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  1. spangs

    My Final Story | Joey D. // UTVUnderground

    Congrats Joey. Thanks for starting this Forum that has helped me out with the UTV world for the past 10 years. Looking forward to seeing what all you are doing next.
  2. spangs

    Who has the scoop on the new new for the up coming desert/dune riding season

    I would think any new Polaris that is coming out would have the Turbo S body style but in the 64 inch model. new motor not sure. Now what Polaris is really coming out with is a twin turbo with 56 lbs of boost. All ranger models will have 4 wheel steer and a 10,000 lb towing capacity.
  3. spangs

    IXCR SXS round 5

    Following a 10 week break for the IXCR sxs season we were back in Indiana for a great day of racing. We started off on row 1 with the 10th spot of the top ten pro racers. When the Flag dropped we were off into a wall of dust. Luckily this was the only time dust was an issue. Heading into the...
  4. spangs

    Seeking V2R Chase Volunteers

    I will send you some messages on FB messenger.
  5. spangs

    Seeking V2R Chase Volunteers

    Are you guys planning on doing any other races this year for BITD?
  6. spangs

    IXRC round 4

    Mud, mud and more mud. Round four of the IXCR - Cross Country Racing We got some more of this good clean fun action. This is was by far one of the funnest Tracks that we have ran on this year. Due to the condition it took longer than normal to get the quads off the track but that meant more...
  7. spangs

    Polaris "Ole Girl" Beyond The Dirt

    Now that's cool and a lot of ridding miles. Good job Polaris.
  8. spangs

    IXCR Round 3 The Lumber Jack

    IXCR Round 3 The Lumber Jack. Leading up to race week temps were in the 70's or higher drying out the dirt and making conditions just about right. Mother nature had other plans Down poor the night before and during the AM quad races turned the whole place in to a mud pit from the time you got...
  9. spangs


    Was ready to see the RS1 in action on that. Will have to see what else will take place now.
  10. spangs

    UTV Racing in the Midwest

    start of round 1 IXCR.
  11. spangs

    UTV Racing in the Midwest

    Around 45+ total for IXCR and MWXC about 20 in the pro class and 10 to 15 in the other classes.
  12. spangs

    IXCR round one at the Badlands offroad park

    First year running it. If you want to do some co driving this year I am always looking for people to go with me. If you are on facebook you can check out my racing page and message me on there and set it up.
  13. spangs

    UTV Racing in the Midwest

    I am running IXCR this year and some of the Midwest sxs series races when able too. Midwest SXS is a new series that started last year. they have more of a Facebook presents. not sure about website yet but know one is in the works. GNCC would be the biggest...
  14. spangs

    IXCR round one at the Badlands offroad park

    First round of IXCR didn't go how I would of liked it. Started second Row in the Pro class Lost power steering as I was trying to make a turn and slammed into a tree. The 2:1 quickner and a nice rut to fallow makes for a very hard wheel to turn. End of Lap one coming up the mulch pile hill there...
  15. spangs

    Midwest racing.

    Who all is ready for the Midwest racing series to start up for 2018. First race for me this year is the Indiana Cross Country Racing series March 3rd at the Badlands in Attica IN.
  16. spangs

    Beyond The Dirt - Mitch Guthrie Jr.

    Think with more and more people tuning in to watch Vlogs and more content like that now will be great to see. I know just you small average racer like myself we are doing more and more video and it gets better results in interactions than just a photo or in cab video.
  17. spangs

    RZR 170 motor to 250CC??

    anyone know what is being done to the RZR170 to get it to 250cc. Motor swap or a big bore kit?
  18. spangs

    Beyond The Dirt - Mitch Guthrie Jr.

    Great video think it would add to an already great media content you guys put out Joey. Get people to know the drivers more out side of the Photos and race videos you guys post.
  19. spangs

    Get Ready....

    I plan on taking it for a spin when my dealer gets one in.
  20. spangs

    Get Ready....

    GNCC would have this in the Ace class single seat. You have to have a co driver in all SXS classes. WORKS and other series that do not require a co driver it should do really good. Already have a couple guys crying about someone showing up in one for the local series as you don't need a co driver.
  21. spangs

    My new to me, 55 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

    you can park that over at my place so you can spend some time on the RZR.. Nice looking car Joey.
  22. spangs

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    Ok. I found them.
  23. spangs

    Did everyone move on.

    Joey you guys differently keep the new content coming in and most up to date. Just wish Members would post more again on what they are doing. I'm getting ready to redo the cage and some other stuff on my RZR as I move up with what series I am running out here in the mid-west and trying to get...
  24. spangs

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    What is the entry fee for stock sports man class and any other fees for the series.
  25. spangs

    Did everyone move on.

    I try and find everyones race page and fallow them. Will be cool to see all the video's and photos from the race.
  26. spangs

    Did everyone move on.

    I check back a couple times a week. Joey puts out all there content and some vendors but seams very low member post now.
  27. spangs

    Did everyone move on.

    What happened to all the build threads you guys normally post. Did everyone move on to Facebook and Instagram. been dead in here outside of the UTV Underground wright ups.
  28. spangs

    What short course race series

    Are you looking for something like TORC or smaller series.
  29. spangs

    Round 5 Mid-West sxs series

    16 SXS lined up for the 5th and final round of the Mid-west SXS series at Hillbilly Ranch, Jerseyville IL. Sitting in 4th place over all and only 4 points separating myself and 3rd overall for the series I was looking for a good showing. The track was about 3 miles in length with a nice infield...
  30. spangs

    New to forum....

  31. spangs

    Hello from SDTom

    Welcome to the forum.
  32. spangs

    racing on Ice tire set up.

    I am looking at racing the Iceman 500 this winter in Wisconson Has anyone ever raced there SXS on ICE and can recommend a tire and stud setup. will have to see if my Alaskan Driving skills will pay off.
  33. spangs

    Axles wrapped

    Ok, thanks for the info. Never seen it before so was wondering.
  34. spangs

    Axles wrapped

    Saw a video on some desert utv's and they were Wrapping the Axles with Electrical tape what does this do? just keep debris off of them more hold shattered pieces together to not tear up more on the SXS?
  35. spangs

    Spangs Heartland Challenge race report

    Dang, I didn't know the Teryx won the class. We had an 800 RZR run in our group and they broke a rear hub.
  36. spangs

    Spangs Heartland Challenge race report

    Heartland Challenge race report. This was my first Heartland Challenge behind the wheel of my Polaris RZR Turbo. We ran in the Open class with some of the best drivers in cross country woods racing. From the dead engine start We took off and was in 5th place into the woods. After a few laps and...
  37. spangs

    Heartland Challenge Aug 18th

    Anyone heading to the Heartland Challenge in Carlisle Iowa on the 18th? I will be running it in myPolaris RZR Turbo. We have 5 SXS going and running in the 800, 1000 and open classes.
  38. spangs

    Midwest SXS Series round 2

    Midwest Sxs Series round 2 at south fork in Taylorsville IL. Took home 3rd place in the open pro class on Saturday. Army veteran Douglas Ziegler was able to come out and join me for the day. Took him on the hot lap and around the park some to see how capable the Polaris RZR was. Due to injures...
  39. spangs

    MIdwest SXS series round 1

    This past weekend I was finally able to get back behind the wheel and do some racing after several years on the side lines doing other things. A group here in Illinois is working on a new series "Midwest SXS series" Round one was this past weekend on March 25th. Lots of rain the night before...
  40. spangs

    KOH Pick the winner.

    I pick Erick miller and Anthony Yount as they are east coast/ midwest guys starting at 8 am is like having a 10 am start for them so sleep is on their side. Would be nice to see Crowley on the box. Sims seems determined for this year race to get top spot he is fast in the desert with his other...
  41. spangs

    Co driving warriors.

    Thanks just got done talking with him. He had some good insight on it. thanks
  42. spangs

    Co driving warriors.

    I have Been working with our local dealership Action power sports of Illinois and they are donating some safety gear for my race team to take out fellow wounded veterans/veterans as co drivers for the 2017 race season. Looking at taking small groups 3-5 to come out and help/Co Drive at our races...
  43. spangs

    From Alaska.

    Welcome. What area do you live. I grew up in Wasilla now live out of state we go up about once a year to see the family.
  44. spangs

    TORC series anyone ?

    This should be a great series for us. hopefully I can get mine up to race spec before the last race for the mod class. If not will be there next year.
  45. spangs

    TORC series anyone ?

    I don't think I Would get my turbo done in time for anything this year. but would like to get to one of the races. help someone in the pit or just go.
  46. spangs

    TORC series anyone ?

    what series is this and where can I find the rules.
  47. spangs

    XP1K3: Sound & Fury - Behind the crashes...

    grate video as always.

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