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    GenRight Floatilla At the Silver State Jamboree

    <hr style="color:#CCCCCC; background-color:#CCCCCC" size="1"> More Info about the Genright Floatilla Here Space is Limited for this event! FLOAT THE TRUCKEE RIVER More fun at the Silver State Jamboree in Reno Nevada July 14th-19th, 2014 Genright will host yet another...
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    PRP Seats Pool Party at the Silver State Jamboree

    Details Here PRP Seats will host its third PRP Pool Party this year at the Nugget Casino during the Silver State Jamboree on July 17th from 5:00pm- until the beer runs out and the bar is empty. Facebook Event Page This event has been a total blast the last two years when it was held in...
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    Hey UTV Racers wanna win $5000?

    Want a chance to win part of $15,000? <hr style="color:#CCCCCC; background-color:#CCCCCC" size="1"> Take a look at our newsletter, and subscribe. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact....6-d4ae5292c4dd...
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    Silver State 4wd&UTV Jamboree in Northern Nevada

    Its been Three years since I stepped away from the King of the Hammers, My work to help save Johnson Valley is complete, so Its time to have a party. In partnership with the Nugget Casino we are going to build an event unlike any in the OHV industry. A full week of entertainment that ends...
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    New Week Long UTV and 4WD Event In Northern Nevada Not to leave my friends at UTV Underground in the dark, You guys get the dirt early. Press release drops next Tuesday. Full Week of OHV fun In Northern Nevada. Plenty...
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    Kawasaki Teryx 4 Belt Change

    Anyone done this yet? Only took about 30 minutes to get down to the cover and get it off, but I have been stuck for hours trying to get the rear clutch off. I do not have the luxury of doing this in my shop, and only have limited tools at my place in Nevada. I can't imagine changing a belt in...
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    This Weeks Save the Hammers Event!

    Please share and activate. Jeff Knoll shared a link via Save The Hammers. Save The Hammers “Operation Pyramid†Four Simple Steps. This week and next we have another task for our dedicated protectors of the Johnson Valley OHV area. We need to convince Senator Dianne Feinstein to...
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    Save Johnson Valley OHV Area with a few Phone Calls

    The U.S. Marine Corps has posted the final EIS on their website today:<wbr>29palms/las/Pages/default.aspx<wbr>. As anticipated, the Marines still want to acquire Johnson Valley and provide limited use to the OHV community - access to 40,000 acres for 10...
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    Torchmate Racing seeks new blood.

    Torchmate racing is opening up its race program for the first time and soliciting individuals, teams, shops, fabricators, and artists who can provide a unique marketing opportunity. You can download the details at or go to the Torchmate racing facebookfanpage.
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    15" Beadlock wheels?

    What are people using, How heavy are they, and what do they cost? I am kicking around going to a 15" with a BFG KM2, a Pitbull tire, or some other unknown 30" tire. Passing fad, or do you see this the new norm? When the Jeep world went 17" it did not take long for the tires to follow the...
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    Free Prizes at the KOH Vendor show

    Yep Its free to enter, but we hope you will make a donation to Save the Hammers. Free prizes to the best hand from Trail Gear, Ruffstuff Specialties, Torchmate,, and Poison Spyder Customs. All new members of ORBA. Get a free playing card at one of the above listed KOH...
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    Introducing the "Lincoln Experience" by Torchmate

    Torchmate CNC Cutting systems, and its parent company Lincoln Electric will continue Torchmate’s history of involvement in the King of the Hammers with the introduction of “The Lincoln Experienceâ€. The partnership of Lincoln electric welders and the Torchmate CNC cutting system presents...
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    Kawasaki Teryx 4 tackles Chocolate Thunder at the hammers with out a winch.

    New years eve I took my box stock Teryx 4 out to the Hammers to see what it would do before I start throwing parts at it. When I showed up in camp and said I was going to go run Chocolate thunder my friends told me No-Way, its getting pretty torn up, and my friend Camo rolled over on it the...
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    Oceano Dust control issue blows up on SLO AQCD!

    News article This was forwarded to me today at ORBA and they wanted to get this out to everyone possible. By KAREN VELIE and LISA RIZZO (Editor’s note: This is the second in a multi-part series about questionable activities of the San Luis Obispo County Air Quality Control District. Part one...
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    All UTV's What type of fabrication tools do you have in your shop?

    I was asked a question today I could not answer. What percentage of UTV/SXS owners are building/ fabricating in their home shops. In the rock crawling world most everyone is building or aspires to build their own vehicles. As I make the transition from Ultra4 to SXS's I often get asked questions...
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    If you love Johnson valley OHV area

    WHO ACTUALLY OWNS THE WEST? | Off Road Press Please consider reading this article I wrote for Offroad press.
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    29 palms Base expansion update

    I hold a board position on CMRC as a delegate from the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) as such I would like to share this update and encourage those who are members of any of the listed associations to find out where your association stands on this important issue. Although the ISA is not...
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    Help save Johnson Valley OHV area, easy to use letter generator <O:p</O:p Please help us save the Johnson valley OHV area. The largest OHV open area in the country is facing threat of closure due the expansion of the 29 Palms Marine base. Your letters are needed to help hold the line and continue the freedom that...
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    hammerking Productions

    Jeff Knoll Here from King of the hammers, we hope to make the 2011 King of the Hammers SxS race the best yet.

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