looking forward to the live stream...We used to always go down to Laughling for the leap back when Score did to see it being brought back!!!
  24. jajl22


    For the record Joey, i think you do a great job navigating the political waters and always have great content from multiple sources...example the X3 built by Geiser...the Mahindra Roxor release you posted on Instagram about...hell you even let guys like Warlock run free around here haha! It is...
  25. jajl22


    I am not sold on the Dynamix system yet personally, I definitely thought it was more of a gimmick on last years release...The 72" model is starting to sound like Polaris got it right...which is nice. From a consumer standpoint i think the opposite of Sand Shark...I don't think oh yeah i don't...
  26. jajl22


    I would like to see a version of this car with out the dynamix and with out the ride command offered to the public for a lower price point. I would be all over that.
  27. jajl22

    Mint 400 race thread

    Instagram is claiming Cognito has taken the win Pro Turbo UTV
  28. jajl22

    Mint 400 race thread

    Tracking i see does't even show Bullock coming in for the 2nd lap? Not that it means anything with the way these trackers are sometimes haha! I know Guthrie was up there for awhile, could be up there playing spoiler not tracking.
  29. jajl22

    Mint 400 race thread

    Looks like Cognito put in quite a charge, think they started like 54th or something crazy
  30. jajl22

    Mint 400 race thread

    They had a cool little clip of Carver and Guthrie battling just out of the pits on the #PolarisRZR live instagram clip
  31. jajl22

    Mint 400 race thread

    1835 Ray Bulloch per pre-race photos.
  32. jajl22

    Mint 400 race thread

    Guthries is definitely racing, Joey has been posting a bunch of helicopter footage on Instagram
  33. jajl22


    Cool, I hope it does well. There are a lot of innovative things on that machine that are getting lost in the HP and Travel wars between Can-Am and Polaris
  34. jajl22


    Speedcat or a new XX with your own stuff on it?
  35. jajl22

    Need Video Content Creation By UTV Influencer

    That is literally exactly what the owners of this forum do...i would contact them and if they can't help you i am sure they could recommend somebody that can or will.
  36. jajl22


    Got ya...i was assuming it was a way of combating X3 huge travel numbers...even though the educated public knows you can't get that out of the can am until you deal with the spring sag and put bigger tires on it. Looking forward to seeing the possibly already built one... Any racers going to...
  37. jajl22


    Two questions: #1 What the hell does this mean in non-marketing against the X3 language...19-inch or 21-inch traditional wheel travel for both low-speed comfort and high-speed performance. Plus, the impressive design offers an industry-leading 25-inches of Useable Travel before bottoming out on...
  38. jajl22

    2018 Textron Off-Road Wildcat XX - RIDE REVIEW

    Nice! I imagine that little rip with RG was fun.
  39. jajl22


    It sounds like a lot of thought went into the design of the Wildcat XX...If you are truly interested in the new machine i recommend the UTVGuide is a nice read and gives you a good understanding of some of the why's and how's of the new Wildcat XX
  40. jajl22

    Solid Axle UTV is COMING!!

    It definitely looks like it is based off the old military jeeps by the little hints they are throwing out on their media campaign. Legendary Heritage...Born on the battlefield..
  41. jajl22


    I would guess you have the correct info...i think i saw it on Facebook or Instagram, maybe that was when they would be available at dealerships or something.
  42. jajl22


    I thought i heard the reveal was pushed back until March now?? Looks like i might have gotten Fake News lol
  43. jajl22

    Solid Axle UTV is COMING!!

    Interesting. Looks like the driver shifted at the beginning with a traditional style manual transmission. Mahindra are known for their tractors and lawn mowers stateside right?
  44. jajl22

    Get Ready....

    I for one am waiting to see one in the dealership that i can crawl all over haha! I think people are going to be surprised when they actually see the size of these things...based on the specs it is not some quad with a roll is truly a single seat XP1K with only a 7" shorter wheelbase...
  45. jajl22

    Chad Ragland | Race In Peace.....

    Grabs you in all the feels and never lets go... What a genuine piece of writing
  46. jajl22

    Get Ready....

    Any plus or minus to the Tomahawk engine as it compares to the Prostar that usually comes in the XP1K's? I am not super familiar with the polaris engine packages
  47. jajl22


    Looking forward to the video content...I think this is a cool little machine and will be a hit with the sport quad guys that still want the feeling of freedom...I am excited to find a dealer demo and take a good look at it

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