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  1. TREE68

    day trips

    what small trailers you guys use for local day trips? single axle utility? dual axle car hauler? pics? i had a 6x10 before, and a car hauler for my jeep. but due for a trailer asap for my teryx 2 seater.
  2. TREE68


    i would expect this on my truck in the driveway. but what kind of cat or dog sneaks into my garage and pisses on my utv tire. a soon to be dead cat or dog, thats what kind. :eek:
  3. TREE68

    modified gps rollcage mount for elite

    sat at the offroad expo i grabbed a lowrance elite 5m hd gps to replace an old lowrance 5. and grabbed some axia cage mounts. but not looking at the gps first :( the elite does not have the side holes like the older models. so i grabbed an elite mount from pci that was closest to a surface...
  4. TREE68

    friggin finally

    well, after lurking on utvunderground for 3 years, bugging joey at offroad events, bugging rusty at expos and shows. now i have jake to bug. 3 years of utv raffle goodies, buying utv stuff for 3 years. (im on my third lightbar) renting utvs, borrowing utvs, and test driving utvs. i finally...
  5. TREE68

    vx2200 radio install in a 2014 T4

    Disregard post
  6. TREE68

    supercross 2015

    anybody else see that ryan vilipoto is racing world mxgp this year. and that milsaps and hahn signed on with kawa. :eek:
  7. TREE68

    gps info needed before expo

    time for a new gps. i had 2 of the garmin 60c with topo maps, but screen was too small. had an old lowrance 5 in my jeep and it worked great. so at the offroad expo my main goal is to get a new lowrance. what are the good choices for UTV? the elite baja 5m seems best for what i need? or...
  8. TREE68


    well, sand show is gone and in the books, but the offroad expo is coming up. i could walk there from my house. so its an event we dont miss. will be there all day sat. who is going? hopefully more utv's this year.
  9. TREE68

    straight or radius

    anybody running a radius lightbar on their utv yet? i had a 30 inch straight on the ranger years ago. then got a 40 inch last year but never put to use (sold jeep, and no utv yet) i have a shot at a 50 inch radius lightbar at the sand show with my wholesale account. is it worth a shot installing...
  10. TREE68


    is it possable to fit a long travel teryx t4 into the garage of the larger 31 foot fun mover toter home? anybody try? if the garage is 10 feet i know only the 2 seater will fit. i cant remember if they offer a 12 foot garage? might have to drive with the back roll up door open? :eek: the family...
  11. TREE68

    KOH 2015

    i know, its 6 months away. but we have already started putting supplies in the garage/shop for KOH 2015. cant wait. last few years have been great. taking 10 day trip this year. we want to see king of the motos this time. and hopefully the backdoor shootout returns. that was a great event...
  12. TREE68

    Shout out to fourtreks

    Not sure if you guys ever use this company. But i was looking for a rotopax mount. And found several. But i remembered this guy from my jeep days. And found out they make a nice mount for 49.00. Great fit and finish. Billet alum. Seen other from 59 to 129. These were only 49. And are strong...
  13. TREE68

    All UTV's whats the ugliest utv?

    man i wish KTM would make a UTV. i bet it would be a cross between a can-am and a rzr. in orange plastic.
  14. TREE68

    Kawasaki teryx frame wanted

    just throwing this out there. wondering if anybody that did a race build or donor vehicle, or a insurance total and has a 08-12 stock teryx frame or chassis laying around for an iteresting project. :eek: let me know, and how much. thanx
  15. TREE68

    What did UTV santa bring you?

    Rugged handheld radio. Axia whip mounts axia light bar mounts safeglow whips light bar. Rigid dome light. Garmin 62s gps. Rugged external antenna. And an IOU for the dvd "the rising".
  16. TREE68

    Radio help

    Any of you out there using a ham radio. Or just a dedicated radio from rugged or pci. Is there a lot of difference? I have a shot at a icom dual band in car unit. But its a dedicated ham radio. Any ideas? I actually want a handheld from rugged.
  17. TREE68

    cheap lo-jack for utv?

    anybody install one of these spot trackers yet? different than the normal spot device. maybe a good lo-jack style device incase your utv gets jacked? or rv. im sick of heraing my friends losing their toy haulers from a locked storage unit.
  18. TREE68


    82 days until KOH week begins. what are you doing this week to get ready for KOH? or are you going to the BAJA 1K? we are getting our fuel jugs this week. trailer hitch and brake controller was last week. each week going forward we will get alittle more ready for KOH. and good luck to all...
  19. TREE68

    hi lift jack

    were looking to get a 2014 or even the 2013 teryx 4 soon. is this correct? stock cage is 1.5 inches OD, and after market cage from SDR or LTI would be 1.75 inches OD? the reason i ask is we already have all our gear from last rig. hi lift, AO cooler, air compressor, LED whip, gear bags and...
  20. TREE68

    lucas oil glen helen

    anybody going to the lucas oil glen helen race july 27-28? we will be the ones tailgating with ice cold pacificos and bbq near main gate. see you there. look for the utv-underground flag. :cool:
  21. TREE68

    teryx tilt steering

    anybody out there have tilt steering on their teryx? i fit good in the teryx, but enter and exit would be easier. i know a company makes them for the rhinos. i wonder if they make one for the teryx?
  22. TREE68

    3 Questions

    its getting close to utv playtime for me. :) 1. what size led whip you guys running? i ordered a 4 foot, for on top of cage. white, at KOH we used a bright white one on the ranger and it worked great as a light when hanging out on the trail during night rides. 2. what jack are you...
  23. TREE68

    rv-t4 help

    anybody out there know what 19-21 foot toy hauler has room for a teryx 4 seater? my first choice would be a 27 or 31 foot four winds fun mover toterhome. but wife shot down that idea. :mad: so a toy hauler my half ton z71 can handle is next choice. just trying to see what people have tried...
  24. TREE68


    sunday a buddy of mine was gonna send his 91 toyota sr5 4x4 to the junkyard. so i had a shot at it for 200. tags are behind from 2008, wont start, rear brakes locked up. flat tires, cracked windshield, needs clutch. i was gonna turn it into a prerunner. but then i stopped and thought hey...
  25. TREE68

    utv field gear

    i know we talked about this before. and i have most of my gear ready for our slash x halloween ride ready. but whats a good set up for tool sets in a utv on the go. i have an electric impact. whats the good sizes of sockets to bring? with our dirtbikes i would bring 8mm, 10mm, 12mm at least...
  26. TREE68


    2 1/2 more weeks. whos going? and what are you looking for? besides beer and the ladies, we are seeking a UTV jack, and an air source. maybe baja air jack and a powertank.

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