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    Wells, NV UTV Jamboree for 2015

    I plan to very soon. I'm chomping at the bit to get back on another side by side!
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    Wells, NV UTV Jamboree for 2015

    I'm trying to decide if i'll be on a Viking or another T-4 by then.:confused:
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    Wells, NV UTV Jamboree for 2015

    I'll certainly be there!!:D
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    Will you have a 28x10-14 . Looks like a tire I would like to try
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    Kawasaki Teryx4 Seats by BEARD - UTVUnderground Project Build

    Is this bench seat available to the public now? I will be in need of one soon and am having a hard time finding a Teryx4 bench seat that is available. Any idea on what the price is? I would need one to color match the stock front seats for now.
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    2012 MOAB ROTR Video by PRO ARMOR

    Awesome video! :D
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    Official 2012 Rally On The Rocks LIVE Coverage and Photos

    I'll be looking forward to some pics and video. Pretty bummed out that I can't make it this year, it definitely is one of the best events of the year.
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    UTVUnderground/Hostyle Racing FREE Backpack GIVEAWAY!!!

    So, now how do we go about ordering one?
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    Proof that the teryx4 is better than the rzr4.

    Saw this on YouTube. It pretty much sums it up, Teryx4 beats the rzr4. Getting a Teryx 4 ?? - YouTube
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    Whats next for factory Sport SXS Development

    So what your saying is, Honda will be releasing something in the next couple of months :confused:
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    Whats next for factory Sport SXS Development

    Sportier versions with factory long travel. Polaris and AC already accomplished this now we need the rest to follow suit. Anyone see dirt wheels magazine? Theres a pretty sweet looking Prototype Rhino 1000 build by Yamaha in it.:D
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    Teryx4 v.s. RZR's Review & Video

    Great write up. I'm waiting for some nice weather so I can get some more miles on mine.
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    Southwestern Idaho

    Cool pics, I grew up in southern Idaho (Mountain Home). Rode dirt bikes alot around the Brueno desert area. Now that I have Side by Sides I've been thinking I need to make a trip up there and play in my old stomping grounds.
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    Custom Sound System for my Teryx4

    Its looking really good!
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Longer version Teryx4 playing in the snow - YouTube
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    Planet Side X side

    Just dont go selling the site Joey. We cant afford to lose this one. :D
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Teryx4 in the snow - YouTube
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Sweet cage, some day I would like to get an after market cage but for now i'm saving up so I can get my ecu reflashed. :D
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    Drag Raced a RZR 800 with my Teryx4 today

    I never drag raced my buddy in his rzr4 but when we switched back and forth between the two, i was thinking the rzr4 felt a little quicker. Now im anxious to go riding again and drag race him.
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    God damn, this arm pump is killing me!
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    30" Pit Bull tire poll

    I would be in the market for some 30x10. 12s if they were available.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Mine are the stock bighorn 2.0. 26x11 rear and 26x9 front. I'm planning on 27" OG bighorns next also.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Got my roof today.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    New wheels. Itp SS 108
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    Teryx4 vs Rzr4

    I now have just over 100 miles on my Teryx4 and have loved every minute of it. I have been having a blast riding it and it certainly meets or exceeds all my expectations. Yesterday I went riding with a buddy who has a rzr4. We never really had an opportunity to drag race due to the trails we...
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Should get my roof soon, and ordered a set of itp SS 108 wheels today.
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    Kawasaki 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTVUnderground BUILD & Long Term Review

    Are they going tohave this rear bench seat available to the public as a bolt in replacement, cause I too am in need of a bench seat to fit 3 kids.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    I was able to get out today for a 50 mile ride on the new T4. My dad was on his 09 teryx and my 5 year old daughter and I were in the new T4. What a blast this thing is to drive, very comfortable great power, the clutch is very smooth and works awesome. This is my first time riding with power...
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    I hope so. Kinda sad you don't have a choice for a Kawasaki green T4.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Great experience. I will do business again for sure.:D
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Very nice, I like it.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Made the trip to Boise today and picked up my new toy. Ill be going riding tomorrow to test it out.
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    Kawasaki Lovin our new Kawasaki Teryx 4

    Cool video, looks like a nice riding area. I pick up my blue eps tomorrow, cant wait to go test it out.
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    Kawasaki 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTVUnderground BUILD & Long Term Review

    Subscribed. Want to see this thing with 30in km2s
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    I bought a blue eps model yesterday. I have to go Boise on Tuesday to pick it up, I can't wait to take it for a ride.:D
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Just got an OTD price on a blue eps model of $13776 from Carl's cycle in Boise Idaho using the Costco membership program. That's definitely the route I'm going, now if I could just get a couple days off to go pick it up.
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    2012 Rally On The Rocks - The Ultimate UTV/SXS Family Adventure in Moab is BACK!

    I'll be going back for sure. What a great rally!!!
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Im gonna start calling around tomorrow and see if i can find an EPS model, i dont want to wait a couple more weeks.
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    I went down to my local dealer today to pick up the blue eps model, and they sold it earlier in the day. I've been waiting for my new house to close before i made a large purchase and waited to long i guess. Now i need to wait till they get another one hopefully in a couple weeks or start...
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    Kawasaki Teryx4 RockCrawler build...

    Love the rock Crawler builds. I will also have a T4 in Moab this year!
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    Kawasaki Wild Earps Teryx4

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    Utv's in a music video.

    Saw a clip of this on fuel TV tonight. Not a fan of the music but kinda cool to see utv's in a music video. Snoop Dogg feat. Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars - Young, Wild & Free (Official Uncensored Video) - YouTube
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Did the ecu reflash make much difference? Any more top speed?
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    It was a very nice ride compared to my rhino. I cant wait till I actually get to take one out on a long ride.:D
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Went and test drove a blue EPS model today. I really liked it, very smooth take off with the new clutch, the suspension had a real nice ride and power felt pretty good. I have to close on a new house at the end of the month plus my foot should be healed by then also. Hopefully I'll have one in...
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    Teryx 4 picture thread!!!!!

    Just wanted to start a thread for everyone to post a pic of your teryx 4, and list the mods you have done to it. Unfortunately I have not received mine yet, but I would like to start seeing some as people are getting them. Curious to see what mods everyone will do first to improve on an already...
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    2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 Product Review & Test **UTVUnderground Exclusive**

    Did any of the units have any issues or did they run flawless at brimstone? Watching all the YouTube videos, it looks pretty impressive in that tight woods riding.

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