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    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    Wheels look great!!! Just might have to get a set for the new Race Maverick.
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    Neck Brace

    What neck brace do you guys use? I need to decide what kind to buy.
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    Unlimited class.

    Where is the next race if speed world is closed? Couldn’t find a thing on the web site.
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    Unlimited class.

    Yep...its me trying to get a new short course UTV together. what have you been up to?
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    Unlimited class.

    Doesn’t anyone race the unlimited class anymore? It looks like California didn’t have a unlimited class and there was only five UTV’s in Arizona.
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    Maverick at Primm WORCS 2 video

    I would like to know why (how) a couple of RZR’s pulled away from the Can Am. Don’t the Can Am's have 101 hp. Im assuming the RZR’s are built but still :confused:
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    SR1 suggested rules are up!

    You can all have fun in that so called Spec class. It’s only a Spec class if the cars are totally the same. i.e. same weight same dimensions same everything. I have been helping a friend build a street bike UTV for an Unlimited class. And It sounds like the majority off...
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    Snowflake 2009

    It was good to see so many UTV,s racing. We spent the better part of three weeks rebuilding this car. I would like to thank Mike Ziraldo for all the help, with out his help it would have never got done. We started off running really good the car was handling great and we caught quite a few cars...
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    Snowflake 2009

    Car is almost ready. Have a little waterproofing to do and it’s off to the races. Good luck to everyone.
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    Snowflake 2009

    Its good to see your finally going to come race with us again. See you at snowflake.
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    **Updated** TI V2R LIVE!

    Re: Tracking International V2R LIVE! you and me both
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    To bad that press release doesn’t mention UTV’s
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    Snowflake 2009

    I am in the process of redoing most of the frame. After the blue water race in page I found several broke tubes and lots of stress cracks. A year and a half of racing took its toll. Im weighting for kibble white to get off there ass and make valves for my new head and the motor will go back...
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    Snowflake 2009

    The new and improved RZR will be there. I have to redeem myself from last year.
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    When you are sitting still it is harder to turn. Once you start moving it gets easy I use a 2:1….They cost 110.00 on ebay Quick Steer Box 2-1 Ratio Steering Quickener IMCA UMP:eBay Motors (item 170351848611 end time Jul-31-09 05:16:53 PDT)
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    my PolaSaki bumper design choices

    I need some things cut where you locate?
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    rzr chop top

    That’s a wolf in sheep clothing. You know putting kawi parts on a RZR is sacrilege…lol Looks good. When are you racing next?
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    BITD Bluewater GP Parker AZ

    Despite our bad luck we still had a good time. The car is completely getting overhauled. All the suspension mounting points are getting redone tube are getting replaced…..Im taking these few free weeks to change up a few things before its back to racing. We went so long without any...
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    BITD Bluewater GP Parker AZ

    great photos ....thx
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    BITD Bluewater GP Parker AZ

    Here are a few random photos
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    BITD Bluewater GP Parker AZ

    We were running a strong second behind the pink Terex until lap four when a couple of tubes in front end broke and made the car almost imposable to steer. All in all we hade a great time cant weight tell the next one. Congrats to Justin for finally finishing a race and to everyone who finished.
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    $10,000.00 TO WIN????????

    Snowflake isn’t until September 5th. Whiplash doesn’t have any races that weekend. Grinder stone is having round three in phoenix that weekend. Im not sure about any other races going on.
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    $10,000.00 TO WIN????????

    A hundred UTV’s? That’s a lot to show up in one place. I don’t think Saboba had that many utv’s. But Im game, you can count me in.
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    Firebird/Monster truck national Photos

    I found a couple on the DGP web site
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    Firebird/Monster truck national Photos

    Anyone have any good photos of the race at firebird?
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    BITD Live Video of TT250(Primm)

    The dust was brutal. Add the early morning sun in your eyes and no wind and you have the makings of a bad day. We hit a huge rock about mile 9 or so and thought we made it with no damage. About mile marker 13 we were doing about 60 with no dust and hit a small rock and all hell broke lose. Broke...
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    Need help for Terrible's 250 April 17-19

    We will be running the TT. We arrive on Thursday night. If you need help pitting we will have a complete setup in both pits its no problem to pit another UTV. Just PM me and we can iron out the details. Hopefully we won’t have any problems and can just bypass the pits as well. Ray
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    Full throttle, KMS Race RZR

    Full custom chasis KMS built motor KMS intake Mafia Industries +6 Long travel Radflow shocks Loony Tuned Exhaust BS Sand race seats Gear One steering rack Gear One steering housing Gorilla axles OMF bead locks Hot Rid billet hubs 2008 Whiplash Baja Pro class Champion...
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    Grindingstone MX UTV GP series

    Way cool track!! this is at Grinderstone
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    Soboba GP

    Count me in. Ill put the RZR in short course trim and be ready to go.

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