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    This is AWESOME

    Were was that??
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    Someone taking care of Obamacare

    This is so funny who is really in charged.
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    "La Familia" 3rd Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 15 -16, 2014

    Not sure at this point but hope to make it
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    Devil Baby

    I want one
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    Nightmare Gulch Nov. 15th-17th

    I was reading through this to catch up and looked at the pic, what beer I still don't see it.
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    Yea is a good time of the year for that. We have a game hopefully every Friday until December 6. The good news is E3 has decided not to do wrestling. The time requirements were extreme and they could affect his 4.0 GPA.
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    W o o o, t h i s i s v e r y s l o w. W h a t h a p e n t o e v e r y o n e ?
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    Wow have things slow down a lot on the site or is it just me??? :( Hey Slacker.
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    Just wanted to say HI!!!

    I know I have not been around these past months, my son has been keeping us extremely busy with his sports. Anyway I will try to look in here more often. I need to buy a battery for my RZR I think we will be going on Thanksgiving but it may only be a day ride, there is a chance that E3's will...
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    Keyesville, LaFamilia Style

    Very impressive it looks like you guys had a great time, so happy to see that.
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    Jeff Gordon scares a salesman - hilarious

    This video is hilarious E3
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    Trailer Upgrades

    very nice
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    My new/old tow rig 1975 Ford 4x4 Crew Cab ;-)

    Congrats compadre looking gooooooooood.
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    do we need to start wearing helmets now?

    Jorge can you take some pictures of your helmets I like to see how you did it. I think we have the same type of head sets right.
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    Nighmare gulch Pics

    Wait i forgot this area looks awesome
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    Nighmare gulch Pics

    I tried to understand but was not able very quick look. Were is this location?
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    OMG WTF!!!

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    Working on my new/old tow Rig ;-) PART 2

    Compadre do you think they sell a sun cover with the lights likethe one you got for the f250
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    "La Familia" 2nd Annual John Berry Memorial Ride - March 16 -17

    FYI, we will try to make it but as you guys know the schedule can be hard.
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    Small generator

    Just fyi i have a honda 2k and love it. I was asking for a friend because he needs something bigger and i think this yamaha 2400 is the one i was thinking about.
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    Small generator

    Guys I know the Honda's are the best but it's more expensive in most cases, one time when we were at drop 30 I was talking to someone and I think it Dave that showed me a larger I want to say 2500K gen what was very quite and nice. I have a friend that is looking for a larger then 2K gen an has...
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    New Years - Johnson Valley

    Hey guys how long from murrieta to the area?
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    Working on my new/old tow Rig ;-) PART 2

    Wawawawa I want to you guys tell Mickey Mouse to hurry
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    New Years - Johnson Valley

    We r thinking 27th or 28th to 1rst
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    New Years - Johnson Valley

    Jaime can you add us to the list please. What are the days
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    Vote for John Berry Weekend Ride

    Compadre, I will ask (La Jefa) to see what days are best. You know our schedules are crazy these days. But need to go out soon I GO CRAZY...
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    Thanksgiving ???

    We are hoping to make it we have a few things we will have to work through, E3 may have a soccer game and B may be working so we are talking about it already and looking at options.
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    Working on my new/old tow Rig ;-) PART 2

    Re: Working on my new/old tow Rig ;-) Wow compadre it looks awesome!!!
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    This is cool

    Thanks I thought it was cool.
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    This is cool

    2012 Pikes Peak Race Day Video Featuring Doug Siddens - Polaris RZR X - YouTube Video
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    Working on my new/old tow Rig ;-)

    Compadre my dad is here and first he wanted to send you a big hug. Second he is asking when. You expect the project to be done!
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    Campland on the BAY 8-2/8-6

    I will try that thanks
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    Campland on the BAY 8-2/8-6

    One more thing my Onan 4000 is over heating after a while, first I checked it and it needed just a bit of oil not much but appear to be enough to make it hot. so I added the oil and it started working but after a while it trun off again. Do you guys think a oil change my be in order? Or is...
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    Campland on the BAY 8-2/8-6

    Oh yea I forgot, Jaime thank you very much for the Honda 2000 it worked like a champ, just turn it off at night after lights out. It ran all the time and we could not be happier.
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    Campland on the BAY 8-2/8-6

    My boy always tell's me dad I'm a desert guy I don't like the beach, I know you do but I don't. Well we figure out that what he likes is going fast it don't matter on what so I told him look we can go fast on the RZR in the winter and fast on a jetski in the summer. He told me that sounded...
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    Dan I'm sorry I'm off the loop on this can you explain further. By the way congrats on the landing.
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    Campland on the BAY 8-2/8-6

    More pics, what a great time by the beach. I will live in the area in the future.:cool:
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    Mammoth Lakes Aug 1st-8th 2012

    Your so sweet Jaime.
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    Campland on the BAY 8-2/8-6

    FYI La Familia, this is not a ride but we are planning on being there durring the days on the heading. If anyone is interested beach, sun and drinks.
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    7th annual 4th of July Vail Lake with the Valenzuela's

    Dan tell them were we went, please make sure not to say too much we like to go next year again.
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    Working on my new/old tow Rig ;-)

    WOW that is nice, Compadre do you have an estimate on when it will be ready???
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    7th annual 4th of July Vail Lake with the Valenzuela's

    Hey guys I have been so busy that I have not posted, it's next week, we have other friends coming and staying in Vail from the 4rth so we have change our dates to 4rth till the 8th. Spot 107
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    Ag's jeepster build

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    Ag makes 4wheel magazine

    Totally awesome KID.

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