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    dumont dunes thankgiving

    see you guys out there
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    Off to H-Town....

    excellent choice in shops, not only is Dale a great fab guy but pretty cool to too, I choose Dale as well to help build my 912 rotax rhino. He fabbed all my cage work and bumper.
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    congrats Cory it was pretty cool seeing you smokem out there on the track. And thanks for taking the time to take a picture with my son with your car at the end of the race, the wife and I appriciate the hospitality.
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    so can you pay to get in?? i havent been to sema in forever my wife use to get me passes along with the AVN dealio.. cool wife huh? I would love to go and check stuff out..
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    Glamis vid from 10/23

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    the writing has been on the wall with this company for years, they have had the same picture of the same utv since what 05? and it's never been out, no one has ever seen it. we all have called bs on this scam artist for years but we were all called a-holes for it.
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    Commander 1000 0-73Mph, 21 seconds

    and these things are detuned stock wait for the filter pipe cdi ect...
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    Got some Goodies! New MUZZYS and New Digital Dash!

    i got a hook up on that dash too, put in my pops rhino.. they are bad ass..and work great
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    All UTV's RYR - Who's building one?

    rog's race built is 67 and thats a full race motor? these 912 are gonna be monsters. thats 75-80 to the wheels not the crank
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    Welcome ZTFab AKA Zero Tolerance Fabrication

    move to vegas please !! lol
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    Yamaha What axles with Rotax swap?

    that is exactly what i run with my rotax. i have heard good things about the 300m good luck
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    Yamaha What axles with Rotax swap?

    i run LSR's axels and they have held up great despit the major abuse i have put them through. and cant beat the lifetime warranty.
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    Sand Sport Super Show Live and in HD

    sick video cant wait to see the SSSS show live!!!!!
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    Oh yeah I understand no doubt that's a deal I can go 450 but that's it I am strapped at the...

    Oh yeah I understand no doubt that's a deal I can go 450 but that's it I am strapped at the moment and need new tires for my everyday wheels and rims for my sand tires how's that bagger you picked up?
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    Turbo Rotax Rhino on the Rubicon

    friggen drop the hammer already wussy, you have long travel you could went thru half that stuff at 50:D
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    thats got to be a sick jump to hit in person it looks crazy on vid. sack up boys....:D
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    Kawasaki NEW Pro Armor Front Bumper

    think it looks good, i don't understand how guys are running those kawi's with no front bumper.
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    hello from pahrump and ocorr

    can't wait to check out the track..
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    are those mopars old plastics?
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    Yamaha powder or paint

    you guys don't like the doors matt? we really like ours, i know there are some better ones out there but we got a killer price on them.
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    probably already old but i just hears it, what is the difference between obama and simba 1. is a african lion and the other is a lying african.:D
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    NSFW - Lesson Learned - 4 Hours in the ER - With Pics

    dude now you can only perform the 3/4 shocker, might have to get a prostethic.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    looks good Joey you might want to consider putting a winch or two on it hahahahahh
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    sick ,sick, sick!!! tin work is off the hook shoot some video of this thing this weekend mang.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    this thing gonna be ready for next weekend like you planned JD?
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    Mafia Live -Iphone

    nope your the only nerd!!:p actually jess just got an i phone and was looking at that, how do you send her an invite.?
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    keLLi's here!!! =)

    she got a new job with no computer access so she said she has not had alot of time.;)
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    Help Wanted!

    thanks bob for your hard work, now get back to work. lol
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    Continued “Ecstasy†in the “Wilderness†Camp

    weak!!! maybe if obama worked on the budget and fixing the econmy, as fast and hard as the amount of land he has closed, we wouldn't be in the troubles were currently facing.:rolleyes:
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    Other RUESCH Panther 1000

    engine looks powerful, but there was an owner last month or so said he bought one and all the welds FAILED in the middle of a easy ride.
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    New Rhino Radio/Intercom Mounting Plate

    can you off set the intercom to make room for my water temp gauge and switches? ninja gotta have switches:D
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    Pics from my weekend (Balls out 250)

    using all that travel you payed in that last pic for Nice!!!!;) were you co-pilot or crew.
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    budget minded intercoms

    ya thats what Brian M just told me so sorry for the rant on the price. I should have read your post better before getting pissy. sorry.
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    budget minded intercoms

    ah your gonna love it turbo, i just put the intercom only in mine to start, now i want a radio, IMO put the intercom on the dash somewhere you can reach it when driving, you'll have to fine tune the vox once in a while, i put mine in the glove box, i will prob move it to the dash, so i can reach...
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    budget minded intercoms

    sweet turbo you'll love it i just did my intercom, and love it. now i want to add a radio to the mix..
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    budget minded intercoms

    ya it does piss people off, and if your gonna make a joke outta of it it's really gonna piss people off, i just dropped a dime on my system for 399 from you, and your gonna sit here and tease kyle over an even lower price. i was a little pissed when you came out with the last offer with the...
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    Sharpie chickks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i might be able to over look that last ones make-up lol
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    Happy B-Day ChasethisToo

    happy birthday trav, i am sending you a shirt lol.
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    SLash Trophy Truck

    those are the same platform as the buggy right? WTF do they charge $400 more for the truck over the buggy. you can pick up the buggy for 8bones.
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    #16 Code Rahders Race Rhino

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    #16 Code Rahders Race Rhino

    Right on Code $20 good luck!!! keep up your grades or i want my 20 back lol..
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    Fish tanks

    dam to bad i am in vegas, i have a small tank set up for my son with chilchids.
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    All UTV's check out these pics

    that rex is haulin butt
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    Yamaha Oil check made easier!!!

    ya i have to give mine up for the rotax worth it i guess.;)
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    I-pod touch, I-phone APPS

    yet another freakin reason i need an i phone does it ever stop!!!!:D
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    Yamaha Oil check made easier!!!

    old news bro all good tho, but i had one for a year and they work great well worth the $$ imo
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    All UTV's check out these pics

    no doubt get some doors that mofo gonna fall out lol. looks like some fun rides thanks for the pics.
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    happy Birthday..:D

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