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    30" tires need clutching for 900?

    hey Adam.. bought a clutch from you for my old Rotax rhino. I would say that I do a little bit of every kind of riding so I need something that will perform all around! the only thing I don't do that is mentioned above is drive non aggressive! need it to work well in the sand when I put the...
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    30" tires need clutching for 900?

    as the title says.. I'm putting some 30" mongrels on my 900 and want to know what I need to do to make it work well.. I put the Rzr570 front fenders so I have eliminated the rubbing issue but what will I have to do for Clutch? just heavy duty spirings? or will it require a whole new secondary to...
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    What's next?

    Sequntial transmissions..!!
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    Polaris New Air Cleaner For RZR 900

    question and don't get mad.. but why wouldn't someone just buy the UMP filter for $500?? same concept and less than half the cost? after all.. they have been doing this for years?
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    lighted switches.

    thats what Im talking about!! thanks,
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    lighted switches.

    I was on some website a while ago and they had every lighted switch you could think of.. cannot remeber the site for the life of me!.. I need one for my GPS, one for lighted whip and one for communication.. lead me Underground!
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    Mini Raptor Trophy Truck--RZR

    Badd.. how bout for a SR1..
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    All UTV's XP1k turning brake, how does it work?

    It is in the front end! so it works a bit different.. have to be on the gas vs. off.. seems to work pretty awesone tho!
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    NEW 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 & Full Model Year Lineup

    Re: New RZR 2014 Truly impressive!!
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    Pictures open behind threads

    only happens to me on my macbook.. but it does happen!
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    Short Course tire opinions

    Maxxis Cerros seems to be the popular choice..
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    Crazy wreck video

    holy shizzz
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    Clutch Setup for the RZR with mods??

    2012 RZR4 900 with ump filter, fuel programer, dual exhaust.. feels like it wants more but not grabbing at high RPM, sputters at 55-60mph! even took it to the Dyno in Hermosa beach! whats the suggestions???? primarily driven in the sand...
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    Who Does Artist Rendering's

    sorry new computer! here a couple..
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    Who Does Artist Rendering's

    here is some of Morgans stuff
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    Who Does Artist Rendering's

    i know a guy! he's in the Costa Mesa area and he is really freakin good!
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    XP 900 crash Glamis New Years

    not working..
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    what did Santa bring for you?

    thanks for the quick reply.. didnt mean to put you on blast! haha.. just got off the phone with Sean at Berts and he said when my unit shipped you were out of antennas.. he called while I was on the phone and it should be here tomorrow!! stoked.. have a good new years.. I know I will!!
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    what did Santa bring for you?

    a Full Rugged 4 place Intercom/ Race radio package for the new RZR4.. Stoked! didnt get an antenna tho?? did Rugged forget about that? hope not!
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    Deposit taken..!!
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    3,5oo?? come on someone wants this I know it! MAKE AN OFFER!! I have had a couple people ask for me to PM with info and have not heard back from anyone!! motor is coming out of the car this week! make an offer.. you might be suprised!
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    I hope I replied to everyones PM's it might be easier to just call me direct! Im available anytime.. my number is 626-347-6725 THIS IS A SMOKIN DEAL and if you think its not then call me and we can make it one!!!
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    PM sent! take in mind if he does not want everything (which it might now all fit (exhaust)) we can work a deal! not trying to get rich.. just want to have enough to get a kick start on the R1!
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    thanks for the bump Jr. haha OHH by the way this motor is in my Rhino if I was unclear in the original post! my badddd..
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    I have Desert Dogs motor mounts, Drivelines, differentials, axles.. everything! I will let it go cheap!!
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    I just bought an XP4 for the family so Im giong to be swaping the Rotax with an R1 so I can have a legitimate race car!! anyone have interest in buying my Rotax package?? I will make a somkin deal!
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    new Delrin for a XP4

    where do I find new bushings for my ride?? found em on another site for way too much money.. who's got the deal??
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    My XP build

    Like he said OMG!! that thing is sick!!
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    WORCS #6 Central, UT June 15-16

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    need to know lengths of rear axles

    does anyone know the length of the rear axles for an 06 Rhino with an HCR long travel kit?? Im running Gorilla Joints not sure if that makes a difference but I'm sure it does as they plunge on the axles vs. plunging in the CV joints.. thanks,
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    XP 4 ball joints!! cant find em anywhere..

    I am in dire need of some ball joints for an XP4.. can't find them anywhere.. everyone we have called says they are backordered! does anyone have a couple they can spare?? trying to get the car back together for Baja 500 pre-running! HELP thanks,
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    Huge RZR XP jump vid in Glamis

    HOLY CRAP!! haha
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    rzr xp4 shocks

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    Want to build a sr1 but

    oddly enough I got stuck on that hill right where my exhaust was!! haha good spot for me to break! I wont be at speedworld.. Im on vacation with the family that week but I will be at the next round at race town for sure! see ya there..
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    Want to build a sr1 but

    guess I didnt rear the post ablove mine.. Turbo!
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    Want to build a sr1 but

    Rotax motor.. yea i lined up right next to you.. looked like you were the only one to finish! my exhaust fell off first.. then I broke driverside rear axle and was trying to limp it in and then I broke pass rear axle and got stuck on a hill.. ohh well! I think I need smaller tires! what was...
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    Want to build a sr1 but

    They have an unlimited class.. there were only three of us at Havasu tho..
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    BJ Baldwin GETTIN IT at San Felipe Finish Line

    I'll take it as you've never been to a Mexico race...
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    All UTV's Just talked to the Boss....

    Jaime.. get car to car!! man up.. that way I wont leave you in the dunes.. haha
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    milestone mx ride tuesday feb. 7

    i'd like to go give a shake down before WORCS next weekend.. have to run it by the "Fun Police" (wife).. ill let you know!
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    Elka shock valving and spring rates in phx

    super old thread.. does anyone know someone that knows how to work on Elka's near Upland? are they any different than other shocks? thx,
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    Video of riding in Bullhead City, AZ

    super sick trails.. have a place in Fort Mohave and would love to find that canyon from my place!
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    love the logos on the headrests!
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    2012 Soboba GP - The MOVIE by Pro Armor &

    Awesome.. stoked I got 2 seconds of fame! hahaha
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    Anyone remember the guy who put NOS in his bike

    No way someone is that stuuuuuupid! hahahaa LOL
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    Official WORCS RD# 2 Primm, NV - Info Thread

    didnt see a date..
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    you need a updated pic of the "murdered out" Teryx..

    you need a updated pic of the "murdered out" Teryx..
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    27.5" PIT BULL Rocker Radials available Feb. 1

    no sneak peak pics???
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    2012 SOBOBA GP Official Website & Entry form link.

    maybe Glen Helen local stuff.. been having axle problems! so I have changed some stuff and am hoping for the best!

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