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    2014 Teryx T4

    Wee bit more power
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    My Baja 500

    Little video from my trip down south, chasing for All German Motorsports. Brutal course!! It was my 8 year olds first Baja race, he was so stoked! Good times always!:D
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    Mint 400

    Just watch the Speed that UTVS got a nice feature! transcribed by carrier pigeon for Tapatalk
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    KOH GPS File

    Does any have/know if there is a GPS file for this years course (i.e. like SCORE releases)?? Wanting a Lowrance file...
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    2012 Presidents Day Dune Ride

    It's that time a year, which means TF and UTV Underground will again invade Glamis, Presidents Day weekend! Make your plans to join us, either in camp or swing on by to enjoy dune rides, great people and good times. President's Day Weekend Saturday, February 18, 2012 Glamis Dunes Wash 22...
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    Trip Report - My Baja 1000

    So after 1042.1 miles driven, I made it home on Saturday evening and could put together some thoughts on my 2011 Baja 1000 trip. As some of you may or may not know, I have the opportunity to help crew the All German Motorsports #15 Trophy Truck in the SCORE series. This truck was just built...
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    NHRA Phoenix

    Big shout out to JoeyD and his father for the NAPA "Day at the Track" tickets! Met Ron Capps and got to see some great racing!! Thanks Joey, had a great day at the track :D
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    Joined the RC club

    I've been looking for a while and finally found a super great deal on CL, so I've offically joined the club. Got this Amsoil edition (imagine that, maybe I'll use a tax write-off) Slash 2WD, 2.4 G Traxxas link transmitter, Upgraded 5800Kv brushless motor/ESC, three batteries and a dual...
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    Kawasaki Costco + Kawasaki

    On July 1, Kawasaki Motors Corp., will roll out its Costco Customer Referral Program on a nationwide basis. The program allows Costco Wholesale club members to purchase Kawasaki vehicles at a special Costco member price through participating dealerships. Plus you get a $250 Costco card...
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    Sycamore Creek - 5/21 - Doomsday!

    Great weather, which is so rare this time of year. Started around 7:30AM and it was high 60's, finished around noon and only 84! Great ride, plenty of different terrain. :icon_thumleft: My new Dragonfire Racing steering box worked great! I noticed much less bump steer than the stocker. Also...
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    Gila Monster

    Out riding today and finally saw a Gila monster in the desert. I grew up in AZ and spent countless hours out in the desert, but I've only seen two Gila monsters in my life (in the wild). One was up on Camelback mountain in central Phoenix and now this one. I'm guessing about 2.5 feet long...
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    Kawasaki Lonestar +5 XTR

    Let the madness begin! I'm pushing to get this done before I leave for Pres. Day @ Glamis... Picked up the axles to get them done this past weekend and also picked up the shocks (Elka Elites). Got everything mounted as my arms were not done yet. What a PITA the axles are!!! A...
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    All UTV's FYI Amsoil Price Increase

    Heads up to everyone that uses Amsoil, prices are going up 3/1/11: AMSOIL Price Increase Scheduled for March 01, 2011 The lubricants industry has experienced rapidly increasing base stock and additive cost increases over the past few months, and many lubricant manufacturers have recently...
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    My 2010 Baja 1000

    Back from the Baja and again, nothing compares to what you experience before, during and after the race. This was a LONG one! The peninsula runs are a logistic nightmare. Our team fields two class 1 cars and if there are any problems, it creates havoc with the logistics. Our team was 50% for...
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    New Deal for Amsoil

    AMSOIL Signs on as Official and Exclusive Oil of Monster Energy Supercross Article - AMSOIL Signs on as Official and Exc... Geico PowerSports Honda Team Sponsored by AMSOIL 2011 Supercross Race Schedule January 8th ANAHEIM, CA Angel...
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    Vision-X Batteries

    Anyone got any reviews on these??? Need a new battery and wondering about the XPC-400 (instead of the Odyssey PC925). HELP!
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    My Sunday

    So my buddy calls me Sunday morning to help him go out and recover his rig. He has a pretty built rock crawler and I could only imagine what happened. Turns out he rolled down about a 30 foot cliff into a wash (luckily it landed on the three remaining tires!): Sheared the rear drivers...
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    All UTV's Regulating ROV's

    Here it comes :mad:: US looks to regulate off-road recreational vehicles
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    All UTV's Magnetic Shocks

    Just finished reading through a tech paper and thought I'd share the basics. Very interesting developments in Magnetic Fluid core shocks control. Basically, by utilizing a ferrious fluid inside the shock, the damping and rebound can be adjusted on the fly. This is accomplished by current flowing...
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    Baja 1000

    Ok, who is racing, who is chasing and who is watching? I'm watching and plan to be around mile 140 again this year (about 20 miles west of Mexicali north of Mex 2). Gonna leave Yuma, AZ around 8-9AM cross and get to the race before the TT and Class 1's roll through. Might speed over to...
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    Kawasaki Filter Project

    So I finally got around to getting this thing installed along with an A/F gauge. I'm using one of our (AMSOIL) EAAU induction air filters (you can see the inverted cone in the first pic...more surface area). I'm so tired of cleaning and oiling the stocker!!!! The filter is a dry nanofiber that...
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    NFL 2009 Season

    24 hours till I get to see my bolts!!! Pre-season in AZ...wonder if all the bandwagon Card fans will show up and turn the place from blue to red!!!! I know its just pre-season, but FINALLY football season is here...GO BOLTS!!!
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    Rugged Install

    Finally got around to installing my intercom today. Much thanks to Dave @ Induced Fabrication for making the panel! Works great! Decided to have the panel fabed up and mount where the cup holders were: Panel after drilling out the mounting holes Done! Also added a Painless 7...
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    Cactus Films

    Just got this the other day (Baja 1000 2008)...great DVD...disk #3 is raw footage and includes the UTV's. For $30 it is well worth it for those who like this kind of stuff!! YouTube - 41ST TECATE SCORE BAJA 1000 2008 by CACTUS FILMS Cactus Films ®
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    Free NRA Membership

    The NRA is giving FREE 1-yr memberships to everyone who wants to join. They are trying to build up their membership to fight pending legislation that impacts our right to keep and bear arms. It is very important that anti-gun congressmen see how many people they will have to fight to get...
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    New Addition

    Colin Bailey was born on 2/9/09, 2lbs 14oz...came a little early, but that just means he'll be out on the trails sooner! Mom and baby are doing great, hopefully he will come home by the first of April.
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    SUP? Jumped over here too...another forum to steal time outta the day!:D

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