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    Big Shot out to Rugged Radios!!!

    Well I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to the Guys at Rugged Radios for the FAAAAST professional service. I recently had some issues with my Intercomm in my Teryx, so I called up Rugged explained my issue and was a week out from the big presidents day weekend at the Dunes. They said no...
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    Gymkata 0.2 Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
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    Pro Armor 3" Harness Review

    I was pleasantly surprised this evening to the doorbell ringing, Mr. UPS man had a box Labeled Pro Armor, Which I was expecting. The Conversation I had with Fred Brayton of Pro Armor at the Sand Sport Super Show turned into “Hey Checkout these new Harnesses we have” and the review bell rang...
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    Second Annual Builder Suspension Show & Shine

    Hi all we are getting ready for our Second Annual Builder Suspension Show & Shine October 21-23(22nd Main Event) at Superstition riding area a little different this year. we are inviting all makes and models of sideXsides and asking participating vendors to bring out anything they like for...
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    May Day Ride

    YouTube - May Day Ride 2011
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    Kawasaki CBR Radiator Review

    Not too long ago I was having issues with my 2009 Teryx running on the HOT side. I mostly ride in the desert or at the sand dunes, so heat is a real concern. I have seen a lot of people running the PWR radiator in their cars and heard a lot of good things about them. But, as most of you know...
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    Dorking around Yuma

    YouTube - Yuma Ride 2011 Video
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    EHS Racing Teryx Airbox Mod

    Not to long ago I got this EHS Airbox pre filter mod, I have changed my exhaust and knew I needed an open air box for the added air needed. I have seen alot of people running with just the air box cover off and did not like the huge amounts of dirt and sand that accumulates in the box itself...
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    Black Rhino Teryx Pod Review

    Black Rhinos newest item for the Teryx. a 3 Gauge steering column pod with openings for one 3 3/4 gauge and two 2 1/4 gauges. It is a molded plastic piece that when installed looks absolutely "STOCK." The top 2 holes are anchored with the hood screws and the lower 2 side holes can be affixed...
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    XMF Workout

    YouTube - Kawasaki Teryx
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    LTI Long Travel Workout

    SCMO777 giving his Car a workout:D YouTube - LTI Whoops
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    Kawasaki XMF Rear Shock Towers

    Got my Car back from XMF with the new bed delete and rear shock towers. The bed delete make the car respond soooo much better wish I would have done one sooner!!!
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    Glamis with Scmo777

    we had a blast today at Glamis!!! YouTube - Scmo777 YouTube - Glamis 2011
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    Playing with Movie maker:D YouTube - XMF Whoops
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    Dunaway Ride Report

    Well who is to say that good intentions aren't sometime STOMPED:mad: Scmo777 Set up a ride for a large group of the forum members to meet up at 10:00 am at the Dunaway exit of interstate 8 West of plaster city. We had a great turnout From Teryx's to Quads, all eager to hit the trails. We headed...
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    Teryx Longtravel shout out

    Hey guys, TF's is having a Long Travel Shootout on the weekend of 22nd thru the 24th at the Superstition riding area should be fun. Chad First Annual Builder Suspension Show & Shine! - Kawasaki Teryx Forum

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