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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    Derek drove to 167 Jason is in now to finish.
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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    Oh. Was not sure if you were down in SF. See ya in 2 weeks. Btw texting as we close in on Burnit
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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    How did u do today Johnny.
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    San Felipe 250 Tracking ?

    We are battling w Burnett now. Going to be close!
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    Official UTVUnderground 2016 Parker 250 Update Thread

    You guys all dont have a knob on your dash that just ups the boost to 100? Come on everyone is doing it.....
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    Justin Lambert Takes 1st Overall at 2016 BITD Parker 250

    Great run Justin! Congrats on another great win!
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    Official UTVUnderground 2016 Parker 250 Update Thread

    I normally don't jump in these forums anymore as words will be twisted spun and dissected more than needed. I dont fully understand how this situation is still being brought up. People wanted split classes and it happened. And now there are still problems. Re Can Am ecu I know that Cory has...
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    Baja 1000 Bets and Bullshit

    We cant wait for the 1000. This course should make for some good racing. We will be south of the border soon and positing up on FB as much as we can leading up to the race. The points are super close and it will come down to this one.
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    Can'am or RZR?

    10 to 1 Polaris on the track...... yet 3 Can-Am's in the top 10 in BITD???
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2015 BITD Vegas To Reno - VIDEO

    Great video guys! It's awesome exposure for the sport and shows a small glimpse of how incredible these SXS are. Keep it up! It takes a massive amount of time, effort and $ to pull off coordinating footage of desert Racing events. Especially VtoR. Respect.
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    BITD Class Vote on sequential 5 speeds

    Bring that pure sport to the golf course for some fun! Its a Production class right?? Lets see how they stack up.
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    Jagged X Takes On Vegas To Reno

    Nice write up. Always enjoy running against you guys!
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    32" Tire for BITD 2016

    Just going by what Casey and Cory told me. Maybe I am gullible. As the assumptions you make do no good. Either way we dont care. I did not name them all as it is not my place to just talk. But was told there were several requests mostly from BITD down. I did not list them because its not my...
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    BITD Class Vote on turbos

    Makes since. I would be open to this. It is a production class. so it makes since. I just did not want to put too much on the table at once re cc. I agree that we would want to race where ever the most competition is in this class.
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    Is Cory Sappington and the UTVRA relevant?

    Joey, I never said the OEMs should dictate the rules. Only that all OEMs are going to want their latest and greatest on the track to compete with each other with rules similar to now. I think most racers also want the fastest and best units on the track. If you dont go buy the fastest, or the...
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    BITD Class Vote on turbos

    This thread seems to be moving in the right direction. I agree with you 100% Brandon! Also dont care if we can or can not flash. We too are game with any production vehicle from any MFG as long as its OEM. We want to race all the different Brands in 1 class with the best drivers and best...
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    32" Tire for BITD 2016

    I heard that several of the truck tire companies asked Casey and Cory over the past year, and with the push from BFG and several 32 options now available BITD saw value added by getting Truck tires into the UTV class to all the racers. I believe they asked for a 32". Not sure why that size was...
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    Racers Questionaire from V2R

    Thanks Bill and Cory for taking steps to grow the class and let everyone understand what is being done.
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    Is Cory Sappington and the UTVRA relevant?

    I talked with Cory today. From what I understand he and Bill Schueler have gone over all of the data received from racers at VtoR and a few who sent in the forms by email who were not there. They have gathered all of the data and have a few plans to clarify the rules in the areas that there are...
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    1st Place at the 2015 BITD Vegas to Reno

    Yeah whats up with 2 laughlin races on the same 17mile loop. And the second one is a 2 day. More loops.... Not to sure about that.
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    1st Place at the 2015 BITD Vegas to Reno

    Great run guys! Its always fun to battle at the end.
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    Predictions for the next BITD race

    21. Scratch out # 1 22. Too many racers will be crying about "stuff" instead of just having a good time! 23. Johnny will have such a great time he will convince the rest of you that more hp is not so bad...... 24. Joey will be announcing his candidacy for President. First order of business will...
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    32" Ultracross R looking good!

    With the stock suspension the front tires barely rub the bottom of the hood behind the headlights at full compression.
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    32" Ultracross R looking good!

    We have been testing these 32" on our Stock Mav xds. They are pretty awesome!
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    Wayne Matlock's Baja 500 Report

    Great run at the 500! Congrats.
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    Murray Racing Baja 500 story

    Murray Racing: 2015 Baja 500 Race Report June 11, 2015 Murray Racing always gets excited about racing the Baja 500 and especially this year because we were taking our new Can Am Maverick Turbo out for just its second race. We brought it out at the Silver State 300 a month ago when it ran...
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    Official UTVUG Baja 500 Coverage

    We just listed our Baja 500 adventure to give some of the behind the scenes info from our perspective. We are lucky to run with a great group of racers out on the track. We battle on the track but are friends off. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.
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    Race ute for sale

    Matt, I hope you know what they will be racing next year. :D These desert builds are not cheap.....
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    BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge PHOTOS

    Thank you Rugged Radios for the great support and service. You guys are the best!
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    NEW 2015 Can-Am Maverick TURBO

    These have been tested pretty hard and the new set up including clutching and cooling is impressive. I have not heard of one losing a belt yet! Also the torque from start to wide open is crazy. The max loaded will pull any thing out there in the dunes. You will have to try and then be ready to buy.
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    BITD rules

    My guess is that once other oem's have a turbo in the future then they will collectively push to have a pro class for them. Guessing 2015 will be the non turbos but maybe 2016? Time will tell. I am sure that aftermarket turbos won't be allowed. Only oem versions. The rules will be determined by...
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    cbs baja 500 vs red bull mint 400

    The fact that both the Mint 400 and the Baja 500 had Trophy/Trick Truck coverage, and also just the "little Golf Carts" is pretty awesome.--How far our class has come. Who would have thought 2-3 years ago UTVs would be shown on major networks. In just a few short years the 1900 class has grown...
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    V2R In it to Win It ?? 100.00 to Win

    1917 is in!
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    The New Can-Am Maverick.....

    These Mavericks can run faster then you think when unlimited. Even the heavy desert ones. It's more about dirt conditions, wind resistance, altitude etc. These items play a huge part in speed. I will leave the rest to imagination! :D
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    Can Am Monster Maveric Wins Baja 500

    Congrats on the win Mark!! you were rocking it down there. We wanted to be right there and keep the 1,2 finished going, the 1917 was running good till one speed truck parked for a few hours with no other options. Yup these Can Ams can run. Can Am has taken 6 of 9 total podium spots in SCORE this...
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    Baja 500 what did you break

    One cv boot, and was fed up sitting behind the 855 speed truck forever. Rolled trying to get around a bottle neck after that, and ran 250 miles with no diff oil as a result. Good to know they don't need oil!!!
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    V2R is fast approaching. Who won last year? Maybe a repeat is in the books. We are ready to throw down at this race. We were pretty fed up after getting held up super bad at the 500 behind a few trucks. We need some redemption. No TT trucks will catch us this year either!!! the 1917 will be all out
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    Pre-Running The Baja 500

    Joey. We will be down a few days prior. Prob Tuesday and will get 2 to 3 days in. If anyone wants to join we can meet up and ride as a group. Could be some fun. We are already craving the secret remote taco stands. And "stands" is giving them more credit than they deserve.
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    Silver State 300 race day

    Congrats to the top finishers. You guys ran hard and fast. Big props to Cognito for the win in the new car. You guys earned it!
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    Silver State 300 race day

    Murray racing irc not tracking. Through pit 3 Jagged x utv inc Murray racing Sims. We are pulling into pit 4. Once the top utvs roll through I will update.
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    COGNITO RZR 4 XP1000 new BITD build

    The new car is looking good. Its amazing how much time and planning goes into these builds. And it only takes 1 or 2 small things to create big delays... Good luck and look forward to seeing you guys out at SS300.
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    Maverick Racer from Australia

    welcome to the site. these golf carts can be pretty amazing. enjoy!
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    we would like to thank Art Wood and the entire Berts UTV crew for the support of our team and for them always working hard to help every customer get out and ride! these guys love the sport and help alot of people go do what we all enjoy. check them out next time you may be considering a new toy...
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    Jason Murray Injured during KOH race... please read

    I can't thank my off-road family enough for all the support. Been in the hospital the last few days recovering from my injury. Still have a long road ahead. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. I can't wait to get back on the track. Doesn't look like i will be ready for the San Felipe...
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    Jason Murray Injured during KOH race... please read

    I can't thank my off-road family enough for all the support. Been in the hospital the last few days recovering from my injury. Still have a long road ahead. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. I can't wait to get back on the track. Doesn't look like i will be ready for the San Felipe...
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    Anyone using lithium ion batteries in your race vehicle?

    Yup been running shoria for a few years. Solid and crazy light.
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    Got my build scheduled w/ Fabwerx

    Congrats. Dont hesitate to keep the questions coming. It will be a fun adventure!
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    Official: SCORE San Felipe 250 thread

    Matt, since there are 22 "bonus miles" I guess we will head down to play in San Felipe. Count 1917 in. See ya down there for a good time....:D
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    uh oh

    Game on. Look forward to seeing the final result. We followed our weight rule..... its the secret to a better ride.
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    2014 Parker 250 results and stories

    Rough day for our team. 1917 was running awesome, until the driver lost talent and at mile 68 rolled the car at about 65mph several times. HUGE thanks to Kevin Shrive with One Gear Racing who was so awesome to stop check on us and even help pull the car right side up as it was blocking the road...

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