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  1. drew schultz 320

    Polaris General Race Build

    To Quote Billy Madison "Well, I made the duck blue because I'd never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one" Basically, I've wanted to build a General ever since they were released. I knew they would never be the fastest, but who cares? It is unique and different. After moving back...
  2. drew schultz 320

    WORCS RD 1 on board footage from #320 car

    pieced some of the footage together from my car's go pro after the first round of WORCS. ENJOY!!
  3. drew schultz 320

    Yamaha Rhino 660 Motor, Who's got one!!

    I blew a small hole in the side of my Rhino motor and its looking like a new motor would be the way to go. If not I plan or rebuilding it. But I would much rather buy a complete one and just throw it in and go back to having fun!! if anyone has one laying around they want to sell or knows of...
  4. drew schultz 320

    New SLEDNECKS teaser!!!

    Check it out. The latest installment in the Slednecks series will be shipping on August 12th. Watch the Teaser here (
  5. drew schultz 320

    Classic Co-Dawg style
  6. drew schultz 320

    Co-Driving the BITD 1911 Bush Racing, Polaris RZR

    This year I received the opportunity to co drive with Brian Bush in his BITD campaign and I am ecstatic!! Here is the press release Brian posted on the Bush Racing Page Please meet my co-pilot Drew Schultz! Over the weekend we got to spend some time getting (re)acquainted with, and...
  7. drew schultz 320

    Updating to S belt question

    SO I have a 2008 RZR 800 and i recently upgraded to a RZR S belt. I spaced out the secondary as instructed. I went our for a rip this past weekend and blew the belt. It was a EPI severe Duty belt so they are replacing it under warranty which I thought was awesome! but when I took the clutch...
  8. drew schultz 320

    Bent Drive shaft? How?

    So this is the second Drive Shaft I have bent in the years of owning my RZR. I have never broke a axle or bent the frame but I have bent 2 of these things. Seems strange to me because I have never heard of anyone else bending them. But that could be because the people that do bend them just...
  9. drew schultz 320

    Teryx Friends, I need some help

    Hello, I have a buddy who just bought a brand new Teryx (hold over) and loved the thing!! Unfortunately he ran out of talent one night in a big way. Ended up smacking a tree and bending the heck out of the frame. He only had liability on the unit so now it looks as if he will be making...
  10. drew schultz 320

    Whats wrong with this thing.

    So my buddy is trying to sell his desert car that be built from scratch. He wants to get a RZR 4 of some kind to haul the wife and kid with him. He has gotten zero interest in this thing. Not one phone call. We got to talking and had a few ideas as to why. I just want to know what you guys...
  11. drew schultz 320

    Idle goes up when I engage AWD

    I have noticed the last few times driving my RZR that when I switch on the AWD my engine revs up about 1000 to 1500 RPMs. Is this normal or is something wrong. Wanted to know before I started chasing electrical problems.
  12. drew schultz 320

    Questions about WORCS in Primm

    I am going to be racing in Primm NV for my first WORCS race!!! I sure am pumped. I just had a couple questions for you seasoned veterans. First off where do I park? Where do I park my trailer and Utv. Will there be security in the back parking lot and is it safe? During the race is...
  13. drew schultz 320

    Check this thing out!

    This is my buddies car he designed and built. Super fun and hauls the mail!!
  14. drew schultz 320

    Cheap ITPs

    Looking for a set of 4 25x8x12 Bajacross tires. Anyone know where the cheapest price is for these?
  15. drew schultz 320

    Online store question

    Is their a way to get the Mint 400 DVD when ordering on the UTVUnderground store. I need a few things and I really want to get my hands on that DVD
  16. drew schultz 320

    My Buddy got a Rhino... Now what.

    So my buddy works for a guy who had a beat down shop Rhino. It is a 2005 660 Limited edition haha. So far he has put a filter on it and it came with an exhaust. Question is now what. I have a 2008 RZR 800 and mine pulls away from this thing like no ones business. I have watched a few rhino...
  17. drew schultz 320

    Is Polaris Grease anything special?

    Looking to pick up a new grease gun and wanted to purchase the Polaris gun and grease tubes till I saw the price!! Whats in that stuff? Do I need that or can I just go to home depot and buy a normal gun with waterproof grease?
  18. drew schultz 320

    RZR Bed delete

    Does anyone make a kit to delete the bed of the RZR. I have a extra set of rear fenders and want to take the bed off and store it for later when I want to sell it. Something bolt on for sure. I have a 2008 RZR 800
  19. drew schultz 320

    Need stock RZR S axles

    Who's got them laying around and does not need them anymore!! let me know!!
  20. drew schultz 320

    Finally!!! Converting my RZR to a S model

    I have been debating what to do for quite some time now. Wanted to do long travel then I wanted to sell it then I didn't haha. I have finally decided to keep it for a while but am sick of blowing the stock 50" shocks. So I am going to put a S kit on it and run it!! Pretty pumped to actually...
  21. drew schultz 320

    Rear Diff Build Question

    So I purchased a HPD Heavy duty rear diff for my 2008 RZR 800 and had a few questions. Should I just put new bearings in it while I have it apart and where is the best place to get them. Should I get the rear diff lined up again since Im not using the stock cases. I have the shim stacks...
  22. drew schultz 320

    Rear Diff. Time to bite the bullet

    Well I have to buy a new rear diff. I was playing with the idea of just picking up a used one and swapping it out but come to later find out that a used one that could break again is more than the beefier housings from HPD. So I think I am going to have to buy one of those. unless anyone has any...
  23. drew schultz 320

    so..... now what

    Well I have been fighting with my rear diff in my 08 RZR for about 6 months now. It works just fine it just leaks oil. I kept chasing leaks, replacing seals, and even tightening the case bolts because a few fell out. Finally I just bit the bullet and pulled the rear diff out of the car and went...
  24. drew schultz 320

    What is this for?

    I was tearing my RZR down for other reasons the other day and saw this. This is located just below the shaft that the secondary clutch sits on. What purpose does this serve besides spewing oil everywhere. It is below the breather hose. and I know I did not overfill the fluid...
  25. drew schultz 320

    Anyone have spare Parts for a 50" RZR

    Well here I am again asking for you to all go and dig through your parts bins and old parts for me. First off let me tell you what happened because that is the most interesting part anyways. My friend stole my RZR and stuffed it into a stump... That's it, that is the story. What I would...
  26. drew schultz 320

    Big Thanks to, Bikeman Performance, and Tim!!

    I just wanted to say thank you to Nick at UTV INC, Mike at Bikeman Performance and Tim for helping me get my RZR Back up and running as fast as possible. I was out riding a few months ago and tapped a rock on bottom out. The impact was so gentle I did not even slow down. I did not notice a...
  27. drew schultz 320

    I need a new crank

    Does anyone have one? I have a 2008 RZR 800.
  28. drew schultz 320


    Does anyone know the best way to get to Hammertown from Arizona? Is there signs or anything. I'm new to this whole event so any info will help.
  29. drew schultz 320

    Whats made in the USA?

    I am in the market for some new rims and tires for my RZR. I am looking to get into the local short course and W.O.R.C.S. Also a big thing I want to keep in mind is whats made here in the USA? I wanna keep it local and keep my money in the states. Anybody have any ideas as to where this...
  30. drew schultz 320

    sway bars

    What is everyones opinion on sway bars? I just snapped the front one on my RZR and am wondering if it is worth replacing. I plan on upgrading to LT soon so I just wanted to know if everyone ran front and rear or just rear or none?
  31. drew schultz 320

    RZR trip to Crown King

    Here is a video of what I did this past weekend. After loosing my job it has been hard to find happiness in life but this sure brought me back up a peg!!! I love the fact that my RZR can make me happy when nothing else seems too!!!! YouTube - Rock crawling to crown king
  32. drew schultz 320

    RZR rip at my house up in Flagstaff.

    This is a little ride from my house to the local bar after a fresh snow fall. Pretty fun just sliding around!! YouTube - RZR Rip in Flagstaff
  33. drew schultz 320

    4130 sticker!!!

    These stickers are hilarious!!! I wanna thank Evan from 4130 for hooking me up with a bunch of sweet stickers. Joey I need some new stickers for my RZR mine didnt stick!!! Will you have them at LOORRS? I also need to get more t shirts!!
  34. drew schultz 320

    Mudding up in Flagstaff

    With record rain fall here in Flagstaff I went to some of my riding areas around my house to discover that they were underwater. I decided to have some buddies over for some Arizona mud fun YouTube - Muddin in AZ
  35. drew schultz 320

    Fires has Cinders Closed down

    If you are Planning a trip to the Cinders next weekend you might want to check on the fires. Another forest fire started up here in flagstaff and so far has burned 5000 acres. It is not close to being contained yet and a majority of the smoke is going over the cinders. 89A which is the major...
  36. drew schultz 320

    Its Alive...Again

    Here is a little video of my RZR finally coming to life after being broken for so so long YouTube - DRUS 2008 POLARIS RZR WITH MODS UTV CRAP
  37. drew schultz 320

    Broken gear case...again

    Hey Guys I broke the gear case on my rzr again. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on where the best place to get get new parts for it or just a whole new gear case? anything helps.

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