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    Intercom/C2C/Stereo ????????

    Backstory: A friend of mine recently installed a Rugged intercom in his Terex. It works bitchen and has me and my wife seriously thinking about getting our own for our four seater, and of course(my wife said matter of factly) we would have to go car to car. The question is, with my current...
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    SSV Works / Trevor

    I'm sure a few of you have seen my other thread where I thought I fired my Amp. Trevor from SSV popped up in there and offered me help, before he knew I was using one of there set ups. Well come to find out, after Trevor patiently walked me thru the trouble shooting processes, it was only a...
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    Fried Amp?

    A couple of weeks ago, on a ride from Silverwood past the T6 bridge we did a stream crossing of about 2ft deep. Ipod was rockin the whole trip till then! My EFX amp is mounted under the drivers seat and was completely swamped. Half way thru the stream NO tunes.:mad: I figured it fried the amp...
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    Instant email notification

    I know I've only posted up a couple of times, but in my newbie thread there was a handfull of replies and I didnt receive an E-Mail notification. I checked my User CP and I think its set up correctly. Anyone have any suggestions?:confused:
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    nother newbie checkin in

    Site looks great! I stumbled acrossed it a couple days ago, then met JoeyD out at the Soboba GP today. I'm the guy that was sitting sally in the snow camo Terex. Good to meet you Joey, and the rest of you...........

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