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    Prayers PLEASE!!!!!!

    Alright everyone JR (Familywagon) is a good friend of mine and a great person and familyman. His 6 month old baby girl was admitted to the hospital last night. I don't need to go into details but PLEASE pray for his little baby Jordan that she gets well ASAP. Thanks everyone for your support.
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    Yamaha Sheave modification. Shift virtually gone

    I know some of you have a bad shift so, after playing with my car so much lately I decided to modify the sheave to see if I could get rid of the shift. Before I had a really noticable shift point at 47 MPH. If you have stock weights you will probably notice a shift at 42 MPH. Regardless of where...
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    700 cam and bored TB

    Well first off I'd like to thank Kenny (great guy) at KDS Racing for taking care of my needs. First off he sent me a stage 2 modified cam by him. He also bored my TB from the stock 41mm to 47mm. My car with it's mod would only do 55 on the dash and it took like 48 miles to get there but now with...
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    700 secondary spring and weight change

    First off I want to thank UTV CRAP for my new secondary sheave spring. I just changed out my orange epi spring for a purple epi spring and shaved my duner kit weights to exactly 18g with the cover on. Before I shaved them they were 18.7-18.8g. My shift point was 42 and now it is 46 thanks to the...
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    Thank You Joey

    Just wanted to give a big THANKS to Joey for our 30 minute phone call. You da man and I appreciate your time. So Thanks again Joey. Big round of applause for JoeyD.
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    Sway bar and the notorious lean

    I took the sway bar off today and readjusted the shocks and I love it. The lean is gone. Honestly there is not that much body roll that I noticed. I adjusted the shocks to: Front 2-7/8" from the top of the spring to the center of the bolt Rebound 11 clicks out Compression 10 clicks out...
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    Kiiler Tri-cycle jump
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    Sky Diving

    Anybody ever jump? My wife got me a gift certificate for our anniversary. I jump on Saturday the 14 th. What should I expect? I am going solo with an instructor on both sides of me. 13,000' out of a perfectly good airplane. Thoughts/Advice please.
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    Yamaha Here she is a few pics

    I thought I would share a few pics.
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