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    Another New Guy From Rhino Forums- Bricemcpheeters (old handle)

    I am surprised as well. For me it wasn't loyalty to james (which I do have, he is awesome), it wasnt the censorship, it was the fact that UTV inc was so CLEARLY wrong and provoking it and they screwed james.... thats just stupid. Not to mention ya'll bailed and the collaborative group were the...
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    another new guy

    I'd love to know what the member increase was over here in the past 24 hours.
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    supporting vender

    I was just on there looking at the recent posts and I am still laughing. PROPS to you sir.
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    supporting vender

    I just looked over at RF. Guy has a HW CDI issue, not 1 response since his post last night LOL
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    Welcome from UTVUnderground

    X2 thanks Joey!
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    supporting vender

    Hey guys! Good to see yall over here. My name was bricemcpheeters on the old site. 1st- whoever wrote the Ian can represent you comment .... that chit is funny 2nd- I stayed out of it all but the last week was soooo out of line by the inc and James stayed out of it and got banned...
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    Another New Guy From Rhino Forums- Bricemcpheeters (old handle)

    Hey Everyone! Just came over from Rhinoforums. Happy to see some old faces and happy to meet some new ones!

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