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    Fuel cell for RZR

    Im looking for a fuel cell that will be legal to use for most of the AZ short coarse races. It would be nice if I could somehow retain the factory fuel pump and sending unit. And help is greatly appreciated
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    how to tell when the front diff cage is broken?

    Seems like somthing is wrong with the front diff. I burried the RZR this weekend at the dunes and only the rear tires sunk in. It was in 4wd. The front axels feel loose to the diff. Is there anyway to tell if the shitty plastic cage is broken yet? Thanks
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    Seat base for RZR

    Anyone know where I can get a lowered seat base for the RZR? I looked around but the guy I found wont reply to my email so I guess he probly doesnt make them anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    RZR cage build

    I started on my cage this weekend and by sunday afternoon this is what we had. The entire cage is made from 4130 chromoly. I will be also building some doors and adding a sheet metal roof. Let me know what you guys think. We will be at Ogilby road for thanksgiving so if you see me rollin...
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    RZR-S factory shocks

    So I have had the RZR-s for the past year and one problem Im having is the rear of the car is really soft. I hit some pretty tall woops at a good amount of speed and the rear skid plate hits the ground. Now I know Its probly because I weight 270 but im not planning on loosing any weight soon...
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    FNG from Surprise AZ

    Whats up everyone, My name is Andy. Im from Surprise, AZ. Ive been into cars for a long while. I currently am building a toyota mini truck on Airbags thats body dropped bla bla bla. The reason Im here is because I bought an RZR-s about a year ago and this thing is a blast. We have recently been...

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