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    Yamaha Team SRC's DSR1 Build

    Hey everybody Its been a long time since ive been on here or posted. I became a daddy and Anybody that has kids knows that your life becomes really busy when this happens. Now that my life has leveled out a little I put together a team called SRC consisting of friends & family. We have...
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    New UTV Team

    Was up Underground, Just wanted to introduce a new team that will be taking on Best In The Desert Race series. I will be posting the News Letters so everybody can keep up on our progress. Thanks, Junior Q.
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    Going BIG Junior Quisquis Style

    <iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Untitled</a> from <a href="">Junior Quisquis</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
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    Future UTV Champion

    Hey everybody I would like to introduce you to my newest baby girl Nealani Quisquis. The Sr1 build takes 2nd place, so if you were wondering where the updates are.....well now you know.
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    Junior "Mr. Toad" Quisquis SR1 Monster Build

    Here are the first pics of the Monster Rhino getting a fresh coat of paint and soon the R1 power plant thanks to Jason over at Weller Racing.
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    UTV's and mountain boarding.

    Hey everybody just postin and keeping the UTV word spreading to other sports. YouTube - Xcorps Action Sports TV #47.) BIG AIR seg.3 HQ
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    Guinness World Record Pics

    [COLOR="Red"]Here is just a couple of the jump. The others are being used right now for Guinness and other stuff. As soon as I get more I will post.
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    All UTV's Only on thing matters.

    Hey everybody just wanted to start a positive thread on what matters. It doesn't matter if I'm running HRT,Magnum,procraft,mafia,weller,benchmark, or any other part,sticker,shirt,glasses or what ever on my car, we shouldn't forget that friendships matter more and thats the best thing about...
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    Guinness World Record News

    Thought I would Post this. I pick up Pics and Vid today. I will post as soon as possible. Longest UTV Ramp Jump - Guinness World Records Blog post
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    World Record Volunteers

    Want to be part of a World Record Jump and be a part of History, Then contact Hellbound Natives Now. Hellbound Natives Is looking for a few good people to be part of the crew. 760-877-1496 or by email [email protected]
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    UTV's and Mountain Boarding

    Just wanted to show everybody how the utv scene is mixing it up with other race scenes. This was some video taken from the Red Bull Action Sports Day in Del Mar. I was asked by Rat Sult to come down and give these mountain boarders a tow with my Yamaha Rhino while they give a freestyle...
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    digital display

    Ok here it goes, I know somebody has ran into this problem before. I disconected the battery to do some work, and then when I put it back on the display shows KPH instead of MPH. Does anybody know how to change the display on a rhino back to MPH. Thanks, Junior
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    Wanna promote or showcase your business,truck,utv,buggie,or cart and be part of history in the making, Then here is your chance. COME BE A VENDOR OR SHOWCASE AT THE WORLD RECORD JUMP Contact Junior @ 760-877-1496 or [email protected]
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    New utv web cast show

    Check out the link. this will be a new web cast show called YOU LIFT YOU LOSE!. It will be about utv racing. You will have everything from testing,racing,shows,group rides,and everything else utv. It will be hosted by The mad man himself Junior Quisquis, and be broadcasted from sidexsidetv. The...
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    World Record Jump info
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    Yamaha New Sponsor

    Just letting everybody know that I just got picked up by DRAGONFIRE RACING. I am very happy to be sponsored by Dragonfire and hope to work with them in a few and upcoming projects I have. Again I would like to thank Dagonfire racing for the sponsorship.
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    All UTV's World Record Jump Updates.

    Hey everbody just giving updates on the status of the jump. Today I just dropped the motor off With Chris from Benchmark and went over a couple of things. I trust that Chris will do a great job to build a motor to get me to the record distance that I need. Thanks Chris for all your help. I...
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    Junior Quisquis Wrecking rhino at filming of Heavos 10

    Check out Junior Qusiquis all most going over at 0.52 seconds. YouTube - huevos 10 crashes
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    New Colors

    Hey everybody here are the new colors for my car and sponsor spy optics. This is what the car will look like for the World Record Jump. I also am looking for a few more sponsors for this jump. Right now I have Spy Optics,weapon mx,caddis shelters, and hellbound natives. I will be Running a...
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    FMX show.

    Fmx show at Harrahs casino this sat and sun. come check it out.

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