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    check this out!

    i have a new forum just for shortcourse rc cars. visit us at
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    BBQ and Mashin???

    when would be a good time for an all day ride up bee canyon and stop half 3/4 of the way up and have a BBQ! Gabe and i have been talking about this for a while and we would like to get something set up so that this will happen... So let me know what would be some good dates and we will work!!!!
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    alright i get off early tomorrow there fore i feel the need for a ride

    i get off at 230 maybe earlier tomorrow and i was wondering who is down to hit the trails??? hit me up people, im dieing to try out my new exhuast:D
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    Yamaha Ron Woods vs. Muzzy

    i have a 700efi for those of you who dont know already lol :) i want to get a new exhuast to help get my mid to top end back since i got the 26 inch terra cross's any sugestions?
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    Yamaha cam or exhaust???? please answer me asap!

    ok so im looking at that cam that weller sells for the 700efi rhino that is a direct bold in accessory and it ups the 700 to a 727. so what should i go with this or the muzzy exhaust?
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    Yamaha muzzy?

    with this exhaust the guy from hunterworks says that with the msd and the muzzy something bad happens to the fuel ratio and hit rpm? is this true?
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    Yamaha what spring kit should i get?

    the duner kit or the mudder kit? i have 14 inch rims with 26 inch terra cross's and i will be doing glamis, ocotilla, and bee canyon and i want my bottom end to mid back lol
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    Yamaha what is this noise???

    when i shift into gear from a long ride or when the motor is hot, my car slams or grinds into gear :eek: what could this be? maybe just a linkage adjustment? because if i shut it off and leave it in gear there is not problem or when i first start it in the morning and put it into gear its fine...
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    Yamaha What you guys missed out on!!!

    This is what all you guys missed out on, snow, water fall, and just a bitchen day of shreddin the trails :D thanks again Gabe for the great ride and we will have to figure out how i can get those pics from alfredo's camera.
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    Bee Canyon Group Ride list

    kdub41 (kinney) Beandip (gabe) Eat Dirt SoCal- if he can get out here any body else just post in the poll yes or no!!! WE ARE MEETING AT THE SHELL STATION OFF OF HIGHWAY 74. ITS ABOUT 1 MILE PAST FAIRVIEW AND FLORDIA IN HEMET CA. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT DIRECTION P.M. ME!
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    Bee Canyon group ride

    hit me up if you want directions to bee canyon. we will be shreddin the trails probable late morning early afternoon, it depends on when Gabe and i decide. Let me know if you want to go!
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    i was maybe wanting to start racing, but i do not have the money and or parts :( how should i go about getting sponsors? and to the people that have seen me drive, do you think i have what it takes?
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    just wanna know!!!

    ok so i was wondering is a 5+2 offset for the front and a 2+5 offset for the back a good combo? let me know i found a killer deal, 12x7 itp beadlock and bighorns for 950 :D
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    Yamaha big problem

    left my ignition on like a dumb a$$ and now of course my battery is dead. now can you jump a rhino with a truck? or does the truck produce too much power?
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    Yamaha HID replacements=God lol

    i paid like 150 for my hid replacements and they were worth every penny. they are bright as hell!!! if you dont have them i would go and buy some right now lol
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    What would be better?

    running a 25x8x12 on the rears or a 25x10x12 what are you guys running?
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    Yamaha So what do you think is the best???

    I just wanted to see what the most used oil out there is. I myself use Amsoil 20w50 Amsoil Mobil1 Yamalube Maxima Royal Purple
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    Yamaha what is this part???

    under the engine cover on the back side of the passenger side of the engine, what is that little plastic bladder looking thing? it has to vacuum lines to it.
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    Yamaha another poll

    what is your input on the different oils? and what weight Amsoil Mobil 1 Yamalube
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    Yamaha whats the best???

    i was wondering what is the best motor oil to use for running at high temperatures? and when shifting into gears sometimes is it normal for it to kinda kick into gear every once in a while?
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    March 14th

    who would like to meet up with me at pole line road out in O.W.? i will be there tomorrow around 10:30 in the a.m. come on Danny boy you know you want to go haha
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    Yamaha Great add on

    i just got the rigid industries billet tip and AFE intake and it added a lot of bottom end HP i love it now i just have to get the intercoms and tires and im set ;)
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    Yamaha new parts

    just got my afe intake filter today :) no oiling yayyy haha and just need to vacum, tap, or wash to clean it soooo nice haha. Now just waiting for the HID light conversion and then im good
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    Head count for this saturday at OW

    hey guys who all is going to the Dez this weekend? i am going to be at Pole line road again where i met the crew last time so let me know and ill see if i can meet up with you or just give me ur numbers and we can meet up and do a ride
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    Yamaha CHEAP!!!!

    great price on hid stock replacement for the rhino!!!! simple plug and play, with ballasts and are 6000k (kelvin) here is the link... eBay Motors: Yamaha Rhino ZENON HID Kit- Plug and Play (item 130289353515 end time Mar-23-09 18:17:30 PDT)
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    Yamaha how to wire lights

    how do you wire lights up to a toggle switch? i want to install some light but have never done it before :/
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    Yamaha Trade for fab work??? please help me out

    I have a smart parts ion capable of shooting 18 BPS (balls per second) with 14 inch cp (custom products) 2 piece barrel, cp drop forward with on/off, smart parts 16 inch barrel, cp roller trigger, billet hopper clamp, 72 ci. compressed air tank, apache electronic hopper (feeds 15 BPS). any other...
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    I have a smart parts ion capable of shooting 18 BPS (balls per second) with 14 inch cp (custom products) 2 piece barrel, cp drop forward with on/off, smart parts 16 inch barrel, cp roller trigger, billet hopper clamp, 72 ci. compressed air tank, apache electronic hopper (feeds 15 BPS). any other...
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    march 14th Ocotillo Wells

    i want to get a ride together out at ocotilla right across from the blue inn or whatever its called lol my dad and i are going and i want to see if some other guys would like to join, plus i dont know where all the cool places are out there haha. so let me know if you are down to ride
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    Really need these

    anybody have any rims that they want to sell??? like a bead lock rim or anything??? let me know im interested
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    Yamaha hows gibson exhaust???

    how does the gibson exhaust perform? does it give u a noticeable difference?
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    Yamaha Brain fart

    just wonderin when putting in motor oil it only take like spectro 4 10w40 and then no tranny oil corret? and i have the 700. So there is only diff lube and motor lube correct?
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    Yamaha another exhaust question lol

    once again another exhaust question if i was to get the ron woods exhaust with the k&n intake would that be a good power gainer? and would i notice a big difference. does single exhaust give you more torq than a dual? Ron woods says that they improve through the entire power range, but do you...
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    Yamaha Oil check made easier!!!

    check out this web site they have a dip stick extender for our rhino's, that relocates the dip stick right by your passenger seat.
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    prez day at ocotillo

    was sooo sick joeyD, Rusty, Danny, Todd and all the others thanks soo much i had a freakin awesome time out there. Oh and Rusty whenever you get those pics send me some pics of both of us getting sideways on that hill. hope you guys a good rest of day out there
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    Yamaha need an anwer bad

    if you take off the tip of the exhaust does that take out the entire baffle? and if so is that bad for the motor? please help me out!
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    Yamaha intake or exhaust???

    what should i get first, an exhaust or an intake???
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    Yamaha How do you like my new rhino

    this is my new rhino, and very first sxs. what do you think?
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    Yamaha Best exhaust???

    i have looked at muzzys, ac H.D., dragonfire, twobros, and more which one is the best system for the most bottom and top end power???? and what else would be a good upgrade for the motor that is not too expensive. oh and i have a 2008 rhino 700efi
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    kinda wierd

    well i noticed that when you click on like the tab classifieds and other tabs, it doesn't bring up just one thing. For example under classifieds there is infor about pic of the month and the soboba GP. Im not complaining, just giving a suggestion to get the tabs straight... and i love this sight...
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    rhino help

    how do you lower the seats in a rhino. like if i get some prp race seats and want to drop them say 4 inches????
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    might be getting a rhino or teryx???

    what should i get? there is a guy selling an 05 rhino with a cdi dmc exhaust custom roll cage with side panels, and stock suspension? or should i get a stock teryx???? help me please lol and this will be my first SXS

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