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  1. Goodtimes

    Mint 400 results

    Looking for the UTV results for the Mint 400. anyone have any leeds
  2. Goodtimes

    Working my ass off, When's the next ride

    Working my ass off, When's the next ride
  3. Goodtimes

    Gone riding

    Gone riding
  4. Goodtimes


    Great looking builds, Even better in person
  5. Goodtimes


    one word,. AWESOME ! RJ has some great operating skills. I really dug the jump to the rock face along with the Wall Of Death. The back flip that killed the drown. Nice shots, Dam cool as he came in and out of the containers. Really I could go on and on haha..... Awesome job by Mad Media and...
  6. Goodtimes

    2017 Rally On The Rocks Information

    I bet the 570 made it an awesome challenge out there on the trails. That would be a blast. make sure you come by our booth. what trail do you like the best ?
  7. Goodtimes

    2017 Rally On The Rocks Information

    One of the best events I have attended. This will be my 5th year and it keeps getting better !
  8. Goodtimes

    BangerFactory Off Road Image Gallery.

    Awesome collection of snaps Rusty
  9. Goodtimes

    AZ West Returns as Sponsor of The 2017 UTV World Championship

    Yaaaa buddy, see you guys there !
  10. Goodtimes

    Tensor Tire Joins the 2017 UTV World Championship

    Hell Ya, Stoked to be a part of the program. The new DS race tires are off the hook. we will see plenty of them on the track at this event.
  11. Goodtimes

    Method Race Wheels Returns to the 2017 UTV World Championship

    Hell Ya, We dig this event its like no other UTV race event. Stoked to be on tap, LETS GET IT ON !
  12. Goodtimes


    Awesome machine, I dig these feature builds ~! I like the click on the link the best
  13. Goodtimes

    Can-AM is launching a 4 seat Maverick X3

    Great looking SXS, Thats something you dont here that much Ha ha. This is heading in the right direction. Well except for the price tag....
  14. Goodtimes


    Awesome looking kit I dig my HCR kit !
  15. Goodtimes

    Scanlon Motorsports Group 2017 Season Preview

    Very awesome Program, We are glad to be apart of the program ! Great read guys
  16. Goodtimes


    This is one Bad ass build !
  17. Goodtimes

    Happy Birthday Dev's RZR ;-)

    See ya in a couple of weeks Brother
  18. Goodtimes

    Camp RZR 2016 Glamis recap video

    Awesome, Best video award goes to you !!
  19. Goodtimes

    Tires that work good in the sand and dirt??

    Tensors are a great tire in the dirt and Sand. Nice wide foot print for great traction and stability. With the highest load rating of any UTV tire at 1600lbs they will give you the best chance of getting home with out getting a flat as well
  20. Goodtimes


    Cant frickin wait. !!!
  21. Goodtimes


    Bad to the bone, Leading edge for sure !!
  22. Goodtimes

    What's up guys and girls

    Welcome to the hood
  23. Goodtimes

    More Crandon news.

    All this good stuff !
  24. Goodtimes

    Tensor Tires Utv Specific tires. The Regulator A/T

    Awesome guys, Hope you all had a great ride !!
  25. Goodtimes

    Tensor Tires Utv Specific tires. The Regulator A/T

    . It is modeled off the Radar off road race tire that has been very successful in the Score series for the last 5-6 years. Wining a few champion ships as well in the Buggy classes. Its made by the Omni Corp that has been making tires for over 30+ years. This is the best UTV tire for UTV...
  26. Goodtimes

    GENERAL / 900 S / 1000 S Long Travel kit

    Bad to the bone ~!
  27. Goodtimes

    Tensor Tires Utv Specific tires. The Regulator A/T

    The New DS 32x10x15 come in a at 34.5 lbs. This is the lightest 32 on the market. it was Raced in the Baja 500 and a few of the local desert races with zero issues.
  28. Goodtimes

    Off Road Nights Temecula

    I am in. Last year was a good time. This year will; even be better.
  29. Goodtimes

    Ride In Peace Art Wood

    God Speed, You will be missed but never forgotten RIP
  30. Goodtimes

    Glamis beach store / bar / repair shop

    The 5;15 am rides are the best they last till 9 or 10 typically.
  31. Goodtimes

    Tensor Tires Utv Specific tires. The Regulator A/T

    NEW TENSOR DS UTV Race tire . Made in the USA . UTVUnderground Approved ! Magnum APPROVED
  32. Goodtimes

    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    I have leaked info, I will post it on the Tensor Thread shortly
  33. Goodtimes

    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    New wheel coming soon
  34. Goodtimes

    NEW Rigid Ind. UTV Mounts & Accessories!

    Looking good. They got that YXZ all decked out !
  35. Goodtimes

    New to the forum

    Welcome from the crew at UTVGoodtimes !
  36. Goodtimes

    Justin Lambert - 2nd Place at 2016 Baja 500

    Awesome Job and great write up. Were glad to be a part of a great team !
  37. Goodtimes

    CVT Cooling Done Right!

    Nice job Mark !
  38. Goodtimes

    Turnkey UTV is once again back in business

    They make some great stuff, That hub they had for the rear trailing arm looked legit !
  39. Goodtimes

    Baja Alert! Stolen Truck

    Dam, that was a close one.....
  40. Goodtimes

    My XP1K build CarrOne, Nelson & Nelson, SSV Works

    I dig it when you do these next level builds !
  41. Goodtimes

    Something new from Yamaha....!

    Look at the clip, NO CLUTCH PEDAL , Oh my ........
  42. Goodtimes

    Tensor Tires Utv Specific tires. The Regulator A/T

    29.5" is a good # for the 30" and 27.5 " on the 28" I have been running the 28" on my 1000 or about 1600 miles and love how you can manipulate the power. Had them out a Moab a few weeks ago and they were a blast.

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