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    Is Cory Sappington and the UTVRA relevant?

    This move was too little too late in my opinion. The 850 class needed to be introduced 2 years earlier to keep all of those race cars in the rotation. If the class continues on the path it is there will be 10 teams racing where as if we as a class take the bull by the horn we could have 100...
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    BITD Class Vote on turbos

    After reading all these threads and trying to keep up on everyones complaints and Ideas it's probably time to throw my hat in the ring. I think it would be ideal if there were 3 UTV classes in BITD. Pro Production, Pro Unlimited, and Open. The production and unlimited classes would be...
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    What took you out of V2R?

    1948 out at pit 12 with a blown motor...
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    Is Cory Sappington and the UTVRA relevant?

    This is spot on! When the UTVRA was originally started there were 3 people that founded it so there would be a committee. Due to the difference of opinions and unwillingness to work for the common good 2 of the founding members left to let Cory have his way.
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    1948 Monster Energy SXSPerformance Pro UTV Build

    We got the car out in the dirt for the first time yesterday. Put about 100 miles on it. No major issues. Button up a few small things and we will be ready for Parker next weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1948 Monster Energy SXSPerformance Pro UTV Build

    Just picked the car up from getting the graphics done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1948 Monster Energy SXSPerformance Pro UTV Build

    KC HiLiTES sent us a few of their new flex series lights to help us find our way in dark... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1948 Monster Energy SXSPerformance Pro UTV Build

    With the Utv class growing so fast in bitd and Joey launching his own race we figured it was about time to get back in the action and build a new car. We're pretty excited to hit Parker in a couple of weeks and run the full bitd season this year. We started with a 2015 Polaris xp1000 2...
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    UTV World Championship Race Schedule / Details / Updates

    This isn't the first BITD race to do a land rush start. The Blue Water Grand Prix in Parker was a landrush start for all classes and that first and second corner were really tight for 13 cars back then. The start finish area in Laughlin is huge in comparison and should be great for the...
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    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    Bitd blue water was 2 cars every 30 seconds. Last season the pure series was every 30 seconds with the exception of the last race which was a land rush start. I think only 6 raced in that final race though.
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    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    800 Matt lasher 850 pro
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    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    sorry dennison but the ISA was not designed to be a tech service. We created a unified rules package and it's up to each promotor to enforce it as they see fit. I feel like it would be a conflict for me to personally tech the cars as my son raced in the series last year and will be there the...
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    Desert Bloom Rally Feb. 14-16

    what an awesome event. Can't wait to go back next year. Tj I cant wait to see the footage from the chopper.
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    Yamaha So who makes the best 14" beadlock

    Our top three favorites are the OMF NXG1, method, and Walker beadlocks.
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    New Week Long UTV and 4WD Event In Northern Nevada

    It's gonna be a great time! Will be the UTV race of the year!
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    PURE "200" Video -

    Great job guys! So awesome to see this put together. Guess we're going to have to start getting ready for the race next weekend...
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    GPS Trade?

    If you decide you want to sell it, I'd be interested in buying it.
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    Official Thread for the DWT PURE "350" Presented by

    Looking forward to this race. The 300 was a lot of work for us. Just a few more weeks. Who all is gonna race the 350? Lets get a roll call going now. 1. Matt lasher
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    !!! One down "300" To Go - The PURE "300" That is

    I like the 4pm start time as well as a shorter lap. We need to get the cars to be visible more from the main pit for longer periods of time so that the families and crew can enjoy seeing the cars run. I think this will help bring more people to the race I also agree that a marked alternate...
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    Spare Parts for Desert Racing

    This really depends on budget... You'll see some of the top desert teams bring almost a whole car in spare parts to a race. Some simple things to think about are suspension bolts, shock bolts, lower a-arms, axle assemblies, fluids, filters,
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    Nope but I do have 30" Mongrels ready to go.
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    so wrong! Maybe Cult leader would have been more appropriate.
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    I'm staying away from this thread....
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    Lasher Motorsports Pure 200 Race Report

    Would sponsors be better to put stickers on the bottom of your car? LOL!
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    Anyone racing Werock UTV race in Moab?

    Sorry, you're right there was not a dirt riot race during Rally on the rocks last year. When Dirt Riot was there in April last year there were only 2 UTVs that raced.
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    Anyone racing Werock UTV race in Moab?

    Last year I believe there were only two.
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    Lasher Motorsports Pure 200 Race Report

    That's good to hear! I was a little worried. You had a string of bad luck this weekend.
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    Robby Gordon SST Series at LA Coliseum on the 27th

    I'm thinking about going too. Rusty did you find anything out about motorhomes?
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    Lasher Motorsports Pure 200 Race Report

    Last weekend we had the opportunity to participate in the Pure 200 in Cal City. We participated in a multiple of ways as we were not just a racer or sponsor but both. This is the first race that my son Matt raced and I took the crew chief position and didn't get in the car. Talk about a nerve...
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    It's ready for YOU! The PURE 200 Course!

    We're on the road headed to cal city. Can't wait to due some pre running tomorrow.
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    Best sidewall tire

    Dirt commander and mongrels are 8ply. Were the side wall issues front or rear tires? We have seen issues when running 9" tires on the rear and too low of pressure that it leaves the sidewall exposed if you slide the car.
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    Cool idea... Pretty sure you guys arn't the first to do a Battle of the Builders though. Wasn't there a magazine back in the day that put this idea together originally.
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    Need a good place to test car

    Barstow outlet center drive. We've got a great 5 mile loop. If your car makes it through this it will finish a race.
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    Kawasaki Teryx 4 Belt Change

    Just FYI guys that video is for a teryx2.
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    Will the 2013 KOH UTV Race Scare People Away or Bring More

    For 2013 utvs will have a class at each of the ultra 4 races. This includes glen Helen, Nora 1000, etc. You guys may not have to worry about a utv race at all next year let alone a king of the hammers if we don't win the battle against the marines. Get your @sses involved and help fight this...
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    Has anyone had issues with SXS Performance

    This is mike, i'm the owner. First I'm hearing of this. Ill have some answers for you ASAP! Sorry for the headache.
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    Is there a place in the market for this SxS? 500 "long travel"

    Don't know if you would even be able to use the long travel with only 500cc. Remember that roushe UTV thing with factory long travel that was all the talk but never came out too.
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    Class Changes To The 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

    Hmmm those sure sound like ISA classes.
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    ISA rules for KOH?

    Probably not the best place to post this but I'm sure you guys could use a laugh or two! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    ISA rules for KOH?

    The $30 for the non resident permit would be cheep insurance for a LEO that doesn't know the difference between a race UTV and standard UTV.
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    Save Johnson Valley - Petition at

    The 100,000 applies to new petitions. Ours made the cutoff and is still 25,000
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    ISA rules for KOH?

    if you are using a fuel tuner that plugs into the electrical side of the injector and does not modify the injector or fuel lines going to the injector you are fine. For example a Digitune from Muzzys does not constitute a modification of a fuel system. Modifying the fuel system would be moving...
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    2013 King of the Hammers UTV Race Info

    The draw for starting positions is going to be held this Thursday at 4 Wheel Parts in Compton. It will also be broadcast live on
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    New BITD UTV class for 2013

    I say keep it at 800cc. This will help keep the costs down in the class plus make the rhino more competitive in the class. There are tons of rhinos out there that could be brought back out. I think most of us all started in a rhino.
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    New BITD UTV class for 2013

    Might have to pull the Teryx out of retirement...
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    New BITD UTV class for 2013

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    2013 King of the Hammers UTV Race Info

    I've got over 1000 miles on Mongrels in all types of terrain. Including rock crawling in Moab. The Mongrel holds up really well and does a great job in the rocks. I can't compare it to the Pit Bull as I haven't run a set of their tires. So far, everyone that has run the Mongrels has been...

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