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  1. CrawlerJamie

    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    Who has seen these seats? And who wants them? I'm trying to find some info on these. They look rad. I would like to hear someone pipe in about how they feel. If anyone has sat in them or taken a drive with them.
  2. CrawlerJamie

    Polaris DIY XP1000 Steering wheel puller

    Here's how to remove the steering wheel nut in your xp1000. Grab a couple of non stretch limiting straps, wrap around your CageWRX cage and steering wheel. Orient them so it won't bend your wheel. Connect them with a strong bow shackle. Grab yourself a nice bar and it'll come right off...
  3. CrawlerJamie

    All UTV's What helmet?

    I need a helmet for use in the RZR. Right now I have a dirt bike style helmet and I find it I'm often getting hit in the nose and mouth with stuff when I'm behind someone. There's so many helmets out there I have absolutely no idea what to look for. What are some suggestions? Looking for...
  4. CrawlerJamie

    Walker Evans Walker Link

    Is anyone using the new Walker Link? I'm interested in what it offers. I like he idea. But I want to know t if is a well functioning part. I don't want the vehicle to lean in the corners. But I would like it to soften up some of the high speed washboard in the rear, and to have a little...
  5. CrawlerJamie

    Polaris 2016 XP1

    2016 XP 1000, Matte Titanium Pre color change Cagewrx Super Shorty Cage Cagewrx Roof Cagewrx Front Bumper 30" Tensor Regulators Walker Evans Walker Links Dragonfire 4 point 3" harnesses Holz Racing trailing arm guards Holz radius rods Rear Light Bar 36" Chase Light Bar Grant...

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