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    YAMAHA - June 11th, 6PM PST on - 2014 Model Year RELEASE!

    REID'S Kawasaki T4 SHOCKS:king TIRES:falcon WHEELS:omf JOEY'S Kawasaki T4 LIGHTS:rigid of course! SEATS:beard CAGE: magnum
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    KOH Camping

    Been awhile for me on this site too... Just wanted to post up that I'll be coming out early thursday morning with my pops, and my 7yr boy hopefully in time to watch the SXS's. I have been wanting to experience KOH for a few years now, and this year it finally worked out. No SXS, but I'm sure...
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    Damn... missed it! Hope they show it again... All you guys with the DVR's and tivo... I must still be stuck in the year 2000... lol
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    Please pray for...

    WOW... awful to hear! Saw one of you sitting on the ground, seemed like trying to catch your breath... didn't know it was this serious. I know that white car was smoking pretty bad after the three of us made a pass down the drags. Was this the same problem that caused the fire? Anyways...
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    UTVUnderground Set For The 2010 Baja 1000 *PICS*

    Jealous... YES! Be safe homie...
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    Can-Am NEW Can-Am Commander UTV - UTVUnderground Exclusive -

    I think its def top notch... great features... and an awsome power plant! My only concern is the weight... looks heavy to me by the pics... anyone know what it rolls off the scales at?
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    Welcome ZTFab AKA Zero Tolerance Fabrication

    Welcome ZT... dude has some insane welding skillz!
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    LOORRS Speedworld headcount

    I'll be around that weekend, so hoping to make out there Saturday! Joey... where you guys stayin?
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    So fresh and so clean clean.... looking sick dognuts!
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    9/11/01 NEVER FORGET

    A moment of silence for the families that lost loved ones on this day 8 years ago from this horrific attack on our fellow americans. May God bless them all.
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    1 of 39 slantbacks resurrected

    Looks mean as hell... customer ride???
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    XTZ 1000 Build: Permission to Launch

    TMW Offroad had a kit for the kitty... saw it at a expo show here in Glendale. Sat kinda high.
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    Spring tear down and prep

    I just threw up T... can I be your friend... ;)
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    Mama Got a New Ride!

    GO BIG... 26's! lol Actually just traded'em out for 24's... less rim... more tire. :D Good call on the new ride for mama! Toyota's last forever...
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    Sweet yo! Is the motor getting sent off to get the after burners installed??? ;)
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    Class 1/tow rig combo

    Your BS'ing... no way!?!?!
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    A little off topic... I see Kimbrell Electric van's cruising the valley all the time... that your company?
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Little by little homie... looking sweet!
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    Class 1/tow rig combo

    Gonna buy it tomorrow... cause I'm gonna win the lotteria tonight! :D MCM class 1 offroad car plus trailer and F350 Superduty
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    Who has the sickest lifted truck in the underground???

    Here's the gasser I used to have... My current diesel...
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    Glamis march 20th-22nd UTV rally

    Hook up the stickers dog!
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    Fat City Jeepspeed Jump

    gawd dang that insane!
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    That's the shiat bro ham and cheese... can't wait to see rollin!
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    Yamaha 660 vs 700

    Yup... oil filter came loose... puked all it's oil out while climbing up OLDS. Didn't notice it till he got to the top. Filled it back up with luuuube, started it back up and was smokin like crazy.... SUCKS!
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    Yamaha 660 vs 700

    With what you say your going to be using it for, either one I would think should be sufficient. If your worried with buying used... go with the 700. But i'm sure there are plenty of CLEAN 660's out there for sale.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Ya... hurry up and start laying some pipe... lol! Work internet sux... can't see your limo build pics!!!
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    Code of Ethics

    Good stuff right there Troop!
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    PITP 09 Sep 4-6

    to the break-a break-a dawn!!
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    PITP 09 Sep 4-6

    I know huh!!! lol I'm really not diggin that last camping spot... hopefully we can find another... maybe even off that road that we took to get to the races??? More flat and open for more rigs.
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    PITP 09 Sep 4-6

    In the Heber/Overgaard, AZ area... we set it up so that we can watch the Whiplash Snowflake offroad race that same weekend.
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    PITP 09 Sep 4-6

    1.Taylor and Gina 2. JoeyD and the DiGiovanni Fam! 3. Waytay & Family 4. Justin and some lucky lady yet to be picked 5. Kracker and Krackette. Maybe the Kracklins too. 6. Dorian and Family maybe another friend and fam too 7. Karl and family (Camping) Post up if your camping or...
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    Props on your effort to gather SXS peeps for this D!
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    Joey...What's going on with AGM?

    That is a very interesting thread over on RDC.... lol. I say F the money... and find the talent! Ooh ooh ooh... pick me... pick me!lol
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    I was standing just to the left when you made that jump.... HUGE! Somebody (cough... cough... Todd) was skeered to launch the DFR car... lol
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    H1 E-Series Lightbar by Magnum OffRoad

    DAMN... Gina rolls that monster??? SAAAWEEET!!! Let's take it to Rocky Point... BTW... March 12-16th... you in sucka???
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    Yamaha LongTravel KITS

    All the prior mentioned are pretty much the favorites. I have to agree with Rog, and Kyle. It seems that most kits are designed well (except mine... lol). It's all in the shocks that are used, and how well they are dialed in. I will say that if I win the lottery... lol... and I wanted to buy...
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    Yamaha Limit straps

    Justin, thanks for looking! D, I did check them out online... should call them and see what Serena says... thanks! Joey, thanks for calling your boy at ORW!
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    Yamaha Limit straps

    You got jokes aye... let me know what you have... looking for two 16" straps.
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    Yamaha Limit straps

    The 1/2" bolt that attaches the upper a-arms to the spindle is what is stopping the down travel on my LT kit. Well, its damaging my hi-misalignment spacers on the uni-ball and bending the bolt... sooo, I want to limit the down travel to prevent this. Other options is to put stops in my King...
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    Yamaha Limit straps

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    Yamaha Limit straps

    When used on a RHINO to limit the travel of the down stroke in the suspension... is a quad wrap necessary, or would a double wrap be sufficient enough? Anyone know of a place that has a good price on them? Been finding them around $25. Thanks!
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    Hey I know you guys!

    lol... I wondered if you were signed up! Sorry bro ham and cheese... :)
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    SSV in da underground

    Gots to give mad love to SSV... for the money that we spend in this sport it's awsome to have a company with a "no questions asked" policy. You SIR... get rep'd for that! Thanks Trevor!
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    Kawasaki got a xmf kit today

    Just giving you a hard time J... that thing is gonna rip w/ LT!!! Oh... and ya, you better come STRONG with those sand angels! lol
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    Yamaha Rear Diff Knocking

    Just to clarify... are you saying the splines are the same in the 07 and 08 rear diff? The axles are not the same though right? :confused:
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    Kawasaki got a xmf kit today

    Sweet... now MAYBE... you can keep up! :p
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    AzBdBy late to the party again....

    Welcome Dustin! Good to see you here brotha!
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    Got loose!

    Wow...that's great Chuck! I bet that has to feel good... hopefully they gave you some kind of monetary award!!! Even though you wouldn't expect it... suckers! :)

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