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  1. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar/DragonFire Racing Baja 500

    Here is the link to the whole story! It didn't go as planned but we sure had fun!
  2. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing/DragonFire Racing 2018 Casey Folks Parker 250 Race Report

    Check out my race report on my blog!
  3. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire/ Rockstar Racing V2R Race Report

    SILT HAPPENS! August 23, 2016 Vegas To Reno… The Loooong Way To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the longest off-road race in America, Best In The Desert decided to make it the toughest race in America, too! The General Tire Vegas to Reno “The Long Way,” Presented by Fox also featured a unique...
  4. rockstarcustomz

    All UTV's S&B Particle Separator takes the Baja Challenge

    We didn't finish the race, but 200 miles of Baja silt did not phase this S&B particle separator! We were skeptical at first, but now there is no doubt. We won't run without it! Thanks Matt Parks for hooking us up!
  5. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFIre Racing/Rockstar Racing Race Towards a Cure

    ] 2015 M.O.R.E. Powder Puff Race Towards A Cure What started out as all systems go on our beloved Powder Puff race, turned into a roller coaster ride. A few days before the race a dreadful email landed in my inbox from the M.O.R.E. race director. It sadly stated that the race had been canceled...
  6. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire Racing, Rockstar Racing SS300

    GOING FOR THE GOLD AT THE SILVER STATE 300 Beurrier Wins Redemption Race Chandler, AZ, May 5, 2015 — What a difference a year makes… especially in the infamous Canidae/TapIt Silver State 300. Last year, Team DragonFire/AZ West/Rockstar Racing's Lacrecia Beurrier battled brake issues, a couple...
  7. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire/Rockstar Racing BITD Parker 250 Race Report

    Downpour Doesn't Dampen DragonFire Debut No matter how many times you go through it, the start of a race is always cause for a few butterflies. Compound that with building a brand new UTV racer from scratch in less than four weeks and literally finishing things up just before the Best In The...
  8. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing Baja 1000 Race Recap

    Baja Bound Our journey began with Michael Carufel. His lifelong dream has been to race the Baja 1000. He purchased a race car from fellow Can-am racer, Cory Sappington, and with Cory’s help collected a team of drivers, co-drivers and pit support. We headed out on Tuesday night spending the...
  9. rockstarcustomz

    Dragonfire Racing Vegas to Reno Race Report

    Vegas To Reno Race Report August 19, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE [0Comments] Tough Ending To Longest Race In North America Race promoter Casey Folks from Best In The Desert takes a perverse sense of pride in making the longest race in North America the toughest one, too! Throw in...
  10. rockstarcustomz

    Dragonfire/Rockstar Racing Strikes out at Silver State

    Team DragonFire Strikes Out At Silver State 300 One of the toughest races on the notoriously difficult Best In The Desert calendar, the Silver State 300 proved to be a challenging weekend for Lacrecia Beurrier in her DragonFire, RideNow, Can-Am backed Maverick 1000. Actually it proved to...
  11. rockstarcustomz

    !/Rockstar Racing Ride Now Video

    Check out this video that Joey Rocket did for us at the 2014 Mint 400
  12. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar, Dragonfire Racing Mint 400 Recap

    Team DragonFire Takes On The Mint 400 What better way to start the toughest off-road race in America than with a little sleep deprivation? The 5 a.m. start of The Mint 400 after a typical Friday night in Las Vegas saw the team up and about well before the sun. Since this was the first...
  13. rockstarcustomz

    Anyone using lithium ion batteries in your race vehicle?

    Any of you using lithium ion batteries in your race vehicles? If so, how do the perform? Any comments greatly appreciated :)
  14. rockstarcustomz

    All UTV's Rockstar Racing going to Australia!

    Rockstar Racing's fabricator and crew chief has been offered the opportunity to head over to Australia and help Snake Racing build up their Artic Cat race fleet! Thanks to Ryan Flanagan of Snake Racing for taking Eric on this awesome adventure! Eric will be headed over on Monday. I will have...
  15. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing Mint 400 Race Report!

    We began our MINT adventure with brand new Muzzy duel exhaust, freshly serviced Gorilla Axles, and a new Dragonfire Pyro Pac computer. The car sounded great and was re-pepped! We arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday and thanks to Bulldog Lighting, we had a hotel room at the 4 Queens. We walked...
  16. rockstarcustomz

    2013 Parker 250 Rockstar Racing Recap

    2013 BITD Parker 250 We began prepping the car a few weeks earlier and were going through the car piece by piece. Eric had just finished building new rear a-arms and we began to put the car back together. As we were getting ready to put the freshly greased rear axles in we noticed that there was...
  17. rockstarcustomz

    MORE Powder Puff Race for the Cure

    Ok boys! It's that time of year again! Time to put your girls in your race car and bring them to the MORE Powder Puff Race for the Cure in beautiful Barstow, CA October 6th. I know there is a BITD race the next weekend. I plan on being there myself. You can do this! It's such a great cause and...
  18. rockstarcustomz

    Hey everyone! I am participating in the MORE Powder Puff Race for the Cure benefitting Cedar Sinai Breast Cancer Center and the SNORE Make A Wish Ride benefitting Make A Wish Foundation. I created a website to collect donations for each of these charities. I will also have some cool t-shirts for...
  19. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing Girls Team up with Dragonfire Racing for the Mint 400 Race Recap!

    There were 30 Utv’s on the start line for the 2012 Mint 400 and we started dead last! We knew we would have our work cut out for us with our 800 RZR and slew of 900’s. Though we were racing sportsman, our ultimate goal is to place well overall. Our plan was to drive smart and pick them off...
  20. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing Girls Video

    Here is a video my Co-driver, Corina and her husband Gil, made for us. We got the hole shot on an R1 in the beginning! Didn't last long of course, but I thought it was cool. See you at the Mint!
  21. rockstarcustomz

    Give Credit where credit is due!

    I made a huge mistake the other day when sending out my Parker 250 race results to my sponsors and the media. I used some pictures that Jon Crowley from UTV took and instead of changing the pixels to make them smaller, I cropped them. Therefore removing his watermark. To top it off, I...
  22. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing 2012 THR Parker 250 recap

  23. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing Henderson 250 recap

    It was a very chilly 35 degrees outside with a light wind. We lined up at the very last of 12 cars. The car was cold and seemed to take a bit to warm up so our start was a little slow but we managed to beat the Rhino next us and off we went chasing the lights of everyone else. We were...
  24. rockstarcustomz

    MORE Powder Puff Race for the Cure

    Hey Everyone! The Powder Puff is only 2 weeks and 3 days away and I see that only 5 UTV's are preregistered! Come on guys, get your UTV's out and put your wives, sisters, aunts, daughters or friends in them! This is an awesome event! All proceeds benefit the Cedar Sinai Breast Cancer research...
  25. rockstarcustomz

    Thank you!

    Just wanted to say thank you to UTV Underground, RZR Wraps, and Rugged Radio for the awesome sponsorship we just received! The wrap is going to be awesome and Rugged is hooking us up well! I will post pictures when we get it all together! Thank you again, we won't disappoint you!!!!
  26. rockstarcustomz

    Race RZR Coming along nicely

    Pictures to come soon
  27. rockstarcustomz

    Got a new Race RZR

    I have decided that if I can't beat them, I'll join them! We have gone over to the dark side. Bought this RZR mostly done by Jeff Geiser in Phoenix. The Rhino has finally been retired. We debated turning it into a R1 but when we saw this RZR it was too good of a deal to pass up. We have some...
  28. rockstarcustomz

    Powder Puff Race for the Cure

    Best of Luck to all the Powder Puff racers out in Barstow today!!! I'm sorry I couldn't be there to help with the casue this year. It is such an amazing event. I'm happy for all of you that made it. Have a GREAT time!!!
  29. rockstarcustomz

    Anyone Interested in racing SNORE?

    I contacted SNORE and they would like to have us racing with them. Are any of you interested in racing this series? It would only be worth it if we have enough UTV's to call it a race. Let me know what you think and I can get the ball rolling.
  30. rockstarcustomz

    BITD Silver State 300

    Does anyone know how much it costs to rent the IRATRAK? I am trying to budget for the next race and wasn't counting on that. Thanks for any help!

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