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    and here comes another one...

    That was Funny, wasn't it !!!
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    Yamaha Rhino Owners?

    Sound like all You need is a tank of gas and a day off !!!
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    PS. there is nothing wrong with grease less. I did for a long time, but I love the action of a greased sheave.
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    To each their own, but I don't mind getting my hands dirty for performance. And Yes, I run grease in mine. I do average 100 miles a weekend, so that means I service mine every 5 weeks. Maintenance on the Rhino is good therapy for rainy days.......
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    Yamaha Found out what a bad sheave looks like..

    I like to do mine every 500 miles, but I like stuff to preform at 100 %
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    Yamaha Rhino Owners?

    Be sure and check front and rear diffs - level - cleanness of fluid. Milky look is water. Diffs are very expensive. I would also recommend servicing primary and secondary clutch sheaves every 500 miles if You ride a lot of dust.
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    Thank you Underground Members....

    I think a lot of it is Your members. And You've got some awesome ones !!!!!!!!!
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    Bumpers rhino project

    Wow. nice and shinny !!!
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    Couple of top speed vids

    HAHA Addictive !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    New guy

    Hey Colten !!!!!!! Glad Your here !
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    New guy

    Your "the man" ! There is no way I would split the cases. HAHA Get it fixed so we can meet up at Mena.
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    Couple of top speed vids

    Thanks Kenny ! By the way......Thats a bad a** pic for Your avatar !!!! Lovin it
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    Couple of top speed vids

    Holy S***T !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And You hit it Quick !
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    That was a steal, Bruce !
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    Yamaha Cuttin Out?

    Mine done that when it was idling too low .
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    Hey ONE ! Yea , been looking at doors for LONG time. Man they are proud of them !
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    And another.

    Welcome to the Underground !
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    Hey Y'all from Ky

    Welcome Tommy !!!!!!!!!!
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    Yamaha Yamaha Rhino wins San Felipe 250

    SWEET !!!!!!!!!!! Bet Nate is PUMPED !
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    New pic AS SOON AS DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pumped to see seats and doors !
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    Yamaha Do you have a JBS Sheave?

    YES, BANANA ! 660 guy is listening !! BANANA
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    Yamaha Do you have a JBS Sheave?

    Hey John, Welcome aboard.
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    another new member

    Hello Roger ! welcome aboard
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    Couple of top speed vids

    Ok Same everything just with a clean air filter. You can here it bouncing off the rev limiter at 54. I could let it run faster with a different CDI, But hardly ever run over 40 mph...Too many trees in the way on the trails. HAHA The awesome thing that the JBS sheave does for my machine is...
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    New Rhino owner from WV

    Hump ???? HAHA Welcome !
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    yet another rf defector

    Hey Kyle ! Glad You here !
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    Bumpers rhino project

    Man Garret, Your getting serious with those mods ! Looking good !
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    saying hi from sonoma ca

    Good to see Ya Adam ! Sweet truck !!!!!!!!!!
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    And another new guy here

    Hey Mike good to see Ya ............Again ! Welcome to the Underground !
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    Yamaha Do you have a JBS Sheave?

    Got one ! Best mod You can do on a Rhino ! Gave me more low end and about 8 mph more top speed ! Response of the cvt is amazing. WV Hotrod has fixed me up with a lot of other parts. James sure does bring a lot to the sport !!!!!!!!!
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    New guy

    Hey Southark ! Good to see Ya over here ! Did You get reverse fixed ?
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    Yet, another RF defector...

    Welcome to the party Tiger !
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    XP4 FAIL

    What a save !!
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    Denounced my RF citizenship!

    Welcome to the "other side" Underground Style !!!!!!!!
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    I'm new

    Hey DJ ! Glad You came over
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    Yet another new guy!

    Hey Josh ! Glad You here !
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    The Rhino & Me Finally Made Here

    HAHA !!!!!! Kenny G ! Our comic relief is here !!!!!! Good to see Ya Bud.
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    jumped ship too

    Welcome to the "other side " Nick ! These guys have been super friendly !
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    New guy from Louisiana

    Hey Tom ! Glad Your here Bud !
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    and here comes another one...

    Hey Ken ! Glad you made it !!!!!!!!!
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    And another RF defector …

    Hey Scott ! Glad you are here !!!!!!!!!!!
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    another new guy

    RED !!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad You here Buddy !
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    My first off road machine. Not many mods, but was fun all day! My current machine. Not much, but is fun all day !
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    New again?!?

    Bruce There are some razr seats for sell int classified adds on here.
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    Hello from Arkansas

    hello Clay ! Good to see Ya ! Again !
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    Couple of top speed vids

    Thanks Jim ! Normally I can bounce off the rev limiter at 54, but only hit 53 this time. Found my air filter was BAD dirty. Will try to do another vid this weekend with clean filter.
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    Quadog is Here

    Oh yea, He is hear Seen Your postssssss on RF !! HAHAHA Hope they got the message
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    Quadog is Here

    Quadog is in the house !!!!!!!
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    WTB Secondary guide pins /O rings

    Jbs has them !!!!!!!!!!
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    And another newbie

    Glad You made it Carl. Wanted to tell ya where we were going, but didnt get it in time.

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