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  1. Rynomx785

    Polaris XP 1000 Tranny Fluid

    Just curious what everyone is using? I would like to use something that is readily available as the closest Polaris dealer to me a hour and forty five minutes round trip and I have heard bad things about AGL from a few reputable people. I have heard ATF and gear oil and ton of different opinions...
  2. Rynomx785

    32" Tires

    With the rules allowing 32" tires or the 2016 season I am curious to see what the racers thoughts are on running tires that large? Is everybody planning on moving to them this season? If so, what are your thoughts on the extra stress on the belt and the rest of the drivetrain? Seems like belts...
  3. Rynomx785

    LT Kit?

    Does your guys' XP 1000 LT kit work with stock length shocks? What kind of travel number is is capable of and how much does it extend the wheel base?
  4. Rynomx785

    Can't see any of the classifieds???

    Anybody know why? Do I need to have a certain post count or be a paying member? Thanks in advance. Ryan
  5. Rynomx785

    Polaris Helix Angles?

    I'm getting ready to order a Team non EBS helix for my 15 XP 4 1000. There are 3 angle options available. A 56, 58, and a 60. What exactly changes with a steeper helix angle? Also what is the stock angle?

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