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  1. megadesertdiesel

    9th annual SXS Light tour in Gilbert AZ, Saturday December 17th

    9th Annual UTV X-Mas Light Tour This is our 9th year, and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. Last year we had 92 SXS, lets go bigger this year! Join us for the AZ east valley UTV Christmas Light tour! Always a great time and the kids will have a blast! Bring the family and join...
  2. megadesertdiesel

    looking for a quick breakdown of all BITTD classes

    Looking for a quick breakdown of the BITD classes. I know i can try and decipher the rule book , but was hoping someone had a quick list of the classes and breakdown of engine size, travel, stockl frame..... so i could know what im looking at the MInt 400.
  3. megadesertdiesel

    Mint 400, our first time, got any freebies?

    I am finally able to go see the mint400 this year with my daughter (13) and we excited to see all the action up close on fremont. I have an uncle and cousin from Georgia flying in to watch also, they are stoked to see a desert race. Since the s/e is completly different than our desert. We...
  4. megadesertdiesel

    8th annual SxS Christmas light parade info

    This is our 8th year, and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. Join us for the an east valley UTV Christmas Light tour! Always a great time and the kids will have a blast! Bring the family and join in on some street legal holiday fun. Decorate your UTV, ATV or sandcar for the trip...
  5. megadesertdiesel

    HCR longtravel kit review Can Am Maverick XRS

    First off i was not paid to do this or given a discount. i will give honest info, unlike alot of other people i used my personal hard earned money to buy this kit and will pull no punches. i have an eaerly 2013 maverick XRS and beat the chit out of it since day 1. Went to dual rate springs...
  6. megadesertdiesel

    light truck tires, which ones work

    i picked up some ITP huerericane 15x7 wheels for my T4, now i need to decide on tires. I found cheapo Hercules MT's for $105 each and all the way up to BFG KM2's for $190. Being cheap i want to go with the $420 set but are the Mt's too agressive? i only use my T4 for the rocky desert and...
  7. megadesertdiesel

    Polaris 4 door truck $3670.
  8. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's need help, how to fix ovaled out frame holes

    how do you fix ovaled out holes in your frame. I had this issue with my old rzr800 and with my maverick i added the suspension plates from UTV Inc. Well 2000k miles later i have some sloppy pivot points on my rear suspension. I used longer shoulder bolts and kept them tight. I found a neat...
  9. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's two seat or four seat, which is better for Glamis?

    So its summer time and i need a summer project. Is a 4 seater smoother than a 2 seater in the Glamis dunes? I mostly ride by my self and drive my car hard so it wont be loaded up with poeple. My current 2 seat Maverick XRS has had shock work done and now i can hit the woops and not worry...
  10. megadesertdiesel

    Rhino Brand axles any good?

    The price seems decent. I broke one over MLK trip in Glamis. I have a heavy foot when landing
  11. megadesertdiesel

    Amazing video from X-Mas light tour 2014

    This was our 7th year and saturday had 50+ OHV's in the group. <iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a...
  12. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's My STM Rage 6 failed on me, dammit!

    420 miles and one year of use in Glamis . I blow the dust out after each trip to the dunes and tap off the sand on my intake screen a couple times each trip. I was duning and heard the clutch making a little more noise than normal so I limped it back to camp and pulled the cover to...
  13. megadesertdiesel

    2014, 7th annual x-mas light tour. Gilbert AZ

    This is our 7th year Join us for the an east valley UTV Christmas Light tour! Always a great time and the kids will have a blast! Bring the family and join in on some street legal holiday fun. Decorate your UTV, ATV or sandcar for the trip, as no light tour would be complete without it...
  14. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's checking cv joints what to look for

    i have replaced boots before and swapped in longer axles, but never really knew what to look for while had them apart. I need to pull mine apart and just check them out, i have 1400 dune miles on them. Do the stars always line up or are they opposite? should i always use new wire...
  15. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's where to buy door latches and hinges?

    i want to build a set of doors for my Maverick. Where is everyone buying the slam latches and hinges? I want to make them open like a normal door not like all of the suicide ones on the market. how about some links or leads.
  16. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's Arm/wrist restraints what do you use?

    After watching Mosslager's video of a friend rolling over in his sxs, just reminded me that I need to start wearing some restraints for my arms. We cant always remember to keep our hands on the wheel or in a violent rollover force our hands to stay on the steering wheel. What brand of...
  17. megadesertdiesel

    Can-Am A little PlastiDip project

    Well after talking to a few shops in AZ who said they would not guarentee a wrap, during install and after. I decided to try PlastiDip and see what happens. I only use my car in the sand and steer clear of trees while in Glamis i felt the rubber paint would hold up for me. I did some...
  18. megadesertdiesel

    Can-Am CanAm Maverick nekid

    spent a couple hours this evening wrenching in the garage and i ended up with a nekid Maverick.
  19. megadesertdiesel

    Can-Am canam maverick spin on oil filter adapter and oil cooler install pics

    well i found a great deal on CL for a Mr Rpm spin on oil filter adpter and decided to add the extra oil cooling capacity since the ports were there. First CanAm designers should be strung up and beaten for the placement of the stock oil filter. Its behind a small plate that fits flush on the...
  20. megadesertdiesel

    Can-Am its time to sell

    after 1580 miles in the dunes with my Maverick its time to let it go. I spent a year and over 12k fixing and upgrading the first year model. Now its perfect, bulletproof and a blast to drive. Check out my ad in the classified section
  21. megadesertdiesel

    Polaris employes are friggin nuts BBC News - Iowa man sacked for using forklift on vending machine A man in the US state of Iowa lost his job after using a forklift to dislodge a chocolate bar from a jammed vending machine, according to state records. Robert...
  22. megadesertdiesel

    light bar question

    i have always been saving for a Rigid lightbar but recently i seen a Totron lightbar in action and i really liked it. I even found a sweet deal on them which makes it even more tempting. I want to use 3 lightbars on my roof with an actuator, i want it setup to give me 180* of light or close...
  23. megadesertdiesel

    bit the bullet and bought the STM clutches

    after blowing up three $180 CanAm belts, and my secondary clutch bolt comming loose 2 seperate times i finally said screw it and ordered up a STM Rage 6 and STM secondary through //Airdam clutches. I spent some time on the phone with Adam explainning on how i drive and told him i wanted a...
  24. megadesertdiesel

    6th annual AZ east valley X-mas light tour

    6th annual AZ east valley X-mas light tour, pictures added from Dec 7th ride This is our 6th year Join us for the an east valley UTV Christmas Light tour! Always a great time and the kids will have a blast! Bring the family and join in on some street legal holiday fun. Decorate your UTV...
  25. megadesertdiesel

    Kawasaki my T4 Rugged 660 install

    i picked up a 660 intercom at the Sand show to add to a HX370 i had and finished the install last weekend. I picked up adapters to be able to run helmets and headsets. I also picked up a motorcycle kit to add to my daughters Raptor. With my 50 watt radio in the Maverick we all...
  26. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's XP1k turning brake, how does it work?

    so watching the XP1K video and seeing it drift sideways with a yank of the turning brake, i wanna do that too. Hows it work on a "locked" differential? can i do this on any UTV?
  27. megadesertdiesel

    sand tire beadlock recomendations?

    i am ordering skats and smoothies for my Maverick very soon and need some beadlocks to go with them. one option is to find a set of stock XRS beadlocks and mount up the tires. or go with Hiper sidewinders, $$$$ are they worth the money? lightweight? or go with OMF billet centers, i...
  28. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's pumper/race air, how to make it quiter?

    i just installed a race air fan to my Pyrotect helmet and its loud inside my helmet. Is there any way of making it quiter? insulating tubing, making it longer than 4', wear earplugs? would a top draft input on a helmet be quiter? I am not sure i want to use it if its this loud. I am...
  29. megadesertdiesel

    just got done with changing the color of my rear suspension

    didnt turn out too bad. I bead blasted and painted the arms and springs then made my own aluminum exhaust heat shields. I also cut some large holes in them for access to the shock adjusters. the passenger rear hub is off to replace a bent rotor. Its been ordered for 4 weeks now. And...
  30. megadesertdiesel

    trip to nor-Cal soon, anything recomended to see

    Flying in to LA dropping my daughter off st summer camp in San Luis obispo then driving up the coast. Nothing really planned, want to see the coast, redwoods maybe drive to Oregon. Anything out there that I have to see?
  31. megadesertdiesel

    the 2014 maverick specs are out, what do you think?

    I like the white but adding a better front diff and powersteering is going to make it very expensive.
  32. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's got any parker pumper mounting pics

    I am getting ready to mount one in my maverick. Any tips or tricks for placement? Cooler air anywhere? Hose placement? Route radio wires with it? Or seperate?
  33. megadesertdiesel

    Let there be light!!! i stepped up to led headlights

    i decided to lessen the draw on my electrical system so i can add more electrical goodies. Lightbars, Gps, Power steering, Parker Pumper....... all pull alot of juice and swapping to Leds made sense to me. I built a few sets and can sell them if there is any interest.
  34. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's vendors. any deals on race air(parker pumpers)?

    I am looking at the PCI race air lite due to its low amp draw. vendors have any summer specials?
  35. megadesertdiesel

    Kawasaki beadlocks on the super cheap

    so being a cheap mofo i decided to make my own. i started with metal rings cut out to fit inside my stock steel T4 wheels. i then clamped them to the wheel and used some stainless rod to space them equal all the way around. Next i tack welded them in place and then ground down the...
  36. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's Helmet blower, which one?

    I am looking for a blower for my helmet. I want to run a helmet skirt with it. I run 90% in the sand. Will more cfm create too much noise? What brand? Parker pumper, Race air, generic, make my own from a bilge blower..... Any tips or tricks to placement?
  37. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's a request for the race reporters

    When reporting on races is it possible to add what manufacturer? It would be nice to see what is winning and what units never finish.
  38. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's reliability out of a new model, what should we expect?

    first off i dont want this to turn into to a bashing thread. Please keep coments about mine is better than yours to yourself. When a consumer buys a first production year of A product what should they expext in terms of relibility? And what recourse does the consumer have? My...
  39. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's anyone have a lowrance cable laying around

    I need a short cable from antenna to the tee looking thingy. I bought a used Baja 540c and one of the cables are chewed up a bit and I would like to replace it.
  40. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's Quick Light, can it be trimmed shorter?

    i ahve a 6' quick light (lighter fiberoptic whip) and it is too long or my maverick drives too fast and it flops around and hits my Rugged antenna. i would like to trim it down to 4' long. it looks like i can remove the top cap and cut it and replace the cap. anyone know?
  41. megadesertdiesel

    whats with all of the contests not being followed through lately

    winners of jagged x rzr and kids rzr joeys pimp his maverick build? tire giveaway? peeps are slipping lately.
  42. megadesertdiesel

    My custom Maverick cage built by Utv Inc

    Thanks Utv Inc for the custom cage. I added lightbar tabs, rearview mirror tab, shoulder harness eyebolts to it today. Now i need to decide on all white cage with yellow roof or all yellow cage and roof with a black stripe down the middle of the roof.
  43. megadesertdiesel

    i was suprised to see alot of WORCS rules disreguarded

    Last weekend was the first WORCS race i have been to watch. I was suprised at all of their rules being disreguarded and not enforced. I know you cant police everyone all the time but no one from WORCS seemed to running anything but the start of the race and announcing. WORCS rules...
  44. megadesertdiesel

    Maverick down!!

    after 16.2 hours and 244 miles of complete excitement i decided to change the fluids. i started by drainning the oil from the motor and found some parts stuck to the magnetic drain plug. :eek: I also pulled the oil filter and found no metal of any kind on the filter. There...
  45. megadesertdiesel

    All UTV's Gps recomendations, what say you?

    i am looking at the Elite Baja 5m. is it easy to use? so i want a really easy to use Gps that i can mark camp and map the trail i run. It also has to be a larger screen(no hand held units) and be water proof. I want to mount it to my intrusion bars in front of my spedo on my Maverick...
  46. megadesertdiesel

    az shortcourse series rules? anyone have them?

    i need the rules to the Lucas Oil AZ regionals. Thinking about running the Maverick in a few races. can i use a bolt in cage? do i have to cut the bungs off then weld the new to that? what classes are there? fuel cell mandatory?
  47. megadesertdiesel

    Other my Maverick custom intake

    my Maverick custom intake, its complete 1/8/13 yeah yeah i just cant leave anything alone. So i had most of the parts in my garage, i just needed to pickup a 2.75" x 3" silicone adapter hose to connect from the throttle body to the 3" tube. I had a new 4" AFE filter and outerware in the...

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