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    My other ride....a Chopper

    well this is my other toy I get to ride around on the street while Glamis season is over. 2009 Sucker Punch Sally Frame 2006 ShovelHead 93" Motor PRIMO 3.5" open Belt drive With a 6 spd. Spyke Starter PM Brakes all around internal throttle cable on 18" Apes Hand made Custom Leather seat...
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    Seen the Infamous Sand Bullet (Buckshot)...NOT Impressed at all.

    Well, As I just stated. I've seen the Bullet today down at the Orange County Fair Grounds on display. I'm not impressed at all with the build. Looks like your Average good garage build. Many things I would change on it and Upgrade. From the looks of it, It looks very unfinished. I'm...
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    MAy contest ??

    Anything gong on for MAy ?:D
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    New contest ???

    I know it's early but why not:D
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    Thought I'd post up some pics of my car over here on this site.
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino Video - short video

    STETLER's R1 Rhino Video - both videos OK, bare with me on this video. the one I want to edit and post is 24MB and PhotoBucket won't allow that big of a file to post. So here's a short video of a bad pass I did to hold you over. wait until I get the other video up....MUCH BETTER. I guess...
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    GLAMIS READY - Paddles are on !!

    Finally got to put the rear paddles on and front sand buffs on . They fit like a glove. Lots of hard work and thought went into making these rear paddles sit in as far as they could. Custom rims cut up and rewelded and a trick set of custom trailing arms. The last thing I wanted was the...
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    Ready to make the drive to AZ

    I'm all loaded up and ready for the early 4AM leave time for AZ tomorrow Decided to not tow a trailer so I can make it out there and back faster
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    BAD ASS NEW CAMARO !!!!!!!!!!

    I keep passing by this camaro sitting in front of a Rim shop and every time I just about get in a car crash because of it. Today I took some pictures of it. This car is BAD !!!!
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    151 FAB 7-Seater Rhino Build

    here's another Custom Rhino Todd at 151 Fab built. Here's a list of some of the things I know it has: painted Rhino Front hood Custom aluminum rear fenders and bed by 151 Fab custom built side doors that open with flush mount handles on the outside Twisted stitches custom seats and rear...
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    Newbee here but not a stranger

    Damn another forum:eek: Pretty soon I'll have to be cutting and pasting my new member register info instead of build pics. Got I nice PM from another good friend on the other forums so I figured I might as well snoop around here and see what all the talk is about.

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