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  1. groundforce

    Dune action at Little Sahara

    We Got the whole family and our new machine out to Little Sahara State Park for Spring break. We had a blast and broke our new RZR XP4 in real good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. groundforce

    Lakeside riding at Lake Murray ATV Park

    Looking for something unique at an offroad park check out Lake Murray ATV Park. Located in Ardmore Oklahoma it is a fun state park with quite a bit of variety. What makes this place unique is all the access to the lake. Almost the entire park is surrounded by the lake. Get too hot just pull...
  3. groundforce

    VR Video - Ripping the X3

    I think this is one of my favorite shots I've captured with the Fusion so far. No Music. No Editing. Just a quick 360º VR video of us ripping the Maverick X3 around at Lake Murray ATV Park. NOTE: watch it with the YouTube app for the interactive experience.
  4. groundforce

    Pine Mountain Trails Oklahoma

    Starting to edit vids from our last trip to Pine Mountain Trails. Great park in South East Oklahoma with around 1700 acres of riding. Lots of nice hard packed and rocky trail. With A bit of water and mud. Got a bunch of footage to dig thru. I keep all the vids of this park in this same...
  5. groundforce

    360º Trail Riding at Barnwell Mountain.

    Got more 360º video from a trip to Barnwell Mountain up on the YouTube. Best viewed in the mobile YouTube app for full interactivity.
  6. groundforce

    First Time Offroading with the Kiddo

    Recently Got to take my kiddo on her first offroad adventure at Barnwell Mountain. And she loved it. Her excitement and reactions while riding were just awesome and I look forward to the many adventures ahead of us. Filmed her first ride with the GoPro Fusion. There is so much you can do with...
  7. groundforce

    Carnage in Colorado - Papa Pierce RZR 900 S Rollover

    Chase crew gets a little gnarly Day 3 Seat Time Adventures. Opened my eyes up though, Shit can go wrong on even the simplest of rides and I have got to be more diligent about wearing my helmet. (yeah I'm the one without). Glad Papa Pierce was wearing his.
  8. groundforce

    DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal Testing at Little Sahara State park

    Going into this years Seat Time Adventures trip we ended up purchasing the DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal. So on our way to Colorado we stopped at Little Sahara to play around in the sand a little and test it out before hand. All the footage at Little Sahara is shot on an iPhone 7 with the DJI gimbal...
  9. groundforce

    Seat Time Adventures Field Trip to Little Sahara

    Got to introduce a few of the Seat Time dirt bike guys to Little Sahara State Park a couple weeks ago. It was many of their first times to really ever ride in the dunes so it was definitely interesting riding the UTV around with them. We're finally getting to sort thru the footage and get it...
  10. groundforce

    The Chase - Seat Time Adventures 2.0 - Taylor Park Colorado

    Finally got around to making a little behind the scenes edit as we ran around in Taylor Park Colorado chasing some dirtbikes. Dont forget to check out the full Seat Time Adventures edit on the Seat Time Channel too.
  11. groundforce

    Breaking in the Maverick X3 at Red River ATV Park

    Took the maiden voyage of our new Can-Am Maverick X3 at Red River ATV Park. Pretty nice little park if your close enough for a day ride and like riding in the sand.
  12. groundforce

    Monahans Sandhills State Park for Offroad use - Petition

    Seems like were loosing offroad parks all too often now a days. Last November we lost yet another great park in west Texas, the Kermit Sandhills. The loss of this park has hit hard for many businesses in the area as it was one of the very few destinations around to legally ride. Now amidst the...
  13. groundforce

    360º Offroad - Texas Creek of Taylor Park Colorado

    Got MORE 360º Video!!! Out running chase/film crew for this years Seat Time Adventures. This trail is Texas Creek heading out of Taylor Park Colorado to meet the dirtbikes. Again pass along yalls thoughts. Click and drag to move the camera around. Or watch on a mobile device and move the...
  14. groundforce

    360º Video - Spring Creek Trail in Colorado

    Been diggin through some more 360º video and realized I never got this one posted up here from one of the trails on last years Seat Time Adventures trip in Colorado. I've got more 360º footage from this years trip, so I am really curious to what you guys think about this interactive video...
  15. groundforce

    Seat Time Adventures Chase Crew iPhone Edit

    Next Seat Time adventure is just around the corner so I was digging through last years footage and decided to throw together a edit made entirely from the chase crews iPhone footage. Here is last years full edit too If interested to see more from last years inaugural trip. More Dirt Bikes...
  16. groundforce

    Missing the Dunes - Little Sahara State Park

    Just needed some dune action so I decided to rework some old footage of our last trip to Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka, Oklahoma. It has been way to long since we have been out there.
  17. groundforce

    Rabbit Creek Offroad Park - Kilgore, TX

    I threw this edit together a while ago and wasn't really that thrilled with it so I never really uploaded it anywhere. Well I was convinced the other day to go ahead and just upload as is since it does show what the park conditions were like kinda in the offseason for the area(middle of...
  18. groundforce

    360º VR RZR Ride Along - Taylor Park, Colorado

    Got a chance to experiment with some new camera tech on the Seat Time Adventures trip to Colorado. There was a pretty good learning curve that I'm gonna do a full write up on my site, but i wanted to get some of the footage out as soon as possible to start getting feedback. I already know...
  19. groundforce

    Colorado Bound

    Taylor Park area to be more precise. Yall got any pointers for somebody coming from North TX for the 1st time it sure would be appreciated. The inaugural Seat Time Adventures is happening July 18-23. Whats Seat Time Adventures??? It's a group ride for our webshow fans/supporters. Whats...
  20. groundforce

    Gator Run Offroad Park - Video

    Gator Run was cruel to us for our first time out there, but man still had some awesome riding. We rode away from from this swamp of East Texas with a hole in the floorboard of my RZR and a broken tierod on the Commander.
  21. groundforce

    Woody and Steven's Arrive-N-Ride Adventure

    The Seat Time crew had a great opportunity to sample the KR4 Performance Arrive-N-Ride program. And what an adventure it was. Me and Brian(Woody) headed off to the GNCC Round 4 Race at Big Buck Farm with all our camera gear in tow. I got to ride copilot to Patrick McGuire in the XC1 Modified...
  22. groundforce

    VIDEO : Little Sahara Trip : 10.2012

    Some highlights form our trip a couple weeks ago to Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka, Oklahoma. Our groups got buggies, ATVs and its the first trip with the RZR S and Commander. RZR did really well except for one ride with overheating and coolant spewing from the overflow cap. Filmed with a...
  23. groundforce

    Texas NooB

    Been offroading with the family all my life with custom VW dune buggies. Living in north texas more and more parks close to home just stopped letting the big toys play. The riding got more and more less frequent and most our riding buddies jumped to ATVs. I just wasnt feelin it. With about...
  24. groundforce

    Video: Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area

    My 1st video attempt with our SxS. I'm gonna start filming and editing all our trips. And we're hoping to not hit the same place twice for a while. There are too many places relatively close to home we've never been riding due to not allowing Dune Buggys. This is our 1st trip to Barnwell...

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