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    RZR 170

    Anyone mess with the 170 sprockets after changing to bigger tires? I have seen stuff on other forums but seems not many have actually used different combos, I am looking to use an 11 with the 31 rear or the front 12 with a 36. Any thoughts
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    I had the PWR set up which was nice don't get me wrong but I found something WAY better. I got the first rad. Off the line but the guys that are making this product have A LOT of experience and you have seen it on many TT class 1 and etc. Under a different name besides CBR They are moving...
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    ballz out 250

    Just wondering if anyone is going out to Barstow this weekend to watch or race ?
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    Well as some know I have been trying to work on my Dads rhino for the last couple of months and thing just got crazy for me. I finally got some stuff done to it so i fig I would share and i am open to some more ideas to make this ride some diff than the norm. Let me know what you guys think I...
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    Yamaha Need help ????

    I have a FCR 41 and a HSR 45 and wondering what carb to run. I have the norm bolt ons....exhaust, CDI, intake, clutch work HSR is from Weller FCR 41 (08 crf450r) With the mods from Chris What to do......I plan on doing a 686 with cam and port and polish with prob the stage 2 hot cams so...
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    Yamaha Need pricing.....

    Im looking to start working on my dads rhino and I need to get pricing on a 8 gal fuel cell (doesnt have to be 8 anything close will work and any plumbing that is needed ) Pwr Master Craft seats and 4 point harnesses (2) Let me know what kind of deals you have found or have ! Thanks in advance
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    Yamaha gear one race tie rods ?

    Im looking into changing out my tie rods, with something that is a lil easier to steer at slower speeds and thinking about going with the 5/8 hiem gear one tie rods. Is anyone running them or heard anything good or bad about them, also any vendors on here stock them and if so what will they set...
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    M4SX ?

    Just wondering who is all going to be out there for the race on the 18th ?
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    Pismo next weekend ?

    Just wondering if anyone is going to be at Pismo next weekend. I'm heading at thur til sunday, let me know if you will be out there so we can get together and ride
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    Yamaha CAM OR NO CAM

    Well im looking into throwing a cam in my rhino but wondering if its worth my time and money. I have a internal stock 660 with boltons like bored out carb, protec intake, dynatek cdi and sheave with diff rollers and and orange spring. Im going back to a stock exhaust but I want to get a cam, so...
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    Well just wanted to let everyone know that theres a new member aboard the Family Wagon as of yesterday ! 8Lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches
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    Hard to start !

    I went to start my rhino today and it took forever to start up. It has been sitting since the OW run which is prob 3 wks or so and I was wondering what would make this happ? The fuel filter looks clean, is it likely that the valves are out of adjustment or do I have another bug ?
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    Need some input

    Well after the OW run I started to check over the rhino and noticed a couple of diff thing I need to address. First I guess my rear tires and fenders seemed to like eachother cause I cracked the fenders on both sides. Question is if I run bump stops on the shock shafts is that going to help...
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    Bighorns 2.0s

    I got a set of the 2.0s and I have had to 2 flats one on both rear sides and was wondering if anyone else has had any probs with them ? I recently went out and got 2 bighorns but the OG version. When I was checking out the 2 tires I noticed that the OGs seem to be a harder compound than the...
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    Yamaha Stock CVs

    I was wondering if anyone has stock CVs for sale or know where I can get the rear inner/outter. I also need +6 axles to, just trying not to spend to much cause I dont know if its going to be my fix......any help would be great. Thanks O by the way I have a 06 660

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