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    Yamaha Air filter covered or not?

    I bought my rhino and the guy had the cover off...he gave me the cover, just wondering how everyone else is running it? Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk 2
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    Yamaha Rhino Owners?

    I am basically a new UTV owner....I have rode dirtbikes up until this season...I have been passenger in a few the beginning of this season got a deal on a rhino that I didn't really want to pass up... My question is, what kind of maintainence are you guys doing and how often? I...
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    Funny Story

    Ok, it is not really a story, but it was kinda funny...on Friday I got this pic from my good buddy, with the message "So, how is work today" Then about 35 minutes later, I get this pic, with NO message, I guess the pic said it all....LOL
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    New here, Newish to UTVs..

    Whats up here to the forum...been riding and wrenching on friends utvs for a while (rhinos, teryxs, rzrs)...finally got something of my own a few weeks ago...2006 Rhino...i know its old and slow to most of you...but it gets me to the same places everyone else is going...just not as...

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