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  1. Brock25

    Good thing it was snorkeled.....

  2. Brock25

    Not Part of Trail System at Black Mountain, Breath Taking Views.

    This is got to be one of the best scenic rides I have ever been on! I would recommend everyone that goes to Black Mountain Offroad Adventure Area take this ride! Don't forget to subscribe!!
  3. Brock25

    Bent Razor Frame

    We had a rough weekend Harlan Campground - Putney Trailhead this weekend. One of the Razors water pump went out, another ones fan relay quit, bent the door and bent the frame into the drive line. One of the Tracker broke a axle, blew a tire(he just bought) the other one busted his fuel tank. The...
  4. Brock25

    Wildcat Trail going deep in mud

    Check it out! Don't forget to subscribe and like!
  5. Brock25

    Hill Climb Wildcat Trail

    Hey guys, new member here! I just wanted to share a short video of my Wildcat Trail. Thanks for watching!

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