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    What did you race before you raced a UTV?

    I am curious about where you guys got your start in off roading. Did you race a bike, quad, car, truck, or anything before you raced UTV? Or was UTV where you got your racing start?
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    Class 9 vs UTV challenge (no excuses Joey)

    Taken From RDC... <article> With all the talk about UTV's race speeds after V2R and were they should start I have come up with a sponsor for Rage at the River in Laughlin this year to help shine some light on...
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    The "GOLF KART" stereotype...

    So joeyD himself is doing all he can to reinforce the golf kart stereotype. (Sigh)
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    This is what happens when you try 2 STEAL THE SDHQ TRAILER!!!

    I was halfway home from from the Baja 250 just outside of Yuma when the text came in... Some background for those who don't know me, I drive a freight liner and tow a big ol' enclosed "vendor" trailer for Super Duty Headquarters" (SDHQ). We drag this beast around to all the stateside off road...

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