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    A little sway bar tuning behind the shop.

    Tuning the sway bar on ol'"Spider Monkey".
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    With all the aluminum we put on these machines it can be a pain to keep it looking nice. You can do a couple things to keep your last polish job looking good. After washing, get the water dried or blown off the aluminum as soon as possible. Mix a spray bottle up of a 50/50 mix of water and...
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    Joey's rep power poll

    Joey, We need to work on your rep power. 5? really? Now come on. I realize you own the site and kind of out of character for you to give yourself rep points but, 5? You need to let the forum members vote for a true rep power for you. This poll will end on 04/02/2012. Everyone make sure you...
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    Kawasaki Teryx Rear trailing arm suspension **UTVUnderground Exclusive**

    I have the rear trailing arm suspension designed, built and installed on the 08' Teryx. Still some finish work to do on the frame C notches & enclosures. My shocks will be here this week and I will get them installed. Will have 20" of wheel travel, same as the front. here are a few pics.
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    PROJECT "SPIDER MONKEY" Well, I thought I was far enough along to post some pics and info on the 08' Teryx I have been building for a year now. It had 48 hrs. on it when it came apart. This is not a BITD built car or anything like that I built it close to their specs but some of it is not. I...
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    side by side sales take Polaris to record profits

    Off-roaders power Polaris results; shares hit new high Stocks Polaris Industries Inc PII.N $110.28 +19.10+20.95% 3:02pm CDT <SCRIPT type=text/javascript>var sTicker = 'HOG.N,PII.N';//var sTicker = 'HOG.N,PII.N';var baseChartUrl =...
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    Here's my truck

    Thought I would post pictures of my truck. It is an 89 Chevy Silverado, took me 4 years to build and have had a blast with it driving it around the country and showing it. I have been fortunate enough to have won many "Best Of Show" awards with it and it has been featured in Street Trucks, Sport...
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    my trailer build

    this is a standard 18" car hauler I bought new and changed it up to what I wanted in a trailer. 1. trailer after sand blasting 2. diamonding off the square front 3. adding 2 inches to the fenders 4.after some hammer & dolly work 5.rear steps fabbed & welded up
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    best tires for short course racing

    I was wondering what style of tread is best & mostly used by you guy's racing short track. My son & I raced karts on dirt for years & I know we had to have many different compounds & tread designs to be competitive. By looking at alot of your machines, it looks like you run more of an offroad...
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    short course utv header

    Joey, The new short course utv headers are cool as sh$t. besides, I think most people here are mainly into racing. I don't even go to any of the other sites now. If you are into utv racing, this is the place to be. Props again on the best utv site on the planet.:D
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    Kawasaki Teryx Chassis dimensions

    Hi guy's, My first post and it's great to be here where you guy's build and fabricate some great machines. I was wondering if anyone knows if the dimensions of a Teryx frame are floating around anywhere? I have the manual and parts list and it has the exploded view of the frame but no...

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