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  1. drew schultz 320

    Polaris General Race Build

    To Quote Billy Madison "Well, I made the duck blue because I'd never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one" Basically, I've wanted to build a General ever since they were released. I knew they would never be the fastest, but who cares? It is unique and different. After moving back...
  2. drew schultz 320

    KOH Qualifing Order

    Damn it they spelled my name wrong!!! oh well. 20th off the block!
  3. drew schultz 320

    Buy & Sell Forum Back up!!

    Solid idea Joey, I have my TORC car from last year for sale. $25,000 Will deliver
  4. drew schultz 320

    WORCS RD 1 on board footage from #320 car

    pieced some of the footage together from my car's go pro after the first round of WORCS. ENJOY!!
  5. drew schultz 320

    WORCS Taft Table #2 Yes it can be cleared in a SXS * kids dont try this at home

    I was standing in the bleachers when this happened. It sounded so violent!
  6. drew schultz 320

    2016 AZOP Race Schedules

    A race at Mormon lake lodge!!!!!! that is going to be awesome!!
  7. drew schultz 320

    XP1K vs Maverick turbo

    What about a RZR 900S? or if you have the coin the new 1000S?
  8. drew schultz 320

    Turbo Max Cage Build with lowered Rear seats.

    I saw you a bunch this weekend out in the cinders. Every time you drove by I told somebody how nice your car looked haha.
  9. drew schultz 320

    2016 WORCS Racing Rules! Turbos Addressed!

    whooooo my car is still relevant for another year haha
  10. drew schultz 320

    2015 Cinders Race in Flagstaff Arizona

  11. drew schultz 320

    2015 Moab Rally on the Rocks

    Here is top of the world.
  12. drew schultz 320

    2015 Moab Rally on the Rocks

    Quick question. in past years there has been a police escort of some kind that allows you to not trailer your UTV to the trail head and just drive it there. I just went to Moab a few weeks ago and there was UTVs driving on the streets everywhere and the cops were doing nothing. This lead me...
  13. drew schultz 320

    Rigid Industries :: Overland Expo West 2015 :: Flagstaff, AZ

    right in my back yard. i will probably drive my RZR there.
  14. drew schultz 320

    Anyone gonna be in Moab car show weekend? April 24-26

    Hey I actually will be haha. was not intentional just planned on going up there with a few buddies and ripping UTVs. whats this car show all about?
  15. drew schultz 320

    Best Places to Ride in Arizona?

    I Live in Flagstaff, AZ and I will tell you that I avoid the cinders like the plague. So many better places to ride up here but it has taken me 8 years as a resident to find them all. They are not on any maps which is weird but I can direct you to them. send me a PM if you want to come up and...
  16. drew schultz 320

    New from Minnesota!

    welcome! What part of Minnesota you from?
  17. drew schultz 320

    UTV World Championship Race Schedule / Details / Updates

    All WORCS races are land rush starts. I love them haha I cant wait to see what the desert cars do in this situation.
  18. drew schultz 320

    Jake the Can Am guy

    Ahhhhh khakis? Hahaha
  19. drew schultz 320

    Best food spots, only accessible by dirt road!?

    too late
  20. drew schultz 320

    P Towns Turkey Day Ride video

    Love your Videos. Makes me miss riding in the MidWest.
  21. drew schultz 320

    Yamaha Rhino 660 Motor, Who's got one!!

    yeah this explosion took out the rod and cases and everything. that's why I have to start fresh or rebuild from the ground up.
  22. drew schultz 320

    Yamaha Rhino 660 Motor, Who's got one!!

    Thanks Corry, I tried that last week and I think it was Kyle let me know that there is a shortage of stockers. I wanted to send one in to do the 720 kit you guys offer but I need a running core first haha.
  23. drew schultz 320

    Yamaha Rhino 660 Motor, Who's got one!!

    I blew a small hole in the side of my Rhino motor and its looking like a new motor would be the way to go. If not I plan or rebuilding it. But I would much rather buy a complete one and just throw it in and go back to having fun!! if anyone has one laying around they want to sell or knows of...
  24. drew schultz 320

    Best food spots, only accessible by dirt road!?

    There is about 6-7 places up here in Flagstaff, AZ that have dirt trails leading to them on one side and a asphalt road on the other.
  25. drew schultz 320

    Best food spots, only accessible by dirt road!?

    In Crown King the Bar is called The Crown King Saloon and the fancy steak house/Bar up on the hill is called The Mill
  26. drew schultz 320

    Insane S3 Powersports / Triple Threat Offroad Mudder Builds

    I wanna see pics of these show ponies snorkel deep.
  27. drew schultz 320

    Official UTVUnderground Baja 1000 Update Thread

    do we know what broke on the 1919 UTVINC car?
  28. drew schultz 320

    Product Review: Quad Tech B-Flaps for Polaris XP1000

    Those do look awesome and definitely save you some headache down the road. I wonder how they will hold up if you slide the trailing arm down a rock?
  29. drew schultz 320

    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K2

    What a great video. Really cool to see how social media affects this sport. Being so involved with UTVs in general I probably had this video sent to me by different friends and family about 10 times haha. Also I posted it on a few mountain bike sites I belong to and they all LOVED it and...
  30. drew schultz 320

    Official Blue Water Desert Challenge thread

    When are you guys coming through Flagstaff?
  31. drew schultz 320

    KOH 2015

    Pretty sure Casey Currie was in a Teryx when he rolled across in 3rd...
  32. drew schultz 320

    Buying a "leftover"

    Don't sweat it. Its a Polaris and will work just fine. Back when I rode sleds I would park mine in the spring and fire it up in the fall. Nothing in between. Plus on the farm we let stuff that was used and abused sit way longer than that.
  33. drew schultz 320

    Page race for utvs win money

    too bad its the same weekend as the BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge or I would be there for sure.
  34. drew schultz 320

    Time for BITD to MOVE UTV Start w/ ALL 4 Wheel Vehicles

    If the radios and GPS worked all the time this desert racing stuff would be a cake walk
  35. drew schultz 320

    SHAKEDOWN: 2015 High Lifter Edition RZR XP1000

    Hey Joey heads up .27 seconds into the video it says 2014 instead of 2015. just thought I would let you know
  36. drew schultz 320

    New SLEDNECKS teaser!!!

    Check it out. The latest installment in the Slednecks series will be shipping on August 12th. Watch the Teaser here (
  37. drew schultz 320

    Deep Creek Big Bear CA B$hipman Films

    Blake is the mastermind behind all of the Ronnie Mac Videos as well as many other classics
  38. drew schultz 320

    UTVUnderground Presents: 2014 Baja 500 - Polaris Racing VIDEO

    Awesome video Joey. Wish I could have been down there for this one.
  39. drew schultz 320

    Classic Co-Dawg style
  40. drew schultz 320

    Official UTVUnderground 2014 BITD Silver State 300 Photos / Story / Results

    Definitely was a first for me having a helicopter flying about 50ft off of the roof of the car!! an experience I will not soon forget.
  41. drew schultz 320

    Official UTVUnderground 2014 WORCS RD4 Utah Photos & Results

    I had a blast at this round. Even though I got to take the scenic view and nurse my car around for 2-1/2 of the 3 laps I completed it was still a blast. Plus I finally got my picture take by the boys at UTV Underground!! haha
  42. drew schultz 320

    Co-Driving the BITD 1911 Bush Racing, Polaris RZR

    This year I received the opportunity to co drive with Brian Bush in his BITD campaign and I am ecstatic!! Here is the press release Brian posted on the Bush Racing Page Please meet my co-pilot Drew Schultz! Over the weekend we got to spend some time getting (re)acquainted with, and...
  43. drew schultz 320

    Save your neck and support your fellow racers!

    Do you guys sell the R3 restraint system?
  44. drew schultz 320

    Yamaha So who makes the best 14" beadlock

    Yep I broke 2 of those wheels and my buddy broke 1 at Primm as well. If you want a dual beadlock wheel that will take a beating and backs it up with a 2 year warranty against bending or breaking be sure to check out ITPs new SD series...
  45. drew schultz 320

    Suspension Testing w/ Marc Burnett - Can-Am Maverick

    Probably a new tire and wheel sponsor. I didn't see general anywhere on the car.
  46. drew schultz 320

    XP1K or T Rex 2

    a T4 finished 3rd in the pro class as well
  47. drew schultz 320

    Sturdy A-Arms that won't break the bank?

    Anything like this for the rear of the S? That would be awesome!
  48. drew schultz 320

    Updating to S belt question

    SO I have a 2008 RZR 800 and i recently upgraded to a RZR S belt. I spaced out the secondary as instructed. I went our for a rip this past weekend and blew the belt. It was a EPI severe Duty belt so they are replacing it under warranty which I thought was awesome! but when I took the clutch...
  49. drew schultz 320


    is Monday night the backdoor challenge between the Ultra 4 and SRRS? I bet you could throw your thumb out and snag a ride with someone heading that same direction. just wear your UTV Underground swag and someone is sure to stop!!
  50. drew schultz 320

    New 2014 Teryx Race build

    Is that the stock steering column or did you bring it closer to you? Looks awesome!!

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