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    New RANGER RZR XP 4 900 Offers Razor Sharp Xtreme Performance for Four

    Not deep just did a little forum trolling to read about poorlaris WOW and I thought VW owners had wool covered eye's!!!
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    New RANGER RZR XP 4 900 Offers Razor Sharp Xtreme Performance for Four

    Plus have room to haul you'r arse arround the rest of the weekend because your XP has a bent frame and broken lower control arms!!!:D:D
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    Polaris XXXX XXXXX IS COMING 1/1/12......

    XP4 there was one rolling around at Glamis on turkey day weekend it was all black even the lights blacked out two guys riding in it black full face helmets And both dressed in black even the trailing!
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    VOTED!!!!! Kawasaki brought ugly back in style in 2010!!!:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    NICE I LOVE SLIMER GREEN!!!! Chad, Teryx looks saweeeet!!!:D:D
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    Rhino Racing

    Yea standing ground level and watching them fly two or three stories high Sixty to eighty feet was exciting and yes a $50 entry fee and a real cage And seat belts and away you go probably helped car count :D !!!!
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    Rhino Racing

    Anybody else missing the rhino...a SXS racing at Elsinore I've been lookin At some old videos with the hi-flying door banging tabletopping action Even got a glimpse of Badinfluence's green arctic Kitty at 395 raceway!!!:D
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    New to the site

    You didnt bring everybody didja:eek::eek:
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    Yamaha spindles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont see a place to vote for teryx spindles O' wait you have to have a teryx :D:D:D Im just sayin.:eek: Big Jim you got pics of the Cogs? Hey Taber did find any more damage?
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    :D:D HOT....O and UMM.....the rhinos are nice too
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    scorrs info

    Can everybody HUG now!!!!:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Here's a couple of Bad Inny and his lowrider!!!:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    YESTERYEAR ELSINORE Here a little nolstogia WHEN rhino racing had JUMPS!!!:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Heres a oldy from Bad Inny Articslow days....Hey Taber you remember this!!!:D:D:eek::eek:
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    EASY....If you need some color for your REX I know a guy!!!:D:D
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    I like the way they look also.....Lime Green of course!!!:D:D
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    HEEEEEY is this going off topic???:eek::eek: Nice Teryx Schannon!! GREEN gives you a couple Xtry HP!!!:D:D
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    Kawasaki's Race Teryx

    This REX Crawler is NICE!!!!:D:D
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    Kawasaki Teryx LT Compendium

    I thought I was this was a real question!!!:D:D
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    Kawasaki Teryx LT Compendium

    Is this the "California Radius" wheel travel measurement or is it true travel from full droop and full compression???:eek::eek::D:D
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    Kawasaki Teryx LT Compendium

    I LIKE GREEN!!!!:D:D:D
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    Kawasaki Teryx LT Compendium

    :DI still VOTE HRT:D:D They look tight with SLIME GREEN powder!!!!
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    Long travel for Teryx

    Hey Joey if you have more pics of Flyin Banana DOS...Get to postin Please!!!
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    Long travel for Teryx

    I vote HRT:D:eek::D:eek:!!!
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Joey the car is lookin SWEET!!!!!:):):)
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    2009 Pala Raceway / GP

    Thanx but I think the first ENDO shouldbe the owner/builder/operator!!!:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    See Joey I told you needed to get Badinny's kitchen pass done!!!!:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Hey Joey you need to try and get Badinny a kitchen pass so he can bring out this little hotrod!!!:eek::eek:
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    grc fab

    Nice car, very nice car!!!:D:D:D
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    Halloween - GLAMIS

    Caint wait!!!!:D:D:D:D
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    Halloween - GLAMIS

    I'll get my twice pipes :D shined up so I'll be ready :eek:
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    Kawasaki 2010 Kawasaki Teryx Info Released

    Holy shiiite that hood is FUGGLY!!! Hopefully the '09 hood can retro fit, Kawasaki NEEDS to fire there design people!!!!!:mad::mad:
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    El Centro Race

    Hey Taber I,ll bring my lug wrench:D:D
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    Yamaha need help wih mikuni 45

    WOW thats pretty far for a shake out:D:D Is there some secret testing facility that you and your son Articflicker 000 are testing at!! :eek::eek: But really your car is lookin bitchin!!!
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    Kawasaki My new Hrt Long travel. With makin trax shocks

    Nope just getting a couple xtra ponies from the color LIME GREEN = Horsepower:D:D:D:D:eek:
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    Kawasaki My new Hrt Long travel. With makin trax shocks

    Nice!!! I have the same kit less the shox:D
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    aluminum engine cover

    Nice cover looks like theirs even enough room for FAT GUY arms!!!:D
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    Downhillin in cool country looks like lots of fun!!!! :DHopefully soon for me!!!!
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    Yamaha badinfluence race rhino (update pix)

    Lookin good Taber:D I have one sugestion KEEP articflicker out of it it'll last longer!!!!:eek:
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    Dont miss the first TORC race on ESPN tomorrow

    I missed this one maybe have to go see it in person next weekend!!!:D
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    :D Rhino is lookin good!!!!
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    Lucas Oil Off Road UTV info posted!!

    I went by funcos pit it looked like they had a fuel pump problem and Dan Kelly had the rear cylinder tore a part. the new funco wagon burner was haulin the mail and Vanbeekums teryx was gettin it done also!!!
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    Lake Elsinore Off Road Series

    Houston........we have lift off!!!!:D:D:D
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Yester' Elsinore!!!!

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