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    Who has the sickest lifted truck in the underground???

    i like to have different toys. it's 4 wheel drive and scoots decent.
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    SxS Round 7 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio

    how does the guy in the funco car see? cool pics too
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    Pala Raceway Pics / Magnum Shock Testing

    alright thanks man. get some rc2s dialed for a teryx, i'll be shopping soon.
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    Pala Raceway Pics / Magnum Shock Testing

    are those the fully adjustable fox rc2's? if so are they good?
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    Yamaha Rhino 660 Rear Brake

    i wanna know how the oversized set-up works also so let us know. also how much work was it to install it? take off drive shafts?
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    Cheekmotorsports RZR

    nice rzr and sikk launch in this pic :cool:
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    Yamaha 686 clutch set-up

    where can you get 11g weights? on the epi site it goes from 12 then to 10. thanks again for the help guys
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    Yamaha 686 clutch set-up

    does anyone know how much the 450 weights are in grams? if i used 450 and 660 weights would i go every other one? thanks a lot guys!
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    Yamaha 686 clutch set-up

    i am running 11:1 686, head work, duals, etc etc... i like the motor but it feels like a manual in to high of needs to get higher rpms. i think i read orange spring and 12g weights are good for a you guys think thatd help me? thanks
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    Yamaha So what do you think is the best???

    whatevers on super sale at walmart or gas stations.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    you get the teryx suspension dialed dano?
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    Yamaha post ur choped and droped pics

    ha ya i kno him and hes a good guy...but im not scared :p
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    Mid West Racing Association

    long travel rhino if theres cash for me to win and make the drive idk what class...a money class tho.
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    Yamaha post ur choped and droped pics

    i bet this guy is a big douche :D i heard a newb with a 686 took this guys rotax to school and back at ocotillo...from where the dirty midwest? :eek: WERD
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    nice. midwest mafia! :cool:
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    Mid West Racing Association

    i might go and clean up...any purse?
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    Yamaha How do you like my new rhino

    nice set up...u went straight to the big leagues! :D i have a kms header and dr.d slip on to sell. new price for header = 250 new price for dr.d = 325 mines used but in good condition taking up space in the workshop and ill sell both for 300. pm me if interested.
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    Yamaha LongTravel KITS

    who cares. im gonna ditch the l/t and go back to stock. why? because anyone can drive a l/t rhino hard...only a real G can drive a stock travel to its limits. :D
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    The Rules!

    sounds good. keep it clean fools

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