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  1. mikef

    XP 1000 - 2 seats or 4?

    I have decided to buy an XP 1000. Now I have to decide between 2 seats or 4. 99% of the time I won't use the rear seats. But I have heard the 4 seater is a far better ride. I like that if its true. I ride desert and mountain trails. Places like Ocotillo. I am a little worried about the length...
  2. mikef

    My New Shop

    I finally got the new shop finished.... Now I have a place to work on my Rhino, Golf Carts and my Harley..... Its not a gargae.... No storage and no cars parked inside.... It is just a shop to work on the toys..... I bought the Diamond Plate from a guy over on Rhinoforums...... I really...
  3. mikef

    Benchmark/HRT - OEM Parts

    I just wanted to let you guys know that Chris over at Benchmark/HRT can get OEM parts for your Rhino. I needed a wheel hub and my local dealer quoted me $105.00 and he said it would be about 3 weeks. Chris had a new wheel hub to my door in 2 days and with shipping it was around $65.00. Faster...
  4. mikef


    This is how I feel sometimes.... LOL. A Little boy wanted $100.00 very badly and prayed for weeks, but nothing happened . Then He decided to write God a letter requesting the $100.00. When The postal authorities received the letter to God , USA , They decided to send...
  5. mikef

    NSFW - Lesson Learned - 4 Hours in the ER - With Pics

    Never hold a part in your hand while you drill it.... I held a small part in my hand today (I Know... DUMB) and drilled a hole. Part locked up and spun with the drill bit...... next thing I know I am looking at the tip of my finger laying on the ground. Talk about pain. Luckily my wife was...
  6. mikef

    Rear Wheel Wobble

    I need a 2nd opinion.... I am sure once I tear it apart I will figure it out but it is on my mind... I jacked up the rear end and the drivers side rear wheel has a bad wobble. I removed the tire and the axle nut is tight as hell. The silver hub (not sure what to call it) that the tire...
  7. mikef

    Yamaha Have you broke and axle on your LT Kit?

    Please be honest here guys... I dont want to know whose kit is best or any pissing matches. Just facts. I just want to get an idea of who is having problems and who is not having problems..... I would also like to know what axles that you have with your kit. I am only interested in feedback on...
  8. mikef

    Happy B Day PapaV

    Happy Birthday Roger.....
  9. mikef

    Happy Birthday RuggedRadios

    Happy 22nd Birthday Matt.... I hope you have a great day.
  10. mikef

    General Maintenance Tech Articles

    This is a little old.... but IMO for a newbie they are the best instructions out there.... How to change your oil, Front Diff Fluid, Rear Final Drive Fluid and how to clean your air filter.... Along with the best instructions on how to change your sheave...
  11. mikef

    Ride Spots and Info....

    Here are a couple of good sites with good ride spots and information on them...
  12. mikef

    Soboba GP - Head Count

    Lets get a head count going for the Soboba Race.... I read the Soboba thread and after sorting thru lots of post I still wasnt sure who was going or not.... Lets start 2 list. One for racers and one for spectators..... From this site only. I just want to know who to look out for..... Just...
  13. mikef

    I am out of here....

    You guys behave yourselves and dont have too much fun without me... I am leaving in the morning for a Harley ride to Las Vegas. I wont be back until Wednesday. Then on Thursday I am leaving to Ocotillo for the weekend... I will be back late Sunday and home for a few days and then I am off...
  14. mikef

    Forum Size

    I have a question for you guys..... Does the forum screen fit onto your computer screen or do you have to scrowl left and right to see the entire screen?
  15. mikef - SOLD???

    Have I been out of the loop or what? I think I just read that Brian B sold RF.NET..... Is it true? Anybody know the story?

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