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    2012 Mint 400 LIVE Updates / Pics / Vids / Tech / Racing

    Awesome pictures! Wish I was there with my dad and the rest of the 1938 team! Goodluck to everyone. Let's hear some updates:D
  2. J

    Biggest UTV race of 2012 - Mint 400 - Official Thread

    Good luck to my dad and Brian thomas in the 1938 rzr 900! Hoping they can make it to the finish this race:D new paint job and it looks great!
  3. J

    2012 BITD Parker 250 Updates

    A bunch of utvs finished. Check out
  4. J

    2012 BITD Parker 250 Updates

    1955 first utv across the line?
  5. J

    2012 BITD Parker 250 Updates

    Got an update from my cousin last i heard the cvs got hot and the boots caught on fire on the 1938. I will find out and post for sure when i can.
  6. J

    2012 BITD Parker 250 Updates

    Goodluck to all the racers today! Ill try to post any updates i can. Go 1938!
  7. J

    2012 BITD Parker 250 ROLL CALL!

    Will anyone be posting updates? My dads starting first today and its killling me i couldnt make it there this weekend.
  8. J

    Polaris HOLZ RZR-XP 900 BITD Build

    Isnt coastal racing the national guard worcs team? Nice build!
  9. J

    2011 BITD BlueWater GP

    Top 3 was 1932 parks,1919 jaggad, then 1905 rhino. Not to sure after that but 1929 rzr was running solid in the top 5 and then smoked a belt. Tough luck but thats racing. I stayed out of the rzr for this race and raced my quad instead with my stepbrother and we took first! Pretty stoked about that!
  10. J

    Parker bitd results??

    Anyone know who was out there taking pictures?
  11. J

    Parker bitd results??

    Congrats to jaggad, lasher, and parks on the podium finishes! Cory rolled while leading the race about 30 miles into it. Talked to them after and thankfully both drivers were okay. We had a good run going for the first 40 miles and the rear spring perches broke so we bottomed out on literally...
  12. J

    Is jagged x bring a RZR 900 XP to parker?

    We all know jaggad is going to have advantages with being a factory team, but all factory teams normally do. What we mean is they have this new rzr that no one else can even get. Most local Polaris dealerships don't have them yet. Every team that races busts their asses to get ready for these...
  13. J

    Is jagged x bring a RZR 900 XP to parker?

    Couldn't agree with you more!
  14. J

    Desert Toyz Racing Commander build

    looks good cory!
  15. J

    BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge Race Updates and Tracking

    No problem guys! Sucks you guys cant make it to this one, but i will let him know!
  16. J

    BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge Race Updates and Tracking

    Hope to see you guys all out there this weekend! Just loaded up the 1929 Rzr in the trailer tonight! Cant wait to finally get out in the desert and race again. My old man is leaving tommorow to head down there and watch the trucks and buggies qualify but says i cant miss school so i wont be...
  17. J

    Official Vegas 2 Reno Update Thread **UTVUnderground EXCLUSIVE!**

    sucked hearing you guys had to pull out. Hows the new car coming? Hope to see it out in Parker! Congrats to jagged on another vegas to reno win.
  18. J

    OFFICIAL UTVUG V2R Pics & Results

    nice write up joey! The bitd races are great and so are all the people involved. Glad you enjoyed it! The 1938 ended up losing their motor at mile 408. They gave it a good run and sucks to hear they had some bad luck. Hope to see you down in parker in october! Hopefully we can make it to the...
  19. J

    Dirty Dawg Performance teams up with 1929 RZR

    WOO! haha soooo dad how about letting me get in that driver seat for a race?:D lol
  20. J

    LORRS comeing to Havasu???

    come on guys, my dads a desert guy! haha they do look like theyd be fun to drive
  21. J

    Sharpmotorsports New race RZR

    great to see another desert racer on the site and another rzr to race with!:cool: what series are planning on racing? the best in the desert bluewater gran prix was this weekend and 17 utvs were on the line at the start of the race!
  22. J


    1. brian thomas 2. jaggadx 3. cory sappington 4. rockstar customs Awesome driving brian i only remember the top 4. we were running in the top 5 until we broke an axle on the second to last lap so we ended up 7th. Anyone who hasnt raced a bitd race before should definately try to race one. They...
  23. J


    im sure he read this but ill talk to him about it. thats a good idea though
  24. J


    i dont remember but i believe they want it to be like 10x10 or somethinng like that. Thats why its always good to pit next to other teams you know so you can have more room
  25. J


    This race is alot of fun! I cant wait! i think im racing my quad instead of riding in the rzr for this race.... soo as long as nothing goes wrong pit wise for my dad ill probably be taking pics of the utvs.
  26. J

    Bilek Racing Silver State 300 BITD

    sorry to hear about jaggadx. sounded like a very eventful race, hope to see all you guys out in parker in a few weeks! The gran prix is a great race and last time i think there were 18 of us out there!
  27. J

    RZRs EDGE KOH race rundown

    sorry to hear about the dnf mike... The rzrs edge guys are a great group of people! Hope to see you soon
  28. J

    Weller Racing to sponsor Austin Kimbrell for 2010

    congrats on ANOTHER sponsor haha
  29. J

    KOH 2010 HERE WE COME!!!

    good luck to everyone!
  30. J Tires RZR4 Pit Ride

    thats awesome Mike! let us know how it goes
  31. J

    Jagged X Wins Best in the Desert Series Opener at Parker

    congrats jaggedx on another win! mike and rzrs edge boys are right there though! haha had an awesome time this weekend, just wish we could of had better luck.... Oh well thats racing and thanks for the food after the race mike it was good! haha
  32. J

    BITD Parker 250

    i noticed the same thing! does anyone know if he ll be there?
  33. J

    1912 Starts rebuild for 2010 BITD season

    looks real good see ya in parker
  34. J

    BITD Parker 250

    draw results for the start of the 250 1 1938 Thomas 2 1929 Furnell 3 1910 Leard 4 1950 Lindberg 5 1919 Schueler 6 1904 Sappington 7 1912 Cook 8 1945 Awtry 9 1947 Creagan 10 1943 Reynolds
  35. J


    looks good! would look better with a little dirt on it :cool:
  36. J

    BITD Parker 250

    we only have once but it was all whoops and ruts from the trucks and buggies from the 425. it rained during the 425 race last year so the ruts got deep and still are and there hard packed so the ruts grab the tires. i hope the grade out some sections cuz if they dont i think the bikes and quads...
  37. J

    BITD Parker 250

    the 1929 rzr will be there i will be co driving with my dad again... my dad is really excited for this its basically his hometown race we cant wait! we went pre running thanksgiving weekend and ozbourne wash was pretty bad but always is for the most part and the rest of the course was trophy...
  38. J

    #1924 Lasher Motorsports In Car Camera

    cool video! what camera did you use?
  39. J

    BITD Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic

    so his rhino dosnt have a yamaha motor Congratulations to mike cook and rzrs edge on there win! and congrats to jaggadx on another championship
  40. J

    Terribles Primm Gran Prix

    yep that was the podium we ended up 7th... we arent to happy about it but it was a fun weekend. we had a fuel pump issue and the motor would bog out and then we rolled it going around 45 mph. my dad and i are alright though just a little sore. Im sure my dad will be on here and ill let him tell...
  41. J

    Terribles Primm Gran Prix

    haha thats why you have to be the first person to finish! ;) lol ahhh man this shortened race is hurting bitd, it seems like all the people that are racing is because there in the championship hunt
  42. J

    Terribles Primm Gran Prix

    im so excited for this race! the rzr is pretty much all prepped and ready to go. Just a few small things to finish up... oh and ill pm you some pictures of our rzr once it is all ready to go
  43. J

    Lasher Motorsports and Vildolsola Racing

    thats awsome to here! a top notch tt team getting into utv racing
  44. J

    NFL 2009 Season

    i dont think peterson wasnt in the same draft as leinart eitherway peterson is a beast ha cardinals look good so far back to how they were last year! bad news for everyone else ;)
  45. J

    NFL 2009 Season

    Re: Chargers hey man its just preseason! no team has scored on the cards starting defense yet!
  46. J

    **Updated** TI V2R LIVE!

    yeah i would also like to thank everyone who posted updates! it was awesome
  47. J

    jeff furnell 1929 polaris "race" rzr

    yeah i got it at the event. best in the desert might know their contact info. there also might be a link on BITDs website....
  48. J

    **Updated** TI V2R LIVE!

    wooo! looks liked they finished! i think 1909 got around 1924 within the last 2 mi of the race! thats good racing, so all 4 utvs that started finished today? if it is true i think that probably the highest finishing rate for today :cool:
  49. J

    **Updated** TI V2R LIVE!

    yeah lasher is moving again and its showing 1909 about 4 miles ahead....
  50. J

    **Updated** TI V2R LIVE!

    yeah! congrats jaggadx and the artic cat team is 1909 still in it???? also irc showing lasher at 0 mph....

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