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    Polaris XP 1000 quick ratio steering rack

    Does anyone know if there is a quick ratio 1:1 steering rack (1 full turn lock to lock) for an xp1000 available? I don't have the space on my build for a quickener on the steering shaft. Thanks!
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    All UTV's Motocross tracks that allow UTV's

    Do you guys know of any MX tracks that allow utv's for practice/testing in California/Arizona/Nevada/Utah? I know Milestone and Glen Helen said they do a few days a week on their website. Anywhere else?
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    2015 WORCS just around the corner...

    Ok guys, with the WORCS season starting here in about two weeks, who's all coming out? I raced a few to get my feet wet last year, got totally hooked and am committing to the whole season. I'm racing the Production 1000 class with my #939 Wildcat that Joey ran an article on...
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    All UTV's Tensor Tire - Anyone tried these?

    I found these new tires at the last worcs race, they look like they'd work pretty well! Like Mongrels but with a little more of a flat contact patch. I'm curious if any of you guys have tried them? I'm about due for some new rubber for next worcs season...
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    Any racers out of Las Vegas?

    Hey, as the title says.... I'm wondering if there are any guys who race somewhat competitively. I live in Vegas, head out riding almost every Saturday, but most of the guys I know here are just into casual trail riding. I'd love to get together with some of you who want to bomb around, rather...
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    UTV Insurance

    Who have you guys gone through for insurance? What type of coverage do you get? I just purchased a new wildcat and my provider quoted me $600/yr!! I thought that was a little high, especially being that my rzr was only $120/yr. They said that the wildcat has a higher theft rate, so that's why...
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    Hand Control Race RZR for sale

    - 2009 Polaris RZR S - XMF +8" Long Travel kit with 2.0" Walker Evans Shocks (shocks are set up the same as RJ Andersons 2009 LOORRS car) - Custom full 4130 chromoly race cage (drivers side door opens for ease of entrance/exit) - 5 point racing harnesses - Beard passenger seat Custom...
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    First race back!!!

    Well guys, I'm racing my first race since I got hurt riding motocross back in 2004. I'm racing SBS 850 (class 2, whatever they call it) at the Primm WORCS race this weekend. #587, the old mx number. Here is a story of how I got hurt, my build, etc., lots of work to get to this point...
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    First race back!!!

    Well guys, this weekend I'm racing again for the first time since I got hurt riding motocross back in 2004. I'll be out racing the Primm WORCS race, SBS 850 (class 2, whatever they call it) #587, the old mx number. For a link to my story of what happened, my built, etc., click this...
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    Need window nets FAST

    Who has good turn around time and great customer service for window nets? I'll get my cardboard cutouts cut and ready to ship early this week. PRP, Mastercraft, anyone else??? I'm in Vegas if that helps...
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    WORCS Primm 2012

    Does anyone have the dates and info for the WORCS Primm race? I checked on the "ATV" site and it said Feb 10-12, I'm pretty sure that is wrong because it showed the motorcycle schedule when I clicked the link. Anyone have any info to clarify this?
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    All UTV's Rzr motor/clutching help

    I need some help with my rzr motor. I'm not sure whether its a motor or a clutching problem. I'm running a hydraulic power steering system in my rzr (I have hand controls all set up and need the lighter steering, we finally got it dialed in right). I'm running a pulley off the crankshaft to...
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    All UTV's power steering

    Has anyone tried a Charlynn power steering on their utv? We're setting one up on ours, the unisteer isnt strong enough and we are having problems with the servo and ram set up. Just curious how this is going to work... hopefully we'll get it dialed in once and for all
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    All UTV's rzr s suspension issues

    So I've finally got my steering issues close to figured out and was able to finally take out my rzr the last two days to have some real fun. We took it out to Jean/Primm right outside of Las Vegas and did a lot of driving on the course they race on. There are quite a few sections of pretty big...
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    RZR S build and hello

    So I've been looking at this site quite a bit lately and figured it was about time to say something. First off, JoeyD, awesome job with the site, by far the best UTV site out there. Well, there's a long story behind my RZR S, do here it goes. First off, I'll give some background of myself...
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    rzr s exhaust

    Does anyone have any experience with aftermarket exhausts for the RZR S? Would an after market exhaust make as big a difference on the "S" model as it does on the standard one? I wasnt sure if the "S" model has an updated exhaust. Im looking for something with awesome power gains and a better...
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    Short course rzr

    Is there any reason why there are not many short course rzr builds? Is there a problem with the engine or suspension to make it a bad starting platform? I saw that Walker Evans rzr does pretty well but thats about it. I would think that there would be more being raced. I own an "s" and am just...

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